Those who have awakened their souls from the shackles of society have also been referred to as “spiritually awake”. This group represents an ever-growing segment of our society; they’re the game-changers, the rebels, the dreamers, the doers, and the people that see past the veil that’s been put over our eyes for far too long.

They know that the truth isn’t always popular, and stand behind it even if they have to stand alone. If you’re “awake”, you keep an open mind, question the “truth,” and might feel ostracized by society because you don’t adhere to societal norms

An awakened soul might be seen as radical, but they know that we must think differently than we have in the past in order to bring about true change. If people call you a misfit, rebel, hippie, alternative, or just plain weird, you might be able to relate to the following traits of having an awakened soul.

“Take the risk of awakening your soul – much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will reveal itself to you.”

Here are 7 signs you’re an awakened soul:

1. You go to alternative news sources to get information.

Most of the information on mainstream news, as you might already know, is either misconstrued or fabricated to keep people uninformed, or in fear of the world. Despite what they claim to report, the news media tells anything but the truth to cast the world in a negative, fearful, disarrayed state. You might have already caught on to their agenda, and look to other sources on the internet for real information.

You want to know everything they don’t tell you on the news, like what to feed your body in order to thrive, how to increase your consciousness, how to take fluoride out of your drinking water, how to spread love and positivity, or how to build an off-the-grid house. Perhaps you want the knowledge that will help you live your best life, not keep you in fear of doing so.

2. You tend to do the opposite of what most people do.

Let’s face it – most of what society does destroy the health of our planet and its beings, if we’re being honest here.

You may skip out on bar-hopping with friends because you know the damaging effects that alcohol has on the body. Plus, you enjoy eating foods that give you life and increase your vibration, not ones that make you feel heavy and flood your body with toxins. Perhaps you heal your body naturally with holistic methods and stay away from vaccines and medications.

In addition, you may have chosen to make your creative hobby your career, instead of having a typical 9-5.  That is because you know that we weren’t here just to pay bills and die.

You don’t enjoy accumulating things, and only have what you truly need.

Most likely, you think spending a day in nature is way more fun than going to a movie or going shopping. You meditate and do yoga instead of playing video games or watching mindless television shows. You talk about ideas, not people.

Finally, you stand strong in your truth even if you only represent a handful of people who know what you do.

3. You know this Earth needs radical changes, and want to help bring about that change.

If you’re an awakened soul, you probably can’t understand why this world operates how it does. You know that we can’t keep polluting our environment, spreading hate, engaging in senseless wars and violence, and living so disconnectedly if we want to thrive and help others do the same.

People may call you a hippie for wanting peace and love on Earth, but you know that we once lived cohesively before our egos got in the way. You know that instead of control, we need cooperation and collaboration. You put the world’s needs before your own, and constantly talk about and make plans for inspiring change. In fact, you are probably considered a leader and visionary by everyone who knows your true soul.

4. You sometimes feel very alone and isolated in society, but know that most thought leaders do.

Since you see the world so differently, you tend to feel lonely at times because everyone else can go about their days seeing no need for change, and feeling content with their life and the world. You, however, feel very strange going about your daily activities when you know what lies beyond the menial chores and responsibilities. Even if you take the road less traveled, you feel honored to know what you do and have the fortitude to stick to your guns no matter what. You may even attract others who think the same way you do, because you live your truth so courageously.

5. Your awakened soul keeps an open mind.

Because your soul remains unattached to ideas, you’re always seeking new information and eager to learn more. You have a fluid mind and have learned to let old ideas go and welcome new knowledge as it becomes available. Furthermore, you know that true wisdom is knowing you know nothing, and you keep a humble attitude about your opinions and beliefs.

Even if you don’t agree with what someone says, you can still entertain their thoughts without accepting them. Also, you realize that everyone can teach you something, even if they don’t know all the same things as you do. You don’t let your ego get in the way of considering certain ideas or even questioning long-standing beliefs you may have.

6. People often come to you for advice or want to engage in conversation with you.

Because awakened souls generally think outside the box and see society through a different lens, you probably attract people who you can have a deep, intelligent conversation with. You likely don’t enjoy small talk too much and tend to keep people around who can keep up with your interests.

People may also come to you for help because they perceive you as someone who will always tell the truth even if it isn’t popular. You probably tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

7. Your soul questions authority.

All your life, your soul probably revered the opinion of your parents and teachers, thinking that they knew everything about the world simply because of their age and experience. However, know that you’ve grown up, you know that everyone is pretty much on the same playing field.

A five-year-old child can know more about certain subjects than a seventy-five-year-old man. You take nothing as truth until you’ve looked into it and decided on it for yourself. You know that many authority figures spread lies and uphold unjust laws as a method of control, so for this reason, you do your homework when someone makes claims.

your soul and positive thinking

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