We need healers more than ever in today’s world if you haven’t noticed. More than we need more successful people, we need people who can reach out and help others come out of suffering. We need people to spread their love and light and extend their hearts to those with little hope left. Luckily, more people recognize this need and have begun to work on their own healing so they can be of service to their fellow man.

Healers are truly unique souls who don’t understand all of the man-made problems we face on Earth and want humanity to rise above and come together as one. They feel that we have so much potential as humans but have barely tapped into it due to greed, violence, and other issues threatening to destroy our planet. You might know a healer in your life, or maybe you feel like one yourself.

being a healer

Here are ten signs you’re meant to be a healer:

“A true healer is the one who heals himself first so others can benefit from his own healing.”  – Hong Curley

1. You’re very empathetic and sensitive.

Healers want to save the world, but sometimes, society’s chaos and confusion can leave them frazzled and overwhelmed. Empaths and lightworkers absorb the energy of others, and all of those emotions can make them experience anxiety and depression themselves. Big crowds and loud places don’t appeal to them either, as this leaves them in a heightened state of arousal and can induce a panic attack.

Being overly sensitive is one of their greatest gifts, but they often feel cursed by this, as it can feel like they’re drowning in emotions.

If you feel you have to protect yourself from the outside world and get overwhelmed by the fast pace of modern life, you might be a healer.

2. You spend most of your time alone.

Healers love people, but as we said before – their energy can easily drain an empath. Sensitive types need plenty of alone time to heal and recharge from the modern world, and enjoy plenty of time in nature or in deep meditation.

Solitude is vital to a healer’s well-being, because this is the time where they can do energy work and ground themselves. Healers can quickly become off-balance, so self-care and tranquility are high priorities for them.

3. You feel you have a calling to help people.

Lightworkers have no patience or desire for a dead-end job that doesn’t fulfill them. Healers feel that their only job is to help others in some way, and that any monetary compensation is secondary to their happiness. True happiness is found by bringing a smile to someone else’s face and improving their life somehow.

If you feel trapped in your current job and dream of a way to bring peace to someone else, you might be a healer.

4. People come to you all the time for advice.

Others can feel your healing energy from a mile away and seek you out for help with their problems. You’re the first friend they call on when they hit a rough patch in their life, because they know you’ll have all the answers. You might not be able to figure out which path to take in your life, but you’re an expert in helping people navigate theirs. You bring comfort and solace to people in their darkest hour, which is why they wouldn’t trust anyone else with their most profound problems.

5. You’re deeply in touch with your intuition.

Rather than relying on logic to make decisions for you, you make choices based on your emotions, more often than not. You’ve always listened to that little voice in your head telling you right from wrong, because it hardly ever fails you. Feelings mean more to you than logic, because you can just tell when a person, place, job, or anything else doesn’t sit right with you. Your intuition helps bring positive things into your life and avoid the negative.

6. You suffer from anxiety and/or depression.

Many healers suffer from mental health issues, simply because they feel they don’t fit in with the fast-paced, achievement-oriented world we live in. They need more time to restore and rejuvenate their souls; sadly, this world doesn’t seem to honor or promote relaxation much. If you have been diagnosed with any sort of mental health problem, especially the two mentioned above, you might be a healer.

7. Social interaction exhausts you.

You have to prepare for a party or social event days or weeks in advance, because being around a lot of people drains your energy. Once you get home from the event, it might take hours for you to get your energy back and feel like yourself again.

8. You can just tell when someone is suffering.

Even if they don’t say it, it’s written all over their face. You notice the subtle facial expressions of pain or sadness in other people, and this ability to feel and sense what other people are feeling is what makes you a healer.

9. You’re drawn to healing techniques or professions.

If you have dreams of being a massage therapist, counselor, yoga teacher, gardener, chiropractor, or anything else that brings people healing, then you came here to heal the hearts of others.

Also, if you feel drawn to energy work such as Reiki, meditation, or the like, this is a sign of being a healer.

10. People say you make them feel calm, safe, etc.

If people frequently tell you that you made a positive impact on them somehow and that you brought peace to them, then the healing path is probably for you. How you make people feel says a lot about you, and often, healers just have a certain aura about them that brings relaxation and peace to people’s hearts.