Did you know that you can influence your energy, and therefore your reality, based on your thoughts, actions, and feelings? The more in tune you become with yourself, the better your connection will become to the entire universe. Ongoing scientific studies have proven that your existence extends beyond just your physical body; you have an “energy body” that others can feel and respond to. The events, people, and places you encounter in life directly represent your current vibration levels.

If you want to begin to raise your vibration, consider the following tips:

Feed your body nourishing foods.

If you fill your body with highly processed, chemically enhanced, unhealthy foods, your energy body will have a very low frequency vibration. This simply means that your connection to yourself and the divine will become blocked by these toxic foods. If you want to feel light and vibrant, try eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables; these foods have an abundance of nutrients that go directly to your cells, allowing you to connect more deeply to yourself and the world around you.

Quiet your mind.

Our thoughts govern almost all aspects of our lives because these thoughts directly influence the reality you experience. However, if you let your mind run on autopilot, you won’t even realize your predominant thought patterns that subconsciously create your reality every single day. In order to gain control of your life, you have to learn to take charge of your mind.

Meditation greatly helps with this, but you don’t have to set aside time each day to silence your mind. You can do this throughout the day, in your car, office, at the gym, or even the grocery store. Anytime you catch your thoughts running wild, just take a few deep breaths and tell your brain to slow down. Master your mind, and you will begin to master your life.

Walk outside barefoot.

Try to spend a little time outside each day with no shoes on – you will absorb Earth’s healing energies, which will, therefore, permeate your cells and fill them with life. We have become very detached from the natural order of things in modern society, and many people crave more time in nature as a result of this. Luckily, you can easily incorporate the great outdoors into your life by removing the barrier between you and the Earth.

walk barefoot

Take off your shoes, get a little dirt on your feet, and let the Earth transform your DNA. This practice, called earthing, will help strengthen your root chakra, which represents safety and stability. Become one with the Earth, and you will feel more grounded and secure in your daily life.

Start your day with positive affirmations.

If you have a negative mindset, your aura will become dimmed, and your outer experiences will start to reflect your inner state. When you flood your mind with positive thoughts and images, your reality will become a lot brighter, and you will probably start to attract uplifting things and people.

positive affirmations - vibration

Begin your day with something like “I am a beautiful being of light, and I am powerful beyond measure.” You can even write these positive affirmations on sticky notes and place them on your mirror or desk so that you can read them every morning and start each day on the right note. Positive thoughts alter your brain chemistry, therefore changing your perception, which determines your reality.

Get excited about life!

As you increase your vibrational frequency, your atoms begin to move more rapidly, and life around you starts to respond to your new energy. Think about the speed of light; it travels at 186,000 miles per second. In just the same way, your own cells will begin to travel at a faster speed when you become excited about your life! If nothing in your life excites you, your energy will start to become dull and heavy.

Get excited about life - vibration

However, if you start to live life authentically and honor your highest calling as a spiritual being, you will start to buzz with enthusiasm and a newfound appreciation for life. Love your life, and it will start to love you back!

Smile every chance you get.

Anything positive that you do will affect your energy in a positive way. Most people don’t smile enough these days, even though smiling uses fewer facial muscles than frowning! Smile at strangers, at your parents, at your dog, at the flowers growing near your door, or even at yourself. Even if you don’t feel particularly happy at the time, just the sheer act of smiling will raise your vibration.

Smile, laugh and enjoy your life as much as possible. See beyond the veil and realize that you have infinite potential as a light being, and don’t take life so seriously. You came here to be victorious, not to let life beat you down. Smile more often, and life will give you even more things to smile about.


Give more, take less.

Life presents copious opportunities for us to give, in the form of possessions, food, words, or even hugs, to name a few. As the famous saying goes, “Give, and you shall receive.” You could volunteer at the local homeless shelter or animal sanctuary, or even just write uplifting letters and pass them out to strangers. Anything you do from the heart will have a huge impact on those around you, and may even inspire those people to give as well. Giving to others will also make you feel better because you will improve someone’s day or even their life.

You may find that you don’t desire as many material items these days, so give them away to someone in need. When you give, you increase the compassion on this planet, which will help transform you into the divine being you were meant to be!

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