Many of us search for happiness without realizing that happiness isn’t as far as we might think. While life has its fair share of highs and lows, we can all find joy in every moment. Be happy!

The Best Quotes About Being Happy

The best quotes about being happy reveal the truth: happiness is something each one of us has to cultivate for ourselves. Even in the darkest of situations, we can find that bright light inside of us to keep the flame of happiness burning. The following 31 quotes about being happy show you how to find happiness for yourself:

1. “Freedom is found in doing things you like. Happiness is found in liking everything you do.” –Frank Tyger

We won’t always get to do what we want in life, but if we can find something positive to appreciate everything in life, happiness won’t be far away.

2. “Be happy with all that you have. Get excited about everything you want.” — Alan Cohen

Gratitude is at the heart of happiness. Once you love what you have, you’ll have room to be excited about all the goals you’re working towards in life.

3. “Life’s a journey. If you start falling in love with the journey, you’ll feel this love forever.” –Peter Hagerty

Life is only enjoyed once you learn to start appreciating and loving every aspect of the journey.

4. “Much of the anxiety that we feel doesn’t happen as a result of too much work. We feel this anxiety from never finishing what we start.” –David Allen”

Stress is prevalent in today’s world, but we have the ability to reign in this anxiety. Work to follow through on all your personal projects and work responsibilities to improve your happiness.

5. “Looking to others to fulfill you will leave you forever unfulfilled. Be content with everything you have and rejoice in how things are. Once you see there’s nothing lacking, your world will belong to you.” –Lao Tzu

Though we tend to look outside ourselves for fulfillment in life, this will never make us happy. Look to yourself and understand that everything you have is everything you need.

6. “Anyone that wants to be happy must set a goal to command their thoughts, liberate their energies, and inspire their hopes.” –Andrew Carnegie

Happiness must be manifested. By setting out to create happiness through your thoughts and actions, you’ll find it.

7. “One’s capacity to find happiness in things and objects is only a cover for the more important range of psychological and emotional needs, like the need for love, respect, expression, and understanding.” –Alain De Botton

Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing your essential connections in life for material objects–this will rob you of happiness.

8. “Happiness isn’t a place that one can travel to, own, earn, wear, or consume. Happiness is an experience that one can gain by practicing grace, gratitude, and love.” –Denis Waitley

We create our own happiness by being graceful, gracious, and loving.

9. “Happiness isn’t a station one arrives at–it’s a way of traveling through life.” –Margaret Lee Runbeck

Many of us make the mistake of spending our time trying to find something that makes us happy. By cultivating a positive mindset, we can learn to live in happiness.

10. “One finds joy not in finishing something but in the process of doing it.” –Greg Anderson

Learn to live joyfully rather than waiting to reach a goal you think will make you happy.

11. “Reflect on each of your blessings rather than past misfortunes.” –Charles Dickens

Happiness is at the heart of gratitude. As such, counting your blessings will improve your joy.

12. “Even the happiest lives aren’t without some measure of darkness. However, it’s far better to accept what comes with equanimity and patience.”–Carl Jung

Happiness isn’t a cure-all for life’s troubles. Even as you strive to be happy, remember to have patience when the sad and dark times do happen.

13. “Though one door may close, another will open. We often look to the closed door and we miss the one that has opened for us.” –Helen Keller

Quotes about being happy like this one show us how focusing on the negative aspects of life will cause us to miss out on our greatest treasures.

14. “One finds happiness by appreciating what they have, not necessarily having what they want.” –Unknown

We won’t always get everything we want in life. However, the more we grow to appreciate everything we have, the easier it will be to achieve happiness.

15. “True happiness comes from one enjoying themselves.”–Joseph Addison

Self-love is the key to true happiness.

16. “Happiness is a state of consciousness that comes from achieving one’s values.” –Ayn Rand

Living life in a way that aligns with our values is key in our journey of living a happy life.

17. “Many of us are as happy as we decide to be.” –William Adams

Oftentimes, the only thing standing between our happiness is our decision to live that way.

18. “Happiness is wanting whatever you get while success is getting everything you want.” –Dale Carnegie

Though we all strive to be successful, it is possible to be happy in every circumstance.

19. “Money doesn’t bring creativity and happiness. Your happiness and creativity bring money.” –Sam Rosen

Many people believe that happiness is found in a certain amount of financial success. However, it is by being happy and harnessing one’s creativity that one will reach true success.

20. “Happiness is experienced through loving life.” –Robert McPhillips

Falling in love with life may be harder than it sounds, but learning to love and live in the moment is the truest form of happiness.

21. “Give me the serenity to accept what I can’t change, the courage to change what I can, and the sense to understand the difference.” –Reinhold Niebuhr


22. “Gratitude unlocks our fullest life. Being grateful for everything we have now will make us feel the most fulfilled in life.”–Melody Battie

Our circumstances should never limit our happiness. We have everything we need to be happy right now. Through gratitude, we can view our blessings in life in a positive light.

23. “If you do everything you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” –Sue Knight

Quotes about being happy like this are a reminder that if you want to see a change in your life, you need to do something different. If you hope to live a happier, more positive life, it’s time to make the change today.

Start by shifting your mindset, learning to practice gratitude, and being your true self. Though this is a lifelong journey, this is the key to being happy.

24. “Happiness is made of little charities like a kind look, heartfelt compliment, a smile, or a kiss.” –Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Don’t overlook the small things in life. By seeing all of life’s precious moments for what they are, you’ll see happiness isn’t far away.

25. “Happiness arrives when we ding it, rarely when we seek it.” –J. Petit Senn

Looking for happiness will rarely result in you achieving what you hope to find. Instead of searching for your joy, learn to look at your life and be content with everything you already have.

26. “Happiness isn’t what makes us grateful, but gratefulness can make us happy.” –Albert Clarke

Choosing to be grateful will help to cultivate joy in our lives.

27. “Roll with life’s punches, but enjoy every minute as well.” –Meghan Markle

Our lives won’t always be sunshine and roses. However, learning to enjoy every second of being alive is essential to living joyfully.

28. “The mere experience of being alive is enough to bring joy to one’s life.” –Emily Dickinson

Don’t take your days for granted. Quotes about being happy like this remind us that life’s little blessings are enough to be happy.

29. “Being true to yourself is really the only thing required to be happy.” –Goldie Hawn

It’s not always easy to be true to one’s self, but this is essential for anyone hoping to find happiness.

30. “Happiness comes and goes. If it has left you now, it will find you again.” –Unknown

It goes without saying that one won’t always feel happy all the time. If you’re not feeling happy right now, don’t worry–you’ll find happiness again.

31. “By letting go of everything you thought you were supposed to be or do in life, you’ll be able to find happiness. ” –Unknown

Many of us try to shape our lives to fit an image that we’ve been told our lives should look like. By giving up this notion and taking life as it comes, you’ll be able to live happily and free.

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Final Thoughts on Quotes About Being Happy

Happiness seems elusive, but it doesn’t have to be. The truth is that all of us have the tools right now that we need to be happy. Wherever we may be in life, by learning to be grateful and determining to live a more positive life, we all have a shot at being happy.

These quotes about being happy teach us that a joyful life isn’t far away. Keep these words of wisdom in mind as you try to make positivity and being happy a way of life.