Our soul number, or personal year number, can help us understand what the next 365 days of our lives will look like. Numbers have a lot of meaning in our lives, but we just have to do the work to interpret what they mean.

To calculate your soul number, you just need to follow this simple formula:

  • First, add up the month and day of your birth, and reduce it down until you have one digit. For example, my birthday is July 18, so it would be 7 (7+1+8=16; 1+6=7). 
  • Then, you’ll want to do the same thing with the calendar year, so for 2018, we would get 2 (2+0+1+8; ((2+1=3+8=11)); 1+1=2). 
  • Finally, add the first and second numbers together until you get a single digit. So, in this example, we would get 9 (7+2=9). 

After you’ve gotten your soul number, read on to see what the coming year will bring into your life!

Here’s what your soul number for 2018 says about you:

 What Is Your Personal Year Number For 2018?

1. The start of something new

All of the hard work you did last year will definitely pay off this year! You’ve been working hard to achieve your goals, and this year, all the fruits of your labor will start to blossom. Take any opportunities that present themselves, as this will catapult you into the next adventure in your life!

2. Time for growth

Unlike soul number 1, number 2 means you need to get back to the drawing board and do the inner work necessary for growth in your life. 2018 will be all about personal development for you, and though it’s hard work, you will reap the benefits of it later on. You might find a serious relationship in the cards for you later in the year after you’ve cleared the next path for your journey in life. Take things as they come, and enjoy the moment; becoming your best self doesn’t have to feel like boot camp!

3. Full speed ahead

If you got soul number 3, get ready for a wild ride! All areas of your life will start to expand. However, you might face some financial setbacks as you work to grow your career or business. To you, making new friends and having new experiences takes precedence right now because you can always work on making more money later. Getting that foundation set for years to come takes a lot of financial energy, so you aren’t too concerned with any losses at the moment. This year is about having fun and enjoying all the vibrant energy headed your way!


4. More responsibility

Did you have a little too much fun last year? That’s all fine and dandy as long as you get back on the grind and take responsibility in your life. Your energy will feel a bit low this year, but that’s because many things have built up and left unattended in your life. Make sure to take plenty of time for yourself this year, and keep your energy balanced. You’ll have a lot of work to do, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your physical and mental health.

5. Acceptance awaits you

If you got number 5, this year looks good for you. Have you been at odds with yourself for as long as you can remember? Well, that heavy weight of self-loathing will finally lift, and you’ll feel freer than you have in quite some time. You’ll finally start to accept yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. Not to mention, the stars will align as far as meeting the right friends to help you along your journey. This year is full of synchronicities for you, so make sure you pay attention!

6. Guardian angel

Family and friends really need you right now, so this year calls for you to stay close to home so you can take care of the ones you love. This year won’t offer much in the way of expansion, but not every year will; just remain thankful for the people in your life, and enjoy the time with them while you can.

7. Reflect and recharge

Have you been feeling disconnected from yourself? This year will be all about going within and rediscovering yourself. You’ve been quite busy outwardly, but your inner self is crying out for attention. For soul number 7’s, 2018 will require detachment from anything that doesn’t feel right to you as you work to rebalance your energies and find what truly makes you happy. Don’t worry what others think; do what you need to do in your life in order to feel like you again.

8. The year of opportunity

You might have felt stagnant in the past few years, but this year, your life will do a 360. Prepare yourself for a busy year, because the days of feeling stuck will be a thing of the past. 2018 looks promising in the financial area of your life, as you’ll see major changes in your bank account and your career. Get ready for a lot of doors to open up in your life, as success will finally come your way. Just don’t let it all get to your head – remember to stay humble.

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9. Becoming who you were meant to be

Just like soul number 8, you’ve felt stuck and complacent for some time now. However, this year, you’ll start bridging that gap between who you’ve been and who you want to be. You’ll leave behind relationships, jobs, and anything else that no longer serves you, and learn to stop apologizing for living life the way you want to. However, with change comes a feeling of instability, so make sure you stay grounded and retreat into nature when you start to get imbalanced. Trust that the universe always has your back and wants the very best for you in life.