11 Things Your Soul Wants You to Learn While You’re Human

11 Things Your Soul Wants You to Learn While You’re Human

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As we all enjoy our unique human experience, we find ourselves burning the candle of life too quickly while trying to exist in society and keep up with the times. So much so, that we often forget the most important lessons we came here to learn – the experiences that our inner spirit is trying to teach us during our relatively short stay here on this beautiful planet.

“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.” – Wayne Dyer

Here are 11 Things Your Soul Wants You to Learn About the Human Experience

1 – Learn to Be Compassionate

Loving and understanding people and their journeys without holding them in judgment, is the greatest gift you can give someone and yourself.

Just accepting people for who they are and offering help when they need it, cheering them on, and, most importantly, showing respect and love have effects way beyond you and them.

It’s easy to get started by simply choosing to smile at everyone who crosses your path.

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

2 – Learn to Be Inquisitive

Being inquisitive is more than just asking questions; it is having a genuine curiosity about the world around you. The happiest and most successful people are those that are actively curious.

When you are inquisitive, you recognize that there is always more to learn, and you want to be in a constant state of exploration into topics that will help you grow.

3 – Learn to Be Optimistic

How you look at things has been linked to your success. A primary reason for this is because when you have a positive outlook, you are more resilient. The most essential characteristic of being human is being alive, and optimism can play an essential role in many aspects of life, including in the recovery from illness.

Multiple studies have investigated the role of optimism in people undergoing treatment for life-threatening diseases. Studies show optimistic people experienced less stress and have more of a “fighting spirit.”

If this is true for people facing possible death, think how it can affect everyday challenges.

4 – Learn to Be Mindful

Mindfulness is simply the focus of your attention on the present moment, but it is anything but simple. With chaotic schedules, multi-tasking, and an over-worked society, it is often hard to remain in the present and not get lost in the chaos that surrounds us.

Mindfulness has roots in Buddhism, but most religions and spiritual practices include some attention towards love, kindness, and appreciation for a perspective on life that is bigger than oneself.

5 – Embrace Confidence

Confidence is knowing who you are, where you are going, and the value you contribute while taking action to support your goals. Many people mistake confidence with an arrogance that stems from low self-esteem and comes from a place of not understanding your true talents.

Confidence is an essential ingredient in creating a life you love and in shaping the interactions with the people around you. Don’t hide the things you are good at and don’t be afraid to talk about your goals; doing so serves you and those around you.

6 – Learn to Love Life

Where confidence is about you, enthusiasm is about life. Enthusiasm is infectious, and people connect with you based on your passion for your work and your life.

There are few things more enjoyable than talking with someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about something.

“It is faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes life worth living.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

7 – Learn to Be Purposeful

There is a lot of talk around finding your purpose and passion, but the reality is that being human and relatable might be all the purpose you need. When you make your actions purposeful and do things that make you feel good, you are living your truth. And there is nothing more human than that.

8 – Realize Your Energetic Potential

What good is having goals, asking questions, and taking purposeful actions with confidence without the energy to act? To harness your natural energy potential, you must take care of yourself. A healthy body, mind, and heart are necessary to keep you operating at your potential.

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