When a couple settles into a relationship, the spark can diminish and make the relationship a little monotonous. The impressing and chasing, or “courting” period is definitely very spunky and fun, but after getting into a relationship, couples can lose that hypnotic attention.  It gets replaced by contentment and a sense of security. Couples who were earlier spontaneous in displaying their love get channeled into a fixed routine. Tensions and problems arise frequently. Impressing your beloved and getting into a relationship is much easier than making your relationship work.

Making a relationship work requires patience, commitment, and the intense desire to stick together, come whatever may.  These 6 simple reminders can keep the spark alive in your relationship to make it harmonious.

“Being someone’s first love is great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.”

6 Relationship Skills Couples Often Forget:

1. Communication is the core of a happy relationship.

A couple may be deeply loving, but reading the mind of each other isn’t always possible for everyone. Therefore, it’s essential to express your thoughts, ideas, doubts, and problems with your partner. You should also share your negative thoughts and emotions with your partner.

If you’re having problems, or are bothered by something/someone, it’s important to share with your significant other.  You might not be willing to bother your partner with this, but keeping it bottled within you can harm the relationship.

Over the stretch of time, if the problem doesn’t get solved, you may even get frustrated and escalate into anger outbursts.  Therefore, communication is fundamental whenever either of the people in the relationship is bothered by something.

Miscommunications can be lethal in a relationship. If you misunderstand what your partner wanted to say, talk with them about it and be willing to listen openly. If you feel hurt by your partner’s gesture, tell them calmly that you felt hurt. If you keep quiet and assume things, arguments can sprout, souring the relationship.  You may feel that you know your partner very well but also remember that people grow and change with time. So be calm and communicate with your partner openly and often.

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2. Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes.

This is extremely important to maintain harmony in your relationship. It can be difficult for some people to accept that they are wrong and their partner is right. However, inculcating this habit can keep your relationship unharmed by ego. If you realize that it was your mistake or you have been wrong with some information, accept it gently. When you admit that you are wrong, you are more likely to gain your partner’s respect.

Similarly when you’re discussing something and find that your partner is right, acknowledge it. It will increase your partner’s self-esteem. Being egoistic and always sticking to the belief that you are right will make you appear as an immature and arrogant person in your partner’s eyes.

3. Stay grateful.

“Taking for granted” has been the root cause of plenty of broken relationships. When you are in a relationship, you cannot take things too easy. You have to work on the relationship and nourish it every day.

Manage time for your partner, surprise him or her with little gestures and gifts, recollect memories together and tell your partner how much you love him or her. Making your partner feel loved and appreciated will keep your relationship always healthy.

4. Give your partner a little space.

Spending lots of time together is wonderful but you should also give your partner a little space if they require a little freedom. Some “alone time” is necessary for introspection, contemplation, growth, and realization.

A little absence will also give you time to miss each other and make your hearts grow more affectionate towards each other.

5. Provide unconditional acceptance.

When you are in a relationship, you will get to discover a lot of new things about your partner. Some of your partner’s quirks or habits may annoy you but you must provide unconditional acceptance to your partner. Do not try to change your partner or keep unrealistic expectations from them. Love your partner for the person they are.

6. Trust your partner.

Without trust, no relationship can ever survive. Trust your partner and don’t let silly, insignificant things make you suspect them. If you had a bad past and have been betrayed, then it will be tough for you to trust your partner. So, whenever you find yourself enveloped with doubts and insecurities, refer to tip #1 – talk to your partner about it. Do not assume things and let suspicion spoil your relationship.


If couples keep these 6 relationship tips in mind, their relationship will stay unaffected by misunderstandings, ego, and insecurities. Every healthy relationship faces some difficult moments but if you follow these tips, you can overcome those problems. Do not look for flaws in your relationship; rather try to work on them. When things go a little off the track, remember the time when you fell in love with your partner. That will make you realize the value of your partner and your relationship.


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