3 Behaviors That Ruin Relationships

3 Behaviors That Ruin Relationships

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From the moment you are brought into the world, you develop relationships – with your parents, siblings, near and distant relatives, students, spouse, friends, co-workers… the list goes on.

Something else that we all have in common. We want to have healthy and happy connections with others (and we all have the capacity to ruin relationships).

In order to create these positive relationships, there are certain behaviors we must learn to stay away from.

Three of these behaviors in particular if left unchecked, can ruin your relationships. They can also have a very strong impact on the number of connections formed in the future.

Here are 3 behaviors that ruin relationships:

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Withdrawal from communication (and/or emotional unavailability)

Realizing that all relationships require honest, uninhibited communication, they don’t last very long if there is an ongoing behavior pattern of keeping secrets and being closed off from having real conversations.

Relationships can quickly take a turn for the worse if people start distancing themselves and won’t admit when the other person did or said something to upset them.

People can be rational when confronting someone and have a mature conversation that doesn’t end in name-calling and yelling at one another.

A healthy relationship is built on trust and effective communication, so strive to cultivate these in your close relationships if you want to avoid damaging it.

Comparing the relationship to the relationships of others

Keeping up with the Joneses, Kardashians, or any other people and their behavior is something that can always keep you feeling from a place of lack.

Feeling like your connection with someone is never enough is just enough to send your relationship reeling.

To avoid potentially ruining your relationship, remember that every situation is unique and special; your connection with your friend will look different than someone else’s relationship, so appreciate it for what it is.

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