On the physical plane, Earth has begun its spiritual awakening – the process of moving from a fear-based environment to a love-based environment. Although everything can appear rather chaotic right now, that’s the process – and it gets worse before it gets better. I believe the worst is behind us.  A spiritual awakening is happening all around us and within us right now!


An ever-increasing number of people have chosen to awaken spiritually! This awakening of our connection to divine energy happens differently for everyone. For some people, it can be a slow and steady process, while for or others it is a spontaneous spiritual awakening.

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” ~ Cynthia Occelli

spiritual awakening

As I mentioned, real spiritual awakening is not all sunshine and rainbows. It can involve removing some very ugly and painful trapped negative emotions and energies from our past. With your newfound awareness, allow these old karmic energies to be released and replaced with light. Resistance to moving forward causes depression or pain – a physical manifestation of the energetic resistance.

By going with the flow, we allow a beautiful spiritual awakening within us and ultimately add to the positive collective vibration of the Universe. This process allows us to live our best life and embrace the power of positivity available to us through divine energy.

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfillment.” ~ John O’Donohue


Over the years, I have been experiencing a steady, very intense spiritual awakening. My life has completely transformed in every area!  Life is truly AMAZING! I have connected with the essence of my true self. As I research and talk to others about their spiritual awakening, I find that we all share very similar characteristics and events.

However, some people are experiencing an awakening and don’t even know it. I decided to intentionally create this outline of the most common signs you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening so that you can more purposefully direct your energy to the growth and expansion of it.

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Spiritual Awakening Checklist:

spiritual awakening


Do you hold the same beliefs today that you had 5 or 10 years ago?

Everyone who experiences a spiritual awakening releases old belief systems and ways of living. We begin to think outside the box and question our physical reality that we once thought was “normal”.

We feel more comfortable breaking social norms and embracing freedom. Because we all have free will, and as we begin to spiritually awaken, we realize that we may have not been exercising that right as freely as we could have in the past.

For some of us, we escaped a mental prison. But as we evolve in our spiritual journey we realize the mental prison was wide open the whole time.

When we awaken to our truth, we realize we are free. ~ Kristi Bowman


You’ve been finding peace in living more simply. Instead of buying more and filling every corner of your house with material possessions, you find yourself cleaning out old things and selling or donating them.

You have decided that less is more.  This allows the heavy burden of “stuff” to be released from your physical life, but in doing so, it also creates an energetic release of old “stuff”. Afterward, the feeling of lightness is profound that we (consciously or subconsciously) do it more often until we find we own less and have less desire to buy more.

True love and happiness cannot be found in things or from having more. Everlasting happiness comes from within.

Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.  ~ Osho


You’re being called to fulfill your life purpose right now. Are you listening?

Most people experiencing spiritual awakening have experienced a change in job or career. If you haven’t, you probably have a deep burning desire to do so.  Are you allowing fear to hold you back?

Let go of any resistance, step out in faith and do it. You don’t have to know all the details right now. That’s the secret in life! We aren’t always supposed to know all the little details – the Universe and divine energy takes care of that for us.

If you’ve already done this, you are probably loving life now! Your new transition was probably not easy, but well worth it. Keep going, you’ll continue to be called to step up and be more. The Universe LOVES healthy expansion!


During your spiritual awakening, you are guided towards your best self. We are and who we will be can be seen in our daily habits. As we are drawn to the light, we look to surround ourselves with inspiration, positivity, and personal development activities. This could be in a physical or spiritual form. For example, you may be drawn to reading self-help books, practicing yoga, meditation, praying, attending personal development seminars, running, walking, going to church, listening to podcasts, and more. Embrace these opportunities as they will help you to learn, to grow, and to see new perspectives.

“Live to learn to love.

Learn to love to live.

Love to live to learn

so that you may live the life that you yearn.”

~ Rico Dasheem

spiritual awakening


We are drawn to nature because it is part of us. It allows us to step away from the material world we have built up and truly connect with divine energy, our higher power, God, Source, the Universe (insert your divine power of choice).

Nature also speaks and communicates to us if we listen closely. This is a relationship anyone can build and people who have a spiritual awakening do just that. We are only really beginning to understand our deep connection with nature.


Some people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening have trouble falling asleep. What is going on inside keeps you awake. It’s a burning desire and some people know how to direct that energy while others aren’t sure and this is what is primarily keep you awake at night.  Most report that they either have trouble falling asleep or they awaken at early hours, such as 2:00 and 4:00 AM.

If you’re experiencing unusual sleep patterns, it’s okay. Just don’t lay there and worry. There’s a lot of work going on within you. It’s a natural process. The best thing to do is go do whatever it is that is calling you to do – for some it is writing, and for others it is painting, working out, and more.

All in all, it’s best to go back to sleep, but if you can’t go back to sleep, try playing music on your phone or stereo. I use an app on my phone that has meditations and binaural beats. It’s very healing and I fall right to sleep. Lavender, melatonin or even a quick glass of wine helps too (tips from my 82-year-old grandma).


Although we don’t all admit it, to some degree we all do a little “self-talk.” It helps us to make sense of what is going on. At times we can be our therapist. It’s actually very healthy because only YOU truly know what YOU need. It’s an illusion that we think we need to ask someone outside of ourselves.

If you’re going through a spiritual awakening, you’ll find yourself doing even more self-talk. When you are alone, you may chat with yourself for minutes at a time, maybe even more. It’s okay – you aren’t crazy!

A new level of communication is taking place within you.

You are allowing yourself access to your higher self – the part of you that truly knows all the answers to your own path. This is the extension of you that is connected to divine energy. The best thing to do is to continue to allow it. The conversations will increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent and more insightful. If you find yourself getting philosophical, then write it down or record it and listen to it later. Free, highly insightful therapy at it’s best.


Have you ever been able to take a step back from your life and look at it as if it were a movie? In doing so, you can see how each special experience in life always leads to another. They are connected in a web of life. While these events called synchronicity have always been happening, more recently, your spiritual awakening has made you aware of the connectedness that is going on around you.

Synchronicity is the experience of meaningful, related events that are unlikely to be mere coincidence.  Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s first described the concept of synchronicity.

These synchronizations have meaning; they are usually guiding us to are the best path, but sometimes they are just reminding us that we are on the right path. “Hello wonderful being, you’re doing an AMAZING job!”

Synchronicity commonly reveals itself in number sequences around us, because numerology is deeply woven into creation. You may see number patterns like 11:11, 111, 333, 555, etc. They are each unique to our own path and circumstances. I personally have experienced this starting when I was 16 – the beginning of my spiritual awakening. Well-known, best selling author and spiritual teacher, Doreen Virtue also believes we are being guided by numbers.

When we truly understand the powerful meaning and importance of synchronicity in our life, we can use it to propel us forward and make better decisions. Synchronicity is always guiding us, it’s up to us to pay attention!

spiritual awakening

We are all connected! As we experience our own individual spiritual awakening, we realize our physical body does not define us. We are so much more, and our energy extends outside of us. Every person, place, and thing is in our lives for a reason – we have drawn it to us somehow.

This connectedness creates a deep internal knowledge that we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us. We are a part of our local community as much as we are a part of the cosmos.

Things that were once just mere coincidence become meaningful to us. We begin to truly understand the meaning and importance of synchronicity in our lives. Synchronicity is guiding us, it’s up to us to pay attention!


Our body is the temple of our soul. If we want to become light we must eat light. Foods filled with light energy and high nutrition are raw foods grown from the Earth. The more of these foods you put in your body the healthier you will become.

It is only natural to be drawn to healthy eating. We are born healthy eaters, the outside influence of the culture that we are born in that program us to eat unhealthily. Junk food yields a much higher profit for corporations.

Most people who are experiencing true spiritual awakening are being drawn to healthier ways of eating. We all have our opinion on what’s best, but no one can disagree that raw, untouched, uncooked fruits and vegetables from Mother Earth is always the best choice.

spiritual awakening


Along this journey, you are experiencing intermittent feelings of deep, inner sadness. Sometimes you may know exactly why you feel that way, and you can release and replace it with love. Other times, you may have no idea — that’s okay too.

This is something we all go through from time to time. While you may not always know the reason, you can rest assured that it has a purpose.  You are releasing your past harbored negative energy. As the emotions come up, let them go and allow divine light to fill every space it contained. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Don’t allow even a speck to remain, because you deserve the emotional freedom that’s on the other side.

Although this process can be difficult, embrace it, bid your permanent farewell and be grateful for the release. Afterward, your spirit will be lightened and you will be filled with even more love and positive, divine energy.

May You Embark Upon Your Own Spiritual Awakening

So there are my top 11 signs, what are yours? Thanks for reading. May your journey continue to lead you to a deeper love for everything around you, more peace in your heart, an open and receptive mind, and eagerness to continue being a student for what you think you know.

“The degree to which your Consciousness expands, is the degree to which you understand yourself and the Universe.”  ~ Gina Charles

A Profound video on Spiritual Awakening – I had to share!

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People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road does not mean they are lost.
~ Dalai Lama