Do you look at yourself in the mirror and disapprove of the way you look? Have you ever been told that you are beautiful but wonder what people are talking about? At times, do you get the feeling that people are making polite compliments of the way you look because they are afraid of telling you how fat or too thin you look? This is something most people go through.

Not everyone is blessed with an amazing body that can bounce back after giving birth or gaining weight. Magazines, society conceptions, friends, family, or at most times, ourselves place a lot of pressure in trying to ensure that we are in the “right” shape, weight, or size, regardless of what we are doing or where we work.

You need to start by looking in the mirror and appreciating who you are, with your rolls, cellulite, flat butt and pouch. All the “flaws” that are seen by other people should not lead you to take extreme measures to look like a supermodel or your favorite celebrity.

We are going to go through a few ways in which you can start to appreciate your body.

Get new role models

We are 8 billion people in the world; you are going to find a role model you can look up to who is real and not airbrushed. Choose a role model who is larger than just their physical appearance. When you focus mainly on models or celebrities who have had alterations, you are going to have super high expectations, which when they fail, you are going to feel worse than you already do.

Get rid of fitness and fashion magazines

All the models who are on these magazines, their images have been altered or photo-shopped to look a certain way. Some of these models are going through hard times, or have eating disorders that they either talk about or are not willing to acknowledge.

40% of fashion models have reported having either bulimia or anorexia, which they most likely will not talk about for fear of losing their jobs. When you buy a fitness magazine, try and figure out the reality of the ads. Stop wasting your time reading about “the best way to get rid of fat” or “How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week.” Steer clear of all these ads, and you will feel better about yourself.

Talk to someone

This does not mean you complain about your body; you are talking to someone about how you are insecure about your body.

The person you talk to might have a different opinion or outlook on it, or even share about something they are insecure about. Talking about your insecurities reduces the chances of you internalizing it.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Do not compare yourself to others; you are likely to feel inferior about yourself. Also, you should not compare yourself to others and think you are superior to them; this does not do any good to your self-esteem.

Comparisons tend to put one party down. No matter the outcome of the comparison, you should know that life is not all about competition.

Girls think about looking better than the girls sitting next to them, while guys focus on muscles being bigger than others. The New York Times states that there is 6% of boys who use steroids to change their body; more than 90% of boys aged 12-18 lift weights, and 38% use protein supplements. We are all lovely and beautiful in our own right, and you should embrace it completely.

Dress in clothes that will flatter your body

Go out and do some shopping! Get Greek apparel Delta Sigma Theta that compliment and accentuate your body. This will improve your confidence immensely! There is no point in squeezing yourself in tight clothes that make you look like you wore your younger sister/brother’s clothes; neither is it good to hide behind baggy clothes.

Appreciate your body by wearing flattering but comfortable clothes that make you appreciate your body more.

Health is all that matters

Is your health at risk? Did a doctor inform you of changing your diet or reducing weight? If you don’t relate to these statements, then enjoy your body and appreciate it. Take walks, hike, ride a bike and eat well, and you will have nothing to worry about.

List what you like about yourself

At first, this will be an uphill task, as one tends to focus solely on the negatives. You might come up with one or two things or even none. 42% of girls in the first to third grade in the US, want to lose weight, this is according to the National Eating Disorder Association. This is sad and something that should be discouraged at all costs.



Practice as often as you can to figure out the positive attributes that you have, and it will get easier each time. When in need of a confidence boost, look at the list, and you will appreciate body more.

Final thoughts

Each human being is different from the next human, therefore, accept yourself the way you are. Remember, you are a beautiful, exceptional human being whose “flaws” are what make you unique and special.

I hope these tips are going to help you appreciate yourself more, and appreciate your body regardless of what you are being told. Never aspire to attain unachievable body standards that will tear you down. Be confident in who you are, and nothing will shake the self-confidence you have for yourself.

Be your own best friend, appreciate body, treat yourself with love, respect, and kindness.

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