We’ve all had days in life where things couldn’t get any further off track.  A friend or companion reassures us that everything will be fine, all we need to do is relax and ” go with the flow.”  Like we haven’t heard that one before, and in some way, ‘going with the flow’ is going to solve our problems.

Actually, it does.

You might not think about it immediately after that caring companion brings you back to life with those rejuvenating words of wisdom, but you still end up asking yourself, “What exactly is this ‘flow’?  Does it mean that I have to say yes to everything?  Are my personal values going to be compromised by going with it? What if I don’t feel I should always go with the flow?”  Don’t contemplate this too long; you will be going against it!

Imagine the flow as creation.

Flow-ers effortlessly reach toward the sun, clouds lightly float across the sky and the tides continue to work like clockwork as they have since the beginning of recorded time.  You and I are a part of this universal masterpiece.

As Human Beings, we are becoming increasingly aware that everything in creation has come from one universal source of energy.  This source of energy is fueled by what I have come to know as The Now. The now is the present moment in which we are.  It is happening with you as it is with me, and the true beauty of it is that it always occurring.


How can one determine whether their ‘flow’ is a raging river or a babbling brook when in the Now?  Our thoughts, words, and actions in the present moment ultimately shape us as individuals.  When something happens, it is essential to keep a positive mindset no matter what the situation.

Think of it as part of that natural process that leads us directly to where we are now.  A negative mindset is only going to give resistance to the flow of energy that which we are.


My wish is for the world to display our energy as strongly as we can in the Now. Blessings to everyone as we go with the flow – after all, there is no better moment to live than the current!