“Flying first class is always more comfortable, but not everyone can afford it. The good news with life is that anyone can fly first class.”

Life is a spiritual journey, and we are all Spirit-travellers.

Our journey begins when we are born and life unfolds in front of us through our experiences.  We all have the same destination – the return to the source; that is, we all want to attain the Salvation peak of the soul.  What makes life unique is how we arrive at our destination.

An “airplane metaphor” is the best way to explain life’s journey.  We have the choice of how to fly to a certain city, state, or country.  No matter which class we choose, we will reach the same destination.  Flying first class is always more comfortable, but not everyone can afford it.  The good news with life is that anyone can fly first class.

The question that arises here is: Are we ready to upgrade to first class in life?

Although it may demand a lot on our part, it is really worthwhile. When one travels through fear and negativity, it goes against nature. It really prevents you from shining like the sun, and instead, you remain among the dark clouds. Living life in fear costs you a lot. It puts your personal relationships at stake, it’s a threat to your health, and attacks your creativity.  It simply costs you your LIFE.


Often times, people have experienced whatever they have feared the most.  This is because their focus was on the things they did not like and not on the things that they deeply cherished.  Every now and then, we feel that we have to fight against the energy which is on the outside but the real fact is that the enemy is within us and we need to conquer it with love.

Travelling first class in life, on the other hand, guarantees a whole package of excitement.  When you are on that path,  you get to meet fellow travelers of like minds – people with the same values.  This confirms the amazing reasoning behind the law; like attracts like.  Those generous souls are full of life and they really live out loud. The moment you make the decision to travel first class, you unlock the amazing gifts attached to it.  Life will still have those peaks and valleys, but we will have to muster the courage to cross all of them with a never say die attitude, finding it easier than ever to achieve victory.  You are always taken care of by the universe, sometimes in surprising ways. You will stand in awe at what life has to offer.

How to upgrade your life’s journey

You will have to change your perception from head to the heart, from fear to love, from NO to a BIG YES, from negative to positive and eventually from ME to US.

It starts with positive thinking.  Thoughts become things!  We need to allow only positive thoughts to occupy our mind as we tend to materialize those things in life.  Positive thinking leads to positive actions.  Life appears as a catalog to us and we just have to flip over it and choose whatever adventure we want to experience.  The most important task along the journey is the GRATITUDE PROCESS.  The more grateful we are to live, the more life will amaze us.  Gratitude simply attracts more of what we have and want in life.  Another essential tool at our service is our visualization ability.  Life can be phenomenal if you choose to visualize life as being heaven on earth and break all the limits.

When you choose to fly First Class, you begin to praise life as you go along, sending love and light to everyone you encounter.  While you may come into contact with negative people – instead of adopting their negativity, you will spread your light, touch their hearts, and eventually make the crowd follow you. You will open your heart and the hearts of others to the abundance of available energy that surrounds us all.

What class are you traveling today?

Make a decision today to have a first class life. Avoid living as a victim and instead be the hero of your own life. Whenever you find yourself being fearful, thank it for protecting you and then release it. Notice all the first class miracles around you and if anyone asks you how it’s going? Reply with ‘FIRST CLASS!’

Fly first class and be a first class version of YOU. Reality is always what you decide it to be and it is never out of control. SHINE ON!