Diya Jhugroo

Diya's life has truly changed in front of her eyes. Through her unwavering faith and shameless persistence, she's been a victor in many areas of her life - all because of LOVE. <3 Diya has gone from someone who never knew what it was to love oneself to someone who fully believes that she is part of God’s masterpiece. She has also recently released more than 80 pounds and now enjoys a plant-based, health conscious lifestyle Since Diya's positive transformation, she has been able to excel in her studies and constantly finds herself surrounded by new, amazing people - winning the hearts of many and spreading her positivity everywhere she goes. Diya loves reading, sharing the wisdom with her fellow friends, and Zumba. <3 Diya has discovered that when things take longer than you thought, then it's a perfect reminder that one does not need to rush as time is an illusion and that there is an enlightening and heavenly trip to enjoy.

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