15 Traits That Reveal You Are A Spiritual Healer (And Don’t Know It)

15 Traits That Reveal You Are A Spiritual Healer (And Don’t Know It)


Now more than ever, we need healers to come forward with their gifts and raise the world’s vibration. Healers are a special group of people that can help others come out of suffering and into the light. In this world, many people don’t have any hope left due to the current state of affairs, but spiritual healers have the ability to lift the broken and wounded up and restore their faith in humanity. The worn-out, fear-based programming doesn’t work anymore for the majority of people, and so a grand healing is now taking place on the planet.

You might know a healer in your life or feel like you’re one yourself, but sometimes, these gifts present themselves in subtle ways. Here are some signs to look out for in yourself and others that may point to being a spiritual healer.


Here are 15 traits that reveal you’re a spiritual healer (and don’t know it):

Spiritual healers are the ones who heal themselves first and create a ripple outward for others…


1. You identify as an empath.

This world is oh so draining for empaths and highly sensitive people. The noise, busyness, fast pace, social interactions, greed, violence, and other negative occurrences leave a spiritual healer feeling utterly exhausted. Empaths and lightworkers absorb the energy of the world around them, which leaves them feeling frazzled and overwhelmed quite often. Their sensitivity is a blessing because it can help heal the planet, but healers often feel cursed by this trait due to how heavy it can make them feel emotionally.


2. You crave alone time often.

It isn’t that healers dislike people; they just thrive better being on their own. As we said, the energy of the world can drain an empath or spiritual healer, so they need tons of time alone to recharge and rebalance their energies.

3. You feel that life is more than just paying bills.

Spiritual healers feel trapped in this system because it’s centered around making money, not following one’s purpose. Healers can get quite frustrated with the world because all they want is to help others, but they feel that making money can get in the way of that due to time and financial constraints.

If you feel trapped in your current job and dream of helping others in some way, you might be a healer.

4. People are always coming to you for advice.

People come to you left and right to help them with their problems because they know you’ll have the answers. You might not know how to solve the problems in your own life, but you definitely know how to drop everything and listen to someone else’s struggles. Because you’re highly sensitive, you can easily relate to other people’s troubles and help them come out of darkness.


5. You’re highly intuitive.

A spiritual healer runs on emotions, not logic. Your gut feelings are king when it comes to decision-making because they have yet to steer you wrong. You just “know” when something doesn’t feel right, so you follow that instinct and don’t question it. If this sounds like you, you’re probably a spiritual healer.

6. You’ve had struggles with mental health.

Many spiritual healers suffer from mental disorders because they simply feel that they don’t fit in here. They don’t know where to turn because every path seems to lead to stress and confusion, which can cause anxiety and depression. Spiritual healers are more sensitive to the overwhelming stimuli on the planet, which can cause them to retreat into solitude and avoid the world entirely. Speaking of which…




7. Social situations drain your energy.

Even if it’s just going out to do errands, you feel exhausted afterwards. Dealing with traffic, big crowds, your job, and conversations with others can quickly zap your energy and leave you daydreaming about crawling into bed and staying there for a while.

8. You can sense other people’s emotions.

This is perhaps one of the clearest signs of being a healer. If you can read someone else just by the emotions on their face or their body language, you’re probably destined to be a spiritual healer.

9. You feel drawn to healing professions.

If you feel drawn to a career in energy work such as Reiki or work that benefits the planet like environmental sustainability, you are probably a healer. Healers don’t do well in careers like sales or management because their talents don’t really shine in these fields. They prefer jobs that truly have a purpose, not just those that are centered on increasing profits.

10. People feel calm or happy around you.

Despite your own struggles, people can see past them and into your true nature. They say you make them feel centered, balanced, calm, or any other positive emotion. Healers have this ability to lift other people up and give them hope, so if this sounds like you, you’re a truly special soul.


11. You just feel “different.”

You can’t really explain it to people, but you’ve felt like an outcast your whole life. You don’t understand the ways of the world because many of them cause suffering, which in turn causes you great pain. It almost feels like you have no emotional skin, because many things about the world impact you deeply. You don’t relate to the shallowness of society, which is why you choose to remain an outcast, and you don’t see this as a bad thing at all.


12. You are an idealist.

Your head is always in the clouds, because it sure beats being on the ground! You feel like the world could be so simple, but we make it incredibly complicated. Why can’t we just share our resources instead of fighting over them and destroying them? Why do we build a world that disconnects us from the natural one we were born into?


13. You are a deep thinker.

Because you’re an idealist, you’re also a visionary that can see the bigger picture. You are always contemplating life on this planet to try to make sense of things and work them out in your own mind.

14. You feel deeply connected to nature and animals.

Humans don’t make much sense to you, so you gravitate toward animals and nature to feel peace and serenity.


15. You’re a superb listener.

You might not like talking much, but you certainly know how to listen. You don’t just hear people, but really tune into what they’re saying and the subtle body language they use. You understand people well, which is why you attract those who need help.


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