Do you believe you have a soulmate who was placed on the earth just for you? Some people spend a lifetime finding their significant other. If you’ve found a new love interest, how do you know if he’s a genuinely good and kind person?

First impressions aren’t always accurate since many people put their best foot forward. Perhaps you are one of those people that believe in love at first sight. However, many people mistake infatuation for love without really knowing the person.

Nobody begins a new relationship wanting an insincere or mean person. Unfortunately, you may fall for a guy before you realize he’s a real jerk. How can you tell the true character of a new love interest before you fall in love?

Ten Signs You Are Falling in Love with a Kind Person

She may say all the things you want to hear, but are her words and actions congruent? Trust your instincts, and you must pay attention to the unspoken things about her. Here are ten positive signs that you’ve met a kind person who may be your happily ever after.

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1. They’re Truthful

Before someone becomes your significant other, you must know without a doubt they’re honest. When you meet a new love interest, pay close attention to the things they tell you. Some people try to impress their dates by exaggerating stuff about themselves.

Some dishonest individuals will bald-faced lie about their marital status, age, or what they do for a living. If you catch your new love interest lying initially, how could you ever trust them? A kind person will be honest, transparent, and trustworthy.

2. He or She Treats Others with Respect

Suppose you want to find out if your possible significant other is kind, then you should first notice how they treat others. When you go out for a date, do they do things like open the car door for you, or pull out your chair at the dinner table? Chivalry has never gone out of style, and you’ve found a gem if they have polished manners.

How does this person treat people in the service industry? A person with a genuinely kind heart will treat wait staff and other individuals in the service industry with respect and decency. Even if there’s a problem with a product or service, they work it out in a civil manner.

When you get to meet their family and close friends, watch how they interact with them. Remember the old saying that you can tell how a man will treat you by watching how he treats his mother? This adage can be used for women too.

A kind person will be courteous and thoughtful to their family, friends, and even strangers. How they treat you is a clear indication that you’ve found one of the good ones. They’ve probably been raised well and will be careful with your heart.

3. They Own Their Mistakes

Even the best folks make mistakes. Sometimes, good people make poor choices that hurt others and themselves. However, a genuinely kind person will own up to their mistakes and shortcomings and will make amends. A narcissistic person will usually shift the blame to others to make themselves look better.

You know that you’ve met your Mr. or Ms. Right when they don’t act like a know it all. Kind people listen to other’s opinions and may change their way of thinking. Are they the first to say that they’re wrong?

Your new love interest isn’t perfect, and they’re going to make mistakes along the way. It’s all part of life and how people learn and grow. If they’re honorable, they will apologize and learn from their mistakes.

4. They’re A Spiritual Person

It’s a common mistake to assume that spirituality and religion are synonymous. While religions often have spiritual aspects, they are two different things. You can be a good person who is spiritual without religious dogma or any connection to deities or supernatural beliefs.

If your significant other is a spiritual person, they’re in tune with more meaningful things than themselves. They believe in love, faith, loyalty, and inner strength that transcends any material goods the world offers. They may even talk about having a “spiritual connection” with you.

Spiritual people are often kindhearted because they take time for self-reflection. Your sweetheart may practice yoga, meditation, journaling, or other spiritual exercises. As you both mature spiritually, you positively affect each other.

5. They Don’t Have Time for Drama

One of the greatest destroyers of relationships is unnecessary drama. A kind person values time and relationships too much to mess with drama. When people come to them with juicy gossip and backbiting, they will politely step out of the situation.

For one, most kind people try to stay positive and avoid a negative atmosphere. They know that negativity can eventually lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Research also demonstrates a correlation between a negative attitude and severe health issues.

You’ll also notice that they don’t engage in hateful talk and accepts people as they are. They will keep their distance from drama mongers and won’t encourage their efforts. They are courageous enough to deal with real problems, but they aren’t looking for trouble or soap opera moments.

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6. They Have A Great Sense of Humor

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone sour, no matter how attractive they’re. There’s an old saying that those who can laugh at themselves will never stop being amused. A sense of humor in both partners is crucial in a successful relationship.

Does your significant other make you laugh? Do they enjoy a funny joke and are not afraid to laugh at themselves? Remember that kind of person will never make prejudiced comments or hurtful jokes at the expense of others.

7. They’re A Life-Long Learner

Good people who are true to themselves are perpetual students of life. This doesn’t mean that your sweetheart will be enrolled in college forever, but education is essential. As a student of life, they are continually trying to glean knowledge from other people.

They enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures and ways of thinking. They use this knowledge to better themselves and share with you and others. A kind person respects their elders and is enriched by their life experiences.

Kind people never use their education or life experiences to snub or degrade others. Albert Einstein re-stated Aristotle when he observed that the more he learned, the more he realized he didn’t know. Kind and wise people are never too smart to learn from others.

8. They’re A Good Listener

Yes, not all good listeners are kind people and may use the information to manipulate others. However, a kind person is considerate of others and is honestly interested in what they have to say. You may notice this fine quality in your new love interest.

Are your significant other a brilliant conversationalist and a good listener? Do they use open body language and lean slightly toward you when you’re talking? When they mirror your emotions and restate what you’ve said for clarification, you know they’re a good listener.

9. They’re Kind to Animals

This may seem like a trivial point, but it’s more essential than most people realize. Multiple studies have linked animal cruelty to human cruelty and homicide. Your love interest can be kind to all animals, whether they prefer to have pets or not.

If they do have pets, how do they treat them? It’s a good sign when they talk about their pets, like friends or a family member. Kind people may not have pets or be affectionate to animals, but they will not tolerate animal cruelty or exploitation of any kind.

10. They Go the Extra Mile

People who have a genuinely kind heart will do practically anything to help someone in need. They help others because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s not for their gain. These are the people who volunteer in civic and religious organizations.

Is your sweetheart a generous person? Do they give of their time and material goods to help those who are less fortunate? A wise person once said that you could give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.

That’s not to say that your new love interest will be a doormat. They may be generous to a fault, but they have enough wisdom to see when they’ve been taken. Even then, good people will often err on the side of kindness.

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Final Thoughts on Your New Love Being a Kind Person

Perhaps you’ve told yourself that all you ever wanted in a relationship was someone who’d be good to you. You’ll never find a perfect person, but you can find a mate who is kind, loving, and honest. If you look for these positive signs in your new love interest, you will probably be on the path to a fulfilling relationship.