Chivalry isn’t dead, despite what you might think in today’s modern society. Even with narcissism on the rise and manners seemingly going out the window, studies have shown that we’re more likely to protect women than men.

So, it seems that men still care about keeping women safe and treating them with respect and that should make a lot of women out there breathe a huge sigh of relief. Men are often painted in a poor light in our world. However, we shouldn’t be so hard on them. Men have a lot to bring to the table, and we don’t appreciate them enough.

So, this article will show you photos where men really stepped up to the plate and proved how big their hearts really are.

Here are 15 photos that prove chivalry isn’t dead:

1. This is what chivalry looks like fellas. Take notes!

2. Who says men can’t help out with a woman’s beauty routine? You can tell he really loves his wife.

3. If this isn’t the most creative way to propose, we don’t know what is. Simply beautiful!

The engagement ring box I made. Our first date was watching Jurassic Park in an empty auditorium. Laser cut with magnets to hold it closed.
by u/AceMcClean in pics

4. This is the ultimate act of chivalry. Not only is it romantic, but it takes some brains to come up with this!

My fiancé who’s an electrician built this box for me to solve in his proposal to me! He wrote a corresponding poem with that gave me the answers to the 4 challenges. I said YES!!!
by u/LetsDips in pics

5. This is one of the sweetest things. We can always help our fellow humans in some way.

This man offered to hold woman’s baby while she filled out paperwork at the doctor’s office
by u/_uhhhhhhh_ in aww

6. This must’ve taken him so much time, but I’ll bet he brought a smile to some faces that morning.

This would brighten anybody’s day

7. This is truly a work of art, and reminds us that chivalry does really still exist.

My husband made this for me while I was on vacation. I had no idea he had such talent.
by u/Nipsy_russel in crafts

8. This is what love is made of, in our opinion.

He loves me. The hubby made me a heart shaped funnel cake.

9. “We have only been dating for a short time and we haven’t even said ‘I love you’ yet. But he took care of me after my surgery, cleaned my home, helped me in the shower, and put clothes on me.”

Is this what being in love is?

10. Instead of letting this woman get her clothes wet, he came up with a solution and made sure she got to dry land safely.

A true gentleman.
by u/punerisaiyan in HumansBeingBros

11. Looks like all the husbands had the same idea on Mother’s Day.

So, NOT the best husband in the world.

12. Chivalry is when your boyfriend does your hair while you’re in the hospital. So amazing.

Nothing like having a boyfriend that can braid your hair when your in the hospital getting chemo.
by u/kkanders15 in pics

13. Doesn’t this look like the coziest pillow fort ever?!

I made an adult pillow fort for my girlfriend yesterday

14. How many ladies out there would love this nail polish collection??

Surprise Haul

15. What a beautiful way to celebrate a first wedding anniversary. Such a crafty, thoughtful gift!

In honor of the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary, I made my wife a bouquet of paper flowers! I thought it turned out rather well for a guy with absolutely no crafting ability.

So, have you experienced any acts of chivalry recently? Do you believe it still exists? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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