The love of your life is waiting for you, but how will you find them? While you may think Tinder-ing your life away will bring your soulmate your way, the truth is actually a bit more complex. In order for the universe to send your soulmate, you must attract them.

Traits to Attract Your Soulmate

While you may think that “attracting” someone will require you to focus on your physical appearance, the reality is that you actually must look inwards. The following five traits will help you attract the love of your life:

1. Be Intentional

While you can’t conjure up a soulmate out of thin air, there is something to be said about being intentional in your pursuit of a soulmate.

Attracting a soulmate is as much about what you want from them as it is figuring out what you want from yourself. While we all get lonely in life, that cannot be the only reason that you want to fall in love.

If you truly hope to manifest your soulmate, you must first discover the true intentions behind your journey for love.

The type of person that you attract is directly correlated to the intentions that you set. If you set out to find someone to share a life with, you’re already on the right track to finding your ideal partner.

How to Become Intentional

Once your intentions are set, the challenge becomes figuring out how to translate them into your actual dating habits. Consider the following tips whether you are actively dating or waiting to meet “the One”:

  • Establish Your Purpose: If you’re looking for your life partner, it’s important that you are dating with this purpose in mind. Rather than creating an atmosphere of just “hanging out” or “testing the waters”, make it clear to the other person that you’re searching for something that will last a lifetime.
  • Be Clear: In relationships, it’s important that both people are on the same page. Even if you’ve just started showing interest in someone, it’s important to be clear about everything. While you needn’t lay all your cards on the table on the first date, don’t hide anything either. Eliminate the potential for confusion and focus on always communicating clearly.

2. Love Yourself

You’re looking for love but have you first looked inward? The search for your soulmate must start with the search for true love within yourself.

Our entire lives are really a journey to understand and accept ourselves fully and completely. We all have our own faults and strengths and we must learn to love both in order to evolve into the best version of ourselves.

Without this type of love, we will never be able to truly love anyone else, as we won’t understand how we deserve to be loved.

If you’re setting out to attract your soulmate, start by reflecting on how you can do better to love yourself. Look inside and see if there are any issues from your past that are still affecting your present so that you can work on them while waiting to meet the One.

Learning to Love Yourself

We never stop learning how to love ourselves. The more we get to know and love ourselves, the better prepared we will be to give and receive love. Practice self-love with these tips:

  • Start the Day with Affirmations: Don’t let the day start without you telling yourself how worthy you are. Spend your first morning minutes breathing in love. Focus on meditating on how incredible you are and how deserving you are of love.
  • Focus on Positivity: Fostering a sense of self-love is all about focusing on the positives in life. While you shouldn’t force yourself to be happy all the time, train your mind to think positive thoughts by catching yourself whenever something negative enters your mind.While this transformation won’t happen overnight, every step will help shift your thinking.
  • Focus on Personal Development: Always be willing to grow. Dedicating yourself to constant improvement is an important act of self-love. While none of us are perfect or will ever become perfect, we can always become better.

3. Prioritize Gratitude

Gratitude is a trait that is often overlooked these days. However, gratitude is essential if you hope to attract your soulmate.

Focusing on all the positive blessings in your life will help you feel fulfilled and complete even prior to finding your soulmate. This will help shape your positive outlook on life, ensuring that you keep attracting more positivity into your life.

Moreover, as you practice being grateful for what you already have, make a point to be thankful for what has yet to come.

Think about all the qualities that you want in a partner and start expressing gratitude for what will happen in your future. Whether it is tomorrow or it is later on down the road, this type of gratitude is an example of the law of attraction at work.

Learning How to Express Gratitude

Gratitude isn’t confined to the thank you’s we give to people after they’ve done something for us. True gratitude comes from understanding how beautiful it is to simply exist. Consider the following tips to learn how to better express gratitude:

  • Appreciate All the Little Things: It’s easy to complain about everything that goes wrong in our daily lives. However, making a habit of having gratitude will allow you to see that the universe is conspiring to give you good things in life. One of which will ultimately be the love of your life.
  • Write in a Gratitude Journal: As you meditate on all of the positives in your life, don’t forget to write these things down. This will help you remember all of these blessings, whether they’re big or small.
  • Volunteer Your Time: One way to express more gratitude in life is to give back more often. Volunteering your time in order to help others will increase your well-being and ultimately improve your capacity to experience gratitude.

4. Visualize to Attract Your Soulmate

The best is yet to come and if you really believe that, you’ll live life like this statement is absolutely true. By visualizing your desires, you will manifest their existence into your reality.

As you attempt to attract your soulmate, you must visualize them. When you firmly believe and actively imagine this meeting taking place, you are setting yourself up to meet the love of your life.


While there is no way to know when this meeting will take place, you agreeing to visualize this reality already proves that you KNOW it will happen one day and when it does, you’ll be ready.

Tips for Visualizing

Finding true love through visualization isn’t only possible, it’s essential when trying to find your soulmate. Try these exercises as you work to strengthen your visualization skills:

  • Write Down Your Future Partner’s Ideal Attributes: Specificity is needed when working to attract your significant other. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, the universe won’t know what desires to answer.After you meditate on all of these attributes, destroy the list that you’ve written. Just as it is important to know what you want, it is also necessary for you to relinquish control.
  • Make Daily Steps Towards Your Goal: Visualization is as much about speaking your desire into existence as it is about making it happen. Do one thing each day that will bring your dream into reality.Whether that is practicing self-love or being open to the possibility of meeting new people, readying yourself to meet the love of your life will help you to prepare for when it does happen.
  • Keep Going: Being lonely isn’t a pleasant feeling. Instead of obsessing over these feelings, think about how this time is shaping you to better appreciate your future love when you do meet them.

5. Have Patience

Ever heard that the minute you stop looking for something you’ll find it? In the case of you and your true love, this statement couldn’t be truer.

You can hope to meet the One all you want, but if you aren’t ready to receive this love, you’ll never be able to make the love last.

Give the universe a chance by giving up all your anxious efforts to try to force a relationship to work.

Live your life to the fullest and be open to the possibility that love is all around you. One day, in the right moment, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for all along.

How to Trust the Universe

Trusting that the love of your life will one day come to you can take on many forms. If you’re ready to practice more patience with your love life, keep reading:

  • Stop Trying So Hard: Are you a regular on the most popular dating apps? Do you look at every new person you meet as a potential partner? While you may have good intentions, this type of mentality makes it difficult for real love to find you.Take a step back and focus on learning to be content with yourself. Once the time is right, the universe will send your true love to you.
  • Stay Focused: Hooking up with random people can be fun, but it can also be distracting. If your end goal is to fall in love with the One, now is not the time to become preoccupied with serial dating or one night stands.

Final Thought on Attracting The One

The One will find you when the time is right. As you work to attract the right person, focus on falling in love with yourself and your life.

Keep these five traits in mind as you grow in your understanding of what love is and what it looks like in your life. Whatever may happen in life, always keep the faith!