Women have secrets that their partner doesn’t find out until later, but men also have secrets. They keep things to themselves to hide their insecurities or thought processes.

Many women think that men have it easy regarding dating, but it’s not true. Everyone hides things at the beginning of a relationship, and you may not know the truth until you fall in love.

By learning the secrets women don’t understand until they fall in love, you’ll become more aware of your partner. Understanding these secrets can promote success in dating and developing healthy relationships.

Some secrets may go against everything you thought you knew about male behavior and thoughts. Lacking insight on this topic can cause communication issues because each sex communicates and thinks differently. Take the time to learn these secrets to have your best shot.

Editorial note: If any males are reading this, don’t think you’re the only one who keeps secrets until you fall in love. Women do the same, as you can see in a similar article. We acknowledge that no two relationships are alike; some of these behaviors may represent all genders.

Twelve Secrets Women Don’t Understand About Men Until AFTER Falling in Love


The secrets don’t apply to all men, but many share the same characteristics. Everyone is different, and this article serves as an informative piece about secrets many men keep. These secrets include these:

1 – Men Would Rather Fix Problems Without Discussing Feelings

Males aren’t always great at identifying or discussing feelings. They prefer to come up with a solution and fix the problem without delving into the emotions associated with the issue.

You might get annoyed when your partner doesn’t want to talk about feelings. Most people don’t realize that he might want to fix the problem and move on because he assumes your discussion is a plea for a solution. He may not realize that you desire a discussion because he’s thinking of how he wants to handle it.

Once you fall in love, you’ll begin to catch onto this secret, learning to work around it and make a positive change. He doesn’t do this because he doesn’t care. Instead, he does it because it’s the way his brain works.

When a man has a problem unrelated to the relationship, you might not hear about it at all. They deal with things alone without talking about them, unlike how many women communicate.

2 – They Aren’t Good at Reading People

Males might pretend to be a good judge of character and read people well, but that’s not usually the case. Women tend to have better social skills, allowing them to read cues. In most cases, women can also converse better.

Your guy will likely try to keep up with social situations but may miss a couple of cues from others. They’ll admit this issue to you once they fall in love because they feel more comfortable being vulnerable with you then.

3 – Forgetting Details Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Care

Males tend to remember things differently than women, often forgetting things females remember. They care about what you say but don’t place importance on the details.

4 – They Don’t View Your Body the Same Way You Do

Your insecurities might be beautiful to your partner. Your partner thinks you look good on days you criticize yourself. They don’t care about your flaws the way that you do.

Since they don’t view your body the same way, you don’t have to stress about it as much. You likely won’t learn this about them until you fall in love. When you understand it, you’ll find that they love you all dressed up or when you’re comfortable in loungewear.

5 – They Like Women to Make the First Move

Your partner likely won’t tell you that he wants you to make the first move until you fall in love. Society implies that males should act first, and men don’t love that pressure. If you make the first move, your partner knows you want them when they don’t make a move first.

Research shows that males on dating websites feel like they don’t get enough messages from women. This information indicates that they want you to reach out first sometimes. They don’t always want to be the ones to start a conversation or make the next move.

6 – He Doesn’t Like Asking for Help

Men don’t like asking for help and won’t even mention it until you’re already in love. They might think that they are supposed to be independent and able to do everything alone. It makes them shy away from admitting they could use some help.

Once you fall in love, you’ll learn to recognize when they need help but won’t ask for it. Before you reach that point, you may wonder why they struggle but refuse assistance at the beginning of the relationship.


7 – They Deal with Lots of Pressure

Men might face an expectation to have skills in interacting with women. They feel pressured to flirt, interact, and easily attract a partner. This idea pressures men, making them feel stressed about dating and falling in love.

Sometimes their pressure causes them to avoid talking to people they’d like to get to know. A man might shy away from introducing themselves if they’re with their friends. They don’t want to get rejected in front of their friends because it often leads to ridicule and teasing.

If you see a guy you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to smile and make eye contact. It can let him know you’re interested, giving him the confidence to approach you. Remember that men deal with lots of pressure, sometimes hard to realize unless you’re already in love.

8 – They’re Confused About What Women Want

Males become confused about what women want early on. He follows advice only to find out it wasn’t correct, making it a frustrating guessing game for them. During the early dating stages, they won’t tell you that they don’t understand, potentially annoying for both of you.

However, they’re more likely to let you know they don’t understand what you want once they become comfortable and fall in love. It’s often a guessing game for them, and they’re left to figure it out alone. Remember that they won’t always get it right, but it’s not from a lack of effort.

They get so many conflicting suggestions that they can’t even begin to guess what is best anymore. Additionally, all women are different, so they get another surprise when they think they understand them.

9 – They Think About Different Things Than Some Women Expect

When males get quiet, you might pressure them to share their thoughts. The man might say they aren’t thinking about anything, leaving you feeling frustrated or confused.

However, you’ll understand it could be accurate after you fall in love. Males tend to get quiet when they are living in the moment and truly have nothing else on their minds.

Other times, they think about random experiences that haven’t even occurred. They might play out scenarios and experiments in their head, causing them to get quiet while lost in thought. You never know if they’re thinking about something as random as how their mouth moves when they say a specific word.

10 – They Don’t Care if  Women Wear Makeup

Early in your relationship, you might spend plenty of time making sure your makeup looks perfect. You might even go into the bathroom to reapply lipstick or eyeliner during a date.

However, you’ll quickly catch onto their secret after falling in love. Men don’t care how much makeup you wear or if you don’t wear any. They like you for you and appreciate your natural beauty.

11 – They Don’t Require Much to Enjoy Life

Women tend to overdo it when they first start dating someone. They assume their partner requires quite a bit to find happiness and enjoy the relationship. You’ll soon learn that they need much less than you thought.

If he enjoys sports, he’ll feel content and fulfilled sitting down watching a game. Likewise, if he enjoys doing a specific activity such as fishing or camping, that’s all it’ll take to enjoy his life.

A man doesn’t always like disruption when doing things that bring contentment. He’ll be happier if he can focus on what he loves rather than adding other aspects to it that distract him.

12 – They Risk Rejection More Than Women, and it Takes a Toll on Their Emotions

Since society usually expects males to make the first move and approach women, they experience more rejection. Women can give subtle clues that they want someone, protecting them from direct denial.

On the other hand, males must eventually be bold enough to make a move. Once he makes a move, there’s a chance he’ll get rejected, decreasing his self-esteem. It requires confidence and results in rebuilding it each time rejection occurs.

This secret isn’t to make you less likely to reject a man. Don’t hesitate to speak up if you aren’t into someone or feel uncomfortable with their advances. However, try not to get frustrated if you think someone takes too long to make a move.


Final Thoughts on Secrets Women Don’t Understand About Men Until AFTER They Fall in Love

Men have many secrets you won’t understand until they fall in love with you. They hide things that make them seem vulnerable or that society teaches them to cover up. However, they’ll get comfortable and let their guard down to someone they love.

Remember these secrets when dating someone new. The things that frustrate or confuse you likely occur for a reason, and they’ll get revealed if the relationship deepens.