What Does Your Zodiac Sign Reveal About Your Love Life?

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Reveal About Your Love Life?

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For the year 2016, all the zodiac signs will go through huge transformations in all aspects of life, especially love. Each zodiac sign approaches love vastly different. So the sign you were born under can reveal a lot of juicy information about your love life. Read on to find out what your sign says about your romantic relationships.

What does your zodiac sign reveal about your love life?


Aquarius, you thrive on intellect and mystery, both of which you’re craving in a romantic interest.

You want something out of the ordinary, a bit complicated, and very spontaneous. You want someone who will keep you on the edge of your seat, and just when you think you have them figured out, they’ll pull the rug out from under you and do something completely unexpected.

So, even though you can be a bit emotionally distant, you crave a relationship that’s deep, passionate, and of course, full of intelligent, thought-provoking conversations. You’re picky about relationships, but when you do find love, you fall hard.



Pisces, you’re sensitive, imaginative, and wear your heart on your sleeve.

You get hurt easily, and hide your emotions unless you feel totally comfortable with someone. You’re unpredictable, random, and funny, and you want someone who can stabilize your turbulent nature.


Aries, you’re headstrong, independent, and know exactly what you want out of life.

However, you can sometimes be a bit too brash and can come off as rude and inconsiderate, even though you don’t mean to. You need someone to calm your fiery nature, and balance you out with their smooth, easy-going personality. You’re a go-getter, and an overachiever, so you want someone who also has goals.


Taurus, you’re truly as stubborn as a bull sometimes.

But, underneath your tough, aloof exterior, you’re a sensitive and caring soul. You want someone who also is a hard worker, someone who can make it on their own in life without needing too much from others.

You love to spoil people, but you also want someone to take care of you and show you affection. You’re not very good with words, but you can easily show someone how much they mean to you.


Gemini, you never know what you want, especially when it comes to love.

One second, you want a serious relationship, and the next, you want to play the field and have a little fun. You can change your mind in a second, which easily frustrates you and everyone around you.

When it comes to love, you want someone light-hearted, fun, and goofy just like you. Someone just as vibrant and full of life – you don’t need anybody to slow you down.


Cancer, you’re a complex, sensitive, loving soul. You’re easily misunderstood, but in love, you fall deeper than any other sign, and have more love to give than anyone else.

You wear your heart on your sleeve also, and get hurt very easily.

In love, you want someone who’s as serious as you are, who isn’t just playing games. You need someone to comfort you and keep you safe, someone who understands and adores your sensitivity. You’re a beautiful soul, and need someone equally as magnificent and special.


Leo, you’re a force to be reckoned with. You love to be in the spotlight, and are usually the life of the party.

When it comes to love, you enjoy being in a serious relationship, even if you like to flirt, too. You have a lot to offer in a relationship – you’re funny, charismatic, and charming. You need someone who can not only deal with your loud, outgoing personality, but someone who totally accepts you for who you are, as well.


Virgo, you’re extremely analytical, and overthink things often.

However, you have a kind soul, and fall for people with a good head on their shoulders. You don’t just give your heart away to anybody – they have to capture you with either intellect, charm, or strength. You’re picky about who you date, and for good reason. You wait for that someone special to come along, but don’t feel lonely in the meantime.


Libra, you live for balance and stability. You don’t want to stir things up and cause a scene, and as such, you want your love life to reflect that.

You’re looking for somebody who’s not afraid to be themselves, who goes after what they want in life, and who doesn’t cause any drama. You don’t want to play games – you’re looking for the real deal. You’re a natural peacemaker, so you need someone who doesn’t cause any turbulence in your life.


Scorpio, you’re endlessly mysterious.

You have a deep sea of feelings within you, but rarely share them. You’re strong-willed, independent and seductive. You need a partner who takes you seriously, makes you feel comfortable, and allows you to speak your mind without interrupting you. You need someone who will understand your emotions without making you feel guilty for having them.


Sagittarius, you get restless easily and tend to jump from relationship to relationship.

You have a big heart and care about others, but you also can be aloof and run off without telling others where you’re going. In a relationship, you need someone who will open you up emotionally, and someone who can keep up with your adventurous spirit.

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Capricorn, you’re a very loyal, wonderful person, but you can sometimes work too much.

You need someone who can drag you away from your desk and show you a good time. Capricorns are usually introverted and serious, so you need a person who will add humor and freedom to your life – someone to show you a totally new perspective. You like having serious relationships, and don’t like playing games. When you do have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you tend to spoil them and treat them like a king or queen.

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