Few companies worldwide are more recognizable than Weight Watchers for diet success. Over 40 years of experience in helping people live healthier lives and reach their weight loss goals testifies to their excellence.

Other companies might be considered too difficult or restrictive. However, weight-watchers gives you the freedom to choose food combinations that appeal to you. Thus, the flexibility makes it less likely that you will succumb to unhealthy snacking during the day.

A balanced approach to weight loss

Weight Watchers promotes a balanced approach to weight loss with a healthy nutrition plan and plenty of choices that are suitable for the pickiest eater. There are no restrictive meals or pre-packaged, processed foods. In fact, the goal of the program is to empower you to make good choices as part of creating a new and healthier lifestyle.

Food and points

Weight Watchers assigns every food you can imagine a points value. The plan determines points using scientific algorithms that calculate how long it takes for a body to work off the calories in each food. If you are able to stick within your daily points limit, you can generally choose the foods you enjoy and like to eat. For most, it does not feel overly restrictive.

Getting started with Weight Watchers

When you are first starting out on the program, the online resources allow you to gain access to several helpful tools that make healthy lifestyle creation much easier. The website alone has a database of over 40,000 foods that make it simple to track your food choices and keep track of daily points. In addition to food calculations, you’ll find hundreds of recipes, a meal planner, and tips for eating out and on the go. With all of the resources at your fingertips, there are no more excuses for weight loss failure.

Exercise while on the plan

Weight Watchers encourages exercise while on the food plan. Points values are even assigned to activities like walking, running, swimming, and cardio. Points are deducted from your daily allotment of food, which allows you to splurge every now and then on a special treat.

They encourage adding healthier food choices

The system encourages the consumption of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods, fruits, vegetables, and quality proteins, although no foods are considered completely off limits. A points value of zero is assigned to over 200 healthy foods, making snack time a treat when choosing from this extensive list. Suggested foods include:

  • Lean proteins such as skinless chicken, eggs, tofu, shellfish, and non-fat yogurt
  • Vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, asparagus, greens, cauliflower, apples, and peppers
  • Fresh, frozen, and unsweetened canned fruit
  • Healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, beans, and whole grains products
  • Healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, and nuts

Restricted foods

While most foods have a points value, the consumption of processed and unhealthy foods is advised against. The suggestion of program developers is to consume high amounts of quality proteins and fewer starchy and sugary foods. Foods that are discouraged are:

  • Sugary drinks, alcohol, beverages with empty calories
  • Potato chips, French fries, fried foods
  • Processed meats
  • Candy
  • Cakes, cookies, and other sweets

The occasional treat won’t derail your progress, but looking long term, you’ll want to develop healthier habits that you can stick with in the future to maintain lasting results.

No time to track points? Try the frozen line

If you are short on time and need someone else to do the pointwork for you, Weight Watchers has a line of frozen prepared meals products that can be found at most grocery stores. Featuring everything from breakfast items to international cuisine to desserts, they have done everything possible to make maintaining and losing weight easy, simple, and delicious.

Weight tracking made easy

The Weight Watchers online app offers comprehensive tracking of food intake and activity levels, giving you a complete view of your success step by step. A mobile app that works across many operating systems gives you a complete look at your progress, no matter where you are. You are able to make informed decisions while on the go and even when dining out, making weight loss achievable by almost anyone.

Support and accountability systems

Taking your weight loss even further is easy with a number of online forums and even meet up groups for those who need a little extra accountability. Simply input your zip code into the “meetings finder” option and see a list of available meeting dates and times in your area.

Having a personal coach for other programs seems a little unattainable, but with weight-watchers online plus, you can be assigned a personal accountability coach to walk you through your customized program step by step. A unique aspect of this program is the fact that each accountability coach has personally enrolled in the program at one point with the goal of losing weight and has succeeded. They use their personal experience and the enthusiasm of their goal achievement to help fuel your passion for pursuing your own health and fitness goals.

Access to customized coaching

Need extra help? Access a personal coach.
You and your coach design a fully customized program. Then, begin communicating via phone or email for the length of your program. If you are too busy to attend regular in-person meetings, your coach will provide you with education and inspirational material that can assist you with your weight loss journey. A customizable homepage on their app helps you reach achievable milestones and tracks progress.

Superior customer service

With a comprehensive FAQS page on their website and staff that are committed to answering questions via email and phone within 24 hours of receipt, it is easy to see why this plan is one of the best and most consistent for lasting weight loss results. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons that users have reported after using the system for a time:

Pros of Weight Watchers:

1. There is no “junk science” or “magic cure” that promises to fix your body unrealistically.

The plan uses real food and realistic goals for lasting results. That might be why it has been successful for over 40 years.

2. Social aspects of the program can help a person stay on track.

Weekly meetings and face to face time with your accountability coach ensure that you stay on track and meet your goals, one marker at a time. Lasting friendships developed during the program encourage mindful eating and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle after goals have been reached. Thus, some people cite new friendships as additional benefits of joining.

3. The program focuses on flexibility rather than restriction.

Participants find an array of choices for food options and clear plans for weight loss. Thus, this plan works for the majority of people who don’t like restrictive options of other diets.

Cons of Weight-Watchers:

1. Lack of specific choices may not work for everyone.

People that are not good at balancing their food choices may not be able to make wise choices that lead to lasting weight loss. Some plan followers rely exclusively on the frozen menu options, which is not a plan for sustainable weight loss. It’s better for many to adopt a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle. That’s because you’ll have an easier time with meal planning in the long run.

2. Weight regain is a risk.

With any diet plan, the failure to adopt new lifestyles and make healthier choices will inevitably result in weight regain. And that can be frustrating and disheartening. Making small, sustainable choices that you can stick with will, over time, ensure that you walk the straight and narrow.  Maintaining your new, slimmer self will stay with you only as a result of new habits.

3. Coaches, not nutritional professionals and doctors, facilitate the plan.

If what you want is solid medical and nutritional advice from qualified professionals, this plan may not be for you. All program coaches have gone through the program themselves and experienced a measure of success in the program. Indeed, they share their real-life experience with weight loss to help you reach your goals. Plus, they may fuel your passion for creating a healthier lifestyle. They also know how to plan protocols and tips for success that can help anyone stay on track. You must decide what level of accountability and assistance you need in reaching your goals.
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Final Thoughts on Giving Weight Watchers a Try

The evidence is in the long-standing success of the program. And, with over 40 years of satisfied clients and lasting weight loss results, this program seems relatively easy to follow. The combination of food variety with technology, accountability and community connections help almost anyone to feel that they can reach their goals successfully.
If you are looking for lasting weight loss and better health, consider giving Weight Watchers a try.  Here’s to your best health!