We are all different, but what is the main thing that differentiates us from each other? Attitude. Your attitude within and around you can determine what sort of life you will live. The little difference is whether you have a positive attitude or a negative attitude. So, how do you bring more positivity to the forefront?

If you are a positive person, have you ever encountered a pessimistic person in your life? Or do you have one in your life right now? These type of people are likely to ruin your day even when you have not had a bad day. It can be emotionally taxing to be around them such that it affects your attitude regularly. Having negativity cloud your mind will make happiness seem like an unfathomable thing to grasp.

In case you find yourself surrounded with negative energy, there are a few ways you can stay motivated to work through the hard times and remain happy and confident.

Below are 11 ways to add positivity in life despite the negativity surrounding you.

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Surround yourself with people with more positivity

Negative conversations will make you lose focus on your goals. Walk, talk, associate yourself with people who are positive. In case you find yourself among people having a negative conversation, remain neutral, or you can refuse to participate in the discussion. Be around likeminded individuals who are smart and driven. Have friends who are proud of what you are doing, respect and love you, and make your day brighter than it already is.

Learn from past mistakes

We are prone to making mistakes, and it is in our nature. The critical thing to remember is to learn from your mistakes and move on. Reevaluate situations that you were in and analyze how you handled the situation. Come up with ways that you would have done better and noted down the solutions. The notes will come in handy when you find yourself in a similar situation, and you will think to handle it in the best way.

Celebrate achievements

The achievements do not necessarily have to be significant, and even small accomplishments should be celebrated. Reward yourself when you attain a goal. You can take yourself out to see a movie, or go away for the weekend. Think about what you have accomplished in the recent week, and plan on how you will celebrate yourself. Ice cream or watch can be the reward. This would bring some positivity in your week or day even if it were going wrong. You will appreciate the small things in life.

Find the good in the bad

You might lose the promotion you wanted, get rained on, or you miss the bus, anything can go wrong. Instead of focusing on the negative, find a way to spin the situation, or try and find some positivity in what is going on. There is always a degree of good to be learned when something terrible happens. Find what that might be, regardless of what happens to you.

Focus on solutions

When you focus on the solutions, you will remain positive. “Be solution focused, not problem focused … This way, you will feel control, and feel hope for the future,” this is according to psychologist Nicole Martinez. Do not fixate on the wrong things and complain about them. Look for ways to get out of the rut and how you can move from the unfortunate situation.

Change your thinking toward positivity

We live in a world where we presume that rich people live abundantly and the poor have limitations in their life. The poor think of “either/or” but never “both.” They think that the obstacles in their lives are preventing them from achieving their goals. When you change how you think, you will create more opportunities for yourself. Be open-minded, and you will be surprised at the doors that will open and the positivity in your life.

Start with gratitude

Do you have food on the table? Clothes? A place to call home? You might see these things as usual, but there are others who would like to have what you own. You might not have everything you want, but you have the necessities. Count your blessings, and you will feel the abundance growing. This might push you to work harder and smarter.

Show appreciation

Have you been feeling lonely and negative? According to Martinez, “appreciate the little things that people do for you, and let them know you appreciate them.” Showing a little bit of appreciation for the little things people do for you can help. The more appreciate them, they might decide to make it a regular occurrence, and you will be happy.

Believe in yourself to attract positivity

If you decide to believe in something, start with yourself. Understand your pros and cons, and be honest about them. Figure out how you will make changes in your life and advance the positives to make your dream a reality. When you believe in who you are, nothing negative said against or about you will shake your faith.

Take care of yourself

It is in our human nature to be liked by everyone, but most times we are wearing ourselves down by being what other people want us to be. You need to shift the focus to what you want and how you are doing. “It’s crucial to take care of your actions, how you live each day. This is reflected in your thoughts and emotional state of mind,” says Daffnee Cohen. Look after yourself and bring some positivity in life.

Never stop dreaming

You might be happy with your life right now, but never stop wanting more. Since you have achieved your goals, there are more mountains to be climbed if you push yourself past your comfort zone. You will remain humble and never lazy if you decide to see how far you can push yourself to attain more goals in your life.


Final Thoughts on Attracting More Positivity

It is never easy to remain positive in a world of negativity. But you can control the attitude that you have. All the negativity in the world cannot push you down if you do not let it get to your head. Defend yourself against all forms of negativity and bring some positivity in your life. 77% of our sickness and diseases are as a result of stress. Therefore, ensure you have positive vibes in your life, and this will reduce stress levels.

You have to believe, think, and speak positive things in your life to make no room for negative thoughts or feelings to creep in. Infuse your life with positive perspectives, and you will be motivated to do more than you already are going. Soon, you will have positivity all around you.

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