Did you know that, on average, people have 1,460 dreams per year? This equates to 4 dreams per night!

According to The Dream Encyclopedia, the word “dream” comes from the German word draugmas, meaning deception, illusion, or phantom, or from the Old Norse word draugr, meaning ghost or apparition. Some believe it could also be related to the Sanskrit word druh, which means seek to harm or injure.

Though the origin of the word dreams seems a bit dark, our dreams can tell us alot about ourselves, our lives, and even our futures. Of course, everyone interprets dreams differently, but the following dreams occur too often for people to just dismiss them as nonsense.

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, believed that dreams help us tap into the unconscious mind and offer us advice, sort of like a therapist or counselor. The universe tries to talk to us in many different ways, and dreams just serve as one medium that it uses. The following dreams seem to occur frequently for many people, so we’ll discuss what they wish to divulge to you below.

10 Dreams People Have Often (And What They’re Trying To Tell You)

1. Falling

Easily one of the most common dreams people have, dream experts actually believe that having this dream means you feel you have no control over a certain aspect of life, or you’ve failed at something important. Usually, the dreamer never hits bottom, instead waking up before they get the chance to touch solid ground again. This dream may also mean that you need to let go of something that holds you back.

2. Being chased

Another very common dream, being chased can mean several things. The most popular interpretation is that you need to face something head on rather than constantly running from it. Your subconscious wants you to tackle those fears and face those demons, instead of trying to outrun them. It could also mean that you feel threatened by someone or something, and want to run from danger.

3. Being naked in front of people

Many of us have probably had this dream at least once, and as you might have already guessed, it means that you feel vulnerable and exposed. The fear of others seeing you naked actually symbolizes embarrassment about a certain part of your soul that you wish to hide from others, or a secret that you don’t want anyone else to know. It normally has nothing to do with body image, but rather, an insecurity about how other people perceive you. If you have this dream often, take it as a sign to work on self-confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin, despite what others may think.

4. Flying

Flying is probably one of the most fun dreams to have, especially if you’ve mastered lucid dreaming. This dream normally means that you want freedom, whether mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically. Maybe you feel trapped in your life and want a way out. It can also serve as a symbol of success, suggesting that you have recently achieved one of your goals and now look down on the world with a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

5. Sexual fantasies

While this dream could just symbolize unfulfilled wishes of intimacy with someone, it can also mean that you desire emotional closeness with someone. It can mean that you feel isolated or lonely, and crave connection with other people. Furthermore, it might mean that you need to develop your relationship with your own self, especially if you’ve been neglecting yourself lately.

6. Death

While this dream can actually represent an impending death, it usually means something quite positive. Normally, death represents something far less literal, something like a rebirth of the self. It normally means the end of one chapter in your life, and the beginning of another. If you have felt stuck in your life recently, this dream could signify a new start for you in the near future.

7. People

People that you have a close relationship with may appear in your dreams often, and while this just might mean that you have lots of great memories together, try to look at it on a deeper level. It may mean that you wish you had the aspects of their personalities that come out in the dream. In other words, a part of you wants to be like them in some manner. Take this a sign to work on yourself more.

8. Taking a test in school

Some people view life as one giant test, where we continually learn lessons and pass mini-tests before the big one at the end. If you dream about taking a test in school, you might feel that you’re being closely analyzed, and you fear disappointing others or being seen as a failure. Tests usually point to our own insecurities, and our need to compare ourselves to others. We don’t want to feel left behind or shunned from the pack, so dreaming of taking a test could mean that you have doubts about your own abilities and strengths.

9. Traveling

Whether by car, bus, train, or plane, this dream signifies your desire for movement, and a break from the routines. You feel restless and bored with your life, and long for something more exciting. It could also mean that you want to run from yourself in fear of what you might uncover.

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10. Being in an uncontrolled car

Just like the falling dream, this one symbolizes a lack of control in your life. It means you have let others take the reigns, giving up your own power to create your world. This dream means you need to take back your life, and start working on those aspects of it that you feel you can’t control.