4 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone (And Love It!)

4 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone (And Love It!)

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The comfort zone is like a secure island of stagnant high ground. Life gently pushes us into the infinite waters of our own potential.

Outside our comfort zone is where growth happens. We are so used to living in a bubble of security that we don’t realize how much we are limiting ourselves. Facing the unknown is never easy; fear appears- as an indicator of change- and change always boosts our expansion as human beings. Outgrowing our fears and insecurities brings liberation, joy and trust.

Here are 4 steps to break out of your comfort zone and conquer the fear that leaves you feeling stranded:


1 – Realize that everything is in your head

The mental scenarios people create when put in difficult situations, don’t always reflect exactly how things unfold in those situations. Things in our lives will turn out better or worse; the events may not develop exactly as imagined and played in our heads. Running the same negative mental film means worrying, and this is never an alternative.  Worrying is one of the most useless things one could use his imagination for. Life flows and its paths are for sure mysterious.

2 – Be brave

Accept the hardness of the moment; accept you are vulnerable. Sometimes, when faced with a life-changing event (the death of a loved one, the departure of your partner, your kids leaving the nest, losing your business) or when you simply find yourself at a crossroad, you need to find the courage to make the next step. And this next step will burst the bubble of security that you created to nurture your sense of immutability. Well, as much as we want things to be different, we live in a world where everything ages, changes, alters and at a certain level, disappears.

Being brave in this context means being aware of our wavy-like existence and integrating this truth. Being brave means being more loving towards our needs; this has nothing to do with adrenaline, but it has everything to do with being aware of what really serves us. We are alive to feel, explore, expand, and travel in places and spaces beyond our imagination. Our comfort zone doesn’t suit this noble purpose of existence.

3 – Be kind to yourself

When scared of change, you are out of balance and basically you are in pain. The easy way out most of the time, is denial: dishonesty regarding your emotions. Avoiding suffering is a built-in bulletproof vest, but the result of using this system attracts, however, the outcome we wanted to escape. Psychological, spiritual and emotional wounds exist in layers. Healing takes place by going deep into the source of the pain. Denying and avoiding the pain is no remedy, as the real cause of your problem continues to run on the background and affect your life.

When you find yourself in such a place of doubt, pain, fear and lack of trust (we’ve all been there), be gentle with yourself. No amount of self-criticism will ever set you free. When in a place of change, find compassion for yourself; be patient, allowing and kind. This is the start of a beautiful friendship between you and yourself.

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4 – Have faith

Remember that all things pass; find that eternal essence deep in yourself and hang on to that. Trusting life with your experiences is the easiest way. Accept that some things will happen regardless of you holding on to some result you think it’s most favorable. Follow your intuition, even if the false mental scenarios attempt to lead you astray.


Final Thoughts

In the comfort zone, nothing happens and life is about everything; discovering your greatest potential starts outside the comfort zone, by dissolving the boundaries of your identity. One of the most self-loving acts is the act of letting yourself drift away in the infinity of your potential. You are then alive, able to experience, discover and remember yourself! Let yourself be what you are.


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