Have you always wanted to know how to make people trust you? Building trust is valuable in any kind of relationship. It allows you to cultivate this unspoken agreement between yourself and people with whom you relate. It establishes how much you can count on each other. Whether it’s in your personal or professional relationship, we want to share some important phrases you can use if you have always wanted to know how to make people trust you.

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” – George MacDonald

Here Are 15 Phrases to Repeat If You Want Someone to Trust You

1. “Thank you.”

“Thank you” is such a powerful phrase if you hope for others to trust you. These two words promote blessings and goodwill. When you’re expressing gratitude, you’re setting off and energizing the Law of Multiplication. “Thank you” conveys how much you value and appreciate the people around you. It promotes trust among people, even those who feel content and happy with doing you favors.

2. “I care about this issue as much as you.”

Building trust requires camaraderie and transparency. When you say these words, you’re telling people you are interested in the same things; that you connect and relate to the same topics, issues, or causes they also care about. If possible, you could even tell them a personal story on this issue and it will help gain their trust faster.

3. “It was my fault.”

Accepting your shortcomings is a big gesture as far as building credibility. It shows you are an imperfect human who is self-aware. A person who acknowledges that she’s not perfect is a lot more likable than someone who exudes perfection. A humble person is easier to trust.

4. “I trust your judgment.”

This is one of the best phrases to use when you’re learning how to make people trust you. Basically, you’re telling the person how much you believe in them. Putting your faith in someone can be uplifting for that person, who will likely in turn put their faith in you as well. The path to earning someone’s trust is a two-way street, according to the journal Academic Medicine.

5. “I understand.”

Being empathic easily wins someone’s trust. When you say you understand someone, you’re showing a deep connection for this person. Even if you don’t agree with his opinion, by saying that you understand shows a respect for his views. Experts in psychology say that humans long to be understood above all. Hence, having genuine empathy and good listening skills are important facets to building trust in a relationship.

6. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

These words promote such a positive relationship. Giving due credit is also about showing gratitude.  But more than that, it is about giving value to teamwork and collaboration. People always get the best results when they help each other. Trust can definitely grow in this kind of collaborative relationship.

7. “What can I do to help?”

It’s a simple question but it’s a loaded one. It tells the other person that you’ve got their back and you’re offering your support. It also shows that you’re someone who can be relied upon and this will win their trust.

8. “Absolutely.”

Responding in the affirmative is always a welcomed gesture. However, saying “absolutely” whenever it’s appropriate evokes even more positive feelings. It’s a sure way to gain a person’s trust.

9. “The data shows …”

Providing data or scientific research will give credence to your presentations at work. It’s not just your opinion or your experience that will help win the trust of other people because sometimes you need to support those opinions with facts and figures.

10. “What can I do differently?”

Similar to asking someone if you can help out, asking people their opinion on how to go about your goals shows that you look at them as leaders. A boss or team manager who asks his staff these words is a leader who won’t stand in the way of the success of his subordinates. It’s this type of person that can win other people’s trust without any problems.

11. “Tell me more …”

These words are actually a conversation starter. This phrase puts the other person at ease, helping them open up to you. What you are really saying with “tell me more…” is that you are interested and willing to listen. It’s also flattering for another person when you want to hear more about them or their opinion, and who doesn’t appreciate flattery?

12. “Sorry about the bad weather …”

People apparently put their trust more easily in those who apologize for something that’s not their fault, according to a study from the Harvard Business School. Apparently, making an unnecessary apology is a perspective-taking tactic that even world leaders use to gain trust.

13. “My friend, I think you know …”

People are drawn to people they have similarities with and saying these words to someone you’ve just met will win their trust faster. These words also say you’re trustworthy because you know and understand similar things.


14. “Yes, I see what you mean.”

These words indicate that you’re paying attention to the other person and you’re interested in what they are saying or showing. It works the same way as saying “uh-huh” or other relevant affirmations during a conversation with someone.

15. “Allow me to introduce myself …”

In a professional setting, these are the words that people need to hear from you first if you’re addressing an audience. You open the door to gaining their trust by starting with establishing your credibility.

Final Thoughts

Remember, however, that as you say these words to gain trust, you need to back up your words with actions, and also with positive thinking. The truth is, no words in any language will be able to replace your character as someone trustworthy if you don’t show it in your behavior as well.


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