20 Sadhguru Quotes That Perfectly Explain Your Life Journey

20 Sadhguru Quotes That Perfectly Explain Your Life Journey

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As a well-known spiritual leader, yogi, and author, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is recognized for his wise teachings. Spirituality is the basis of everything he teaches, inspiring true happiness and wisdom for those who listen. He helps people understand the meaning of life, the importance of relationships, and how to find inner peace.

Even if you already enjoy your life journey, gaining inspiration can help bring change for the better. Sadhguru can help guide you to self-transformation and eliminating your old mindset. If you use his guidance, you will begin to experience and perceive life differently.

Sadhguru Quotes That Explain Your Life Journey

Sadhguru’s wisdom will help you experience inner peace and compassion as you learn about love, life, and letting go. His words will also help you understand your life journey and how to embrace it.

Sadhguru1. “The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.”

If you express joy in every moment, you will live a beautiful life. You can’t spend all of your time looking for it, and instead, you must choose to feel it all of the time.

Joy is a choice, not a result of anything specific that you find or experience. If you can find happiness in every moment, you can stop seeking it.

 2. “When you absolutely throw yourself into your activity, your energy will only grow and mature.”

No matter what you are doing, give it your all. Commit all of your energy to what is happening right now, and you will experience growth and maturity. If you notice that you aren’t improving in life, consider whether you are throwing yourself into what you are doing.

3. “Life is a process, not a problem. The question is only, have you prepared yourself for the process or not.”

Don’t think of obstacles in life or typical situations as problems. Instead, think of it as a process that you must go through. If you think of it this way, you will spend time preparing rather than thinking you can’t do anything about the outcome.

4. “Every moment, there are a million miracles happening around you: a flower blossoming, a bird tweeting, a bee humming, a raindrop falling, a snowflake wafting along the clear evening air. There is magic everywhere. If you learn how to live it, life is nothing short of a daily miracle.”

There are so many small miracles everywhere you look. With a positive mindset, anything can be a beautiful miracle of life. Think with a touch of magic on your mind, and you will begin to notice all of it around you.

5. “Every seed goes through the tremendous struggle of losing itself – losing its safety and integrity and becoming vulnerable to every outside force that’s around. But without that vulnerability, without the breaking, without the shedding of the shell, life won’t sprout.”

You must step out of your comfort zone if you want to experience growth and development. Be vulnerable, let go of limiting beliefs, and flow freely with life.

6. “If you are a little playful with life, every moment is a celebration.”

You can’t take life too seriously, or you won’t find any reason to celebrate. However, if you are playful as you go along your journey, you will find every reason.

7. “The fear is simply because you are not living with life. You are living in your mind.”

If you feel fearful, it is because you are living in your mind rather than embracing life. Focus your energy on living life, and you won’t get so caught up in your negative thoughts.

8. “Resentment, anger, jealousy, pain, hurt, and depression are poisons that you drink but expect someone else to die. Life does not work that way. Most people take lifetimes to understand this simple truth.”

The negative feelings that Sadhguru mentions in this quote don’t hurt anyone but you. Anytime you let these emotions fester, you poison yourself and let the person who hurt you win.

9. “If you are constantly facing new situations, it means you are living a life of growth and great possibilities.”

While new situations might be a little scary and intimidating, they are beneficial and show improvement. When you experience something new, it helps you grow and can bring about new opportunities and possibilities. Learn to enjoy these times so that you can experience the full benefit.

10. “I am not talking about you being a spectator, I am talking about involvement. I am talking about involving yourself into life in such a way that you dissolve into it.”

You can’t sit back and watch life happen. Instead, you must get out there and become involved in things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Involve yourself in a way that makes you feel connected to life, and you will see the true meaning of your life journey.

karma11. “I understood that being loving and compassionate is not an idea. To live in empathy is not some esoteric principle. This is the way a human being is made. If you do not identify with anything you have accumulated over a period of time, including your body and mind, you will be able to experience this.”

As Sadhguru explains, being loving, compassionate, and empathetic is not just an idea or principle. Instead, it is a way of life and indicates that you haven’t identified yourself with what you have accumulated.

12. “People try to create an outwardly perfect life, but the quality of life is based on the inward.”

Rather than focusing on an outwardly perfect life, focus on your inner quality instead. If your life is beautiful on the inside, then it will be on the outside, too. However, if you focus on outward appearance first, you will struggle along your life journey.

13. “If your sadness is reminding you that you are incomplete, it is good. Make use of your sadness to grow. When sadness sets in, if you become more compassionate, more caring, and more loving, you have some sense in you.”

Even if you live a positive lifestyle, you will experience sadness sometimes. Sadness is a good thing, though, because you require sadness to experience growth. If you also notice an increase in compassion, caring, and love, it indicates that you are on the right path.

14. “The more you try to be special, the more you get hurt. Just be, just melt and become part of the wind around you, the earth around you, become a part of everything. You’re here only for a while. At least when you’re in a place like this, where nobody is going to trample on you, let your defenses down.”

Instead of trying to be unique, spend your time being true to yourself and becoming part of the world around you. Let your guard down and flow with the movement of life.

15. “With firm likes and dislikes, you shut your doors to the many possibilities of life.”

While it is okay to have an opinion, don’t make it so firm that you eliminate possibilities. Stay open to new experiences and opportunities, and don’t limit yourself too narrowly.

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