While it might sometimes seem like a true gentleman doesn’t exist, rest assured that he is out there. As you look for him, be patient and know you will recognize him when he comes along. A real gentleman handles his relationships differently than others, and you will quickly recognize it.

Gentlemen often don’t realize that they are unique in this way. They don’t recognize that they handle their relationships differently, so they don’t often talk about it. When you hear a man talking about being a gentleman, you will likely find out that he isn’t a true gentleman.

Since you can’t count on a true gentleman to tell you that they are a gentleman directly, you must look for other signs. Knowing how a real gentleman behaves differently will help you recognize it immediately. His actions and demeanor will be different in comparison to other men.

How A True Gentleman Handles His Relationships Differently

Once you know what to look for, it will be easy to spot. Then, you will know if you have a true gentleman in your life or if you have someone looking to play games. You can count on a gentleman for certain things, as you will find out below.

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1. His Partner Always Knows That He Finds Them Attractive

A gentleman will always let their partner know he is attracted to them. He doesn’t just say it, but he conveys the message in how he looks at and treats his partner. Another way he lets them know is by noticing the little details when they do something different.

He will even make his partner feel attractive when they are in their comfortable clothes and lying on the couch. A true gentleman always makes his partner feel special in this way.

2. He Does Little Things for His Partner

In a relationship, he knows that working as a team is essential. He will do what he can to make his partner’s day easier by running errands for them. Plus, he will plan a date together doing something he knows his partner will love.

Sometimes, he will do things like surprising his partner with their favorite beverage or treat. Other times, he might show up with flowers or take care of an issue that has been weighing his partner down. He understands that making his significant other feel appreciated and cared for is important.

3. He Doesn’t Cross the Line

When a gentleman argues, he doesn’t cross the line and make it personal. He doesn’t start insulting his partner, and he is never abusive. A true gentleman stays calm and on topic and can disagree and argue respectfully.

4. He Stands by His Partner Through Anything

A gentleman stands by his partner no matter what happens. When he is committed to someone, there are no situations where he will abandon them. He is even there for the good times to support them and help them through.

He knows that there will be challenges and setbacks, and he will be right through for it all. A gentleman stands in unison with his partner and is the greatest teammate and cheerleader there is.

5. He Expresses Himself Respectfully

This type of man won’t keep things to himself. He expresses his feelings and explains his thoughts without shame. Plus, he wants his partner to express themselves, as well.

He knows that communication is essential to a healthy relationship, and he wants to be on the same page as his partner. When he expresses himself, he is respectful and stays calm. This makes it easier to handle issues within the relationship because everyone can think clearly.

True gentlemen cry when they are sad, too. He will show annoyance, excitement, happiness, and other emotions. Doing this helps him deal with what is going on and strengthens his bond with his partner.

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6. He Listens

People tend to say that men don’t listen, but that isn’t the case as gentlemen listen. They hear what their partner has to say and work to understand where they are coming from. He won’t interrupt when someone else is talking and doesn’t distract himself with other things while waiting for his turn to speak.

His ability to listen to others benefits everyone around him because he is the best person to talk to. When people, especially his partner, express their thoughts, he gains an understanding of their minds. The insight he gains helps him connect deeper and learn to navigate the relationship better.

7. He Trusts and is Trustworthy

Not only is he trustworthy, but he assumes his partner is, too. He doesn’t question them or accuses them of behaving unfavorably. A true gentleman won’t get angry about his partner going to a party he isn’t attending because he trusts them.

He won’t automatically assume that his partner is up to no good. So, he won’t need to track their location or constantly check in. In return, he expects that his partner trusts him, too.

8. He Loves Himself Enough to Keep Improving

A real gentleman knows that there is always more to learn. He works continuously to improve himself and doesn’t do this just for his partner. While he does want his partner to be proud of him, he works towards self-improvement for himself.

He wants to be better and loves himself enough to make it happen. A gentleman identifies the areas of his life that he can improve, and he does whatever it takes to make it happen.

Since he is always working on self-improvement, he makes a great partner that can fulfill many roles. His ambition to better himself will inspire his partner to do the same, too.

9. He Fulfills and Protects His Partner

While his partner doesn’t need anyone to fulfill or protect them, a real gentleman does it anyway. He fulfills his partner by letting them know he finds them attractive but also sees their inner beauty.

This type of man has meaningful discussions with his partner about life or the future. He also tells jokes to make his partner laugh, offering further fulfillment. Plus, he makes his partner feel safer when he is around.

Even if his partner doesn’t need protection, he is always looking out for them. The protection he offers isn’t always physical, either. Other types of protection he may offer includes:

  • financial security
  • comfort in times of distress
  • emotional security

He thinks before doing anything, so his partner can feel safe with the decisions he makes, too. A gentleman pays attention to details to help him offer fulfillment and protection all of the time.

10. He Leads and Takes Initiative

A real gentleman doesn’t sit back and wait for his partner to address issues first. He speaks up and gets started, addressing things boldly and with determination.

While taking the initiative, he also looks to his partner for input and guidance. He doesn’t need the assistance, but he respects his partner enough to get their insight, as well.

He doesn’t sulk or play games when he is arguing with his partner. He addresses the problems head-on and expects his partner to do the same. A gentleman does this because he doesn’t want to waste precious time fighting with the person he cares about.

He wants to fix problems and move on from them before they can get worse. In all areas of his life, he doesn’t wait for someone else to start first. He is a leader and is often ahead of others. He will also take the initiative to gather information or advice if he isn’t sure about something.

As he takes the lead, he isn’t worried about being criticized or put down. He figures that if anyone had a right to criticize the way he did something, they would have taken the lead instead. This thought process helps him stay confident as he works to fix any issues in his life or relationship.

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Final Thoughts on Ways A True Gentleman Handles His Relationships Differently

As you can see, a true gentleman handles his relationships much differently than others. He is respectful, driven, and determined to treat his partner well. This type of man wants to take care of his partner in any way that they will let him, and he makes this well-known.

He doesn’t leave his partner to handle everything and helps out whenever he can. His partner will always feel appreciated and valued, and he is there for fulfillment and protection, too. When you are around a real gentleman, you will recognize it immediately because it is hard to fake.

Remember that real gentlemen don’t brag about being a gentleman. If you hear someone doing that, you can assume that they are lying. Instead, look for men who show a true gentleman’s characteristics instead.