Tranquility is a mindset that might get disrupted by daily life occurrences. It doesn’t have to be disrupted, though, and you can work to restore it if you feel you have lost peace in your life. You already have everything you need to live a tranquil life, and you have to know how to take on the right mindset.

If you eliminate stress, a need for control, and negativity from your life, you will find that peace is what is left. Stop letting outside factors impact your mindset so that you can feel peaceful all of the time. With the right thought process, anything is possible, and daily affirmations can help you achieve it.

Peace is available for you at any time, and it is up to you to decide when that time is. While it might be hard to switch your thought process, these affirmations will help you restore tranquility in your life. As you repeat them each morning, you will start your day off on the right path.

Fifteen Affirmations to Help Restore Tranquility

Repeating these daily affirmations each morning will help make it a habit. Then, you will find that you don’t even have to think about it anymore as you focus your thoughts on tranquility. With a more peaceful life, you will feel happier and more energetic as you work toward your goals.

1. I let go of things I can’t control, and I find peace in the way things turn out.

You can’t control everything, and reminding yourself will help bring tranquility. When you accept that things won’t always go the way you want them to, you will find peace in life. This affirmation can help you release those things and move forward without rumination taking over.

2. I am slowing down and enjoying life.

When you slow down and focus on enjoying the little things in life, you will feel more peace. Constantly moving through life as if you don’t have enough time will leave you feeling stressed or anxious. Use this affirmation to remind yourself to slow down and enjoy your life as it is right now.

3. I deserve time to relax and unwind.

You might feel like you can’t relax because you always have something to do. Between work, household chores, a social life, errands, and anything else you must do, finding that time might be difficult. Not only is finding the time hard, but you might struggle to convince yourself that it is okay.

Sometimes, you might feel like you don’t deserve to take time to relax. Your to-do list is never-ending, but you still need to take a break once in a while. You work hard, and you must take time to unwind and recuperate.

4. I remain calm even when the world around me seems chaotic.

When the world seems like it is out of control, this affirmation can help you stay focused. Repeat this affirmation each morning until you have convinced yourself of it. Then, other people and the events in the world won’t affect your mindset as much.

Staying calm will help you keep a level head as you go through life. You will make better decisions, and your ideas will flow more freely, too. While you can’t ignore the chaos of the world, you can stay focused and positive, dealing with the events as best as possible.

5. I am focusing on my breathing and restoring balance in my life.

When you focus on your breathing, it will be easier to restore balance and feel tranquil again. Breathing techniques can help, too, as they allow you to refocus your thoughts and calm your mind and body.

As you work on your breathing, you will feel yourself relaxing and finding tranquility. You can focus on your breathing no matter where you are, making it the perfect option when you are away from home. As you repeat this affirmation, you can practice mindful breathing in between repetitions to get you started on the right path each day.

6. I am full of positive energy, and nothing can change that.

With positivity, you can restore tranquility quickly. Use this statement to reaffirm that no one and nothing else can change your energy. You are the only person that can, so as long as you decide to be full of positivity, you will be.

7. I am responsible for my mindset, and I am choosing tranquility.

You can’t blame anyone else for the thoughts that run through your mind. If you allow negativity or anxiety to take over, you won’t experience a tranquil life. On the other hand, if you choose a tranquil mindset, you can easily push away any other thoughts or feelings.

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8. I am safe and at peace.

Sometimes you will lose your sense of tranquility if you feel unsafe. If you are an anxious person, you might feel unsafe even when that isn’t truly the case.

When you sense that feeling creeping in, use this affirmation to remind yourself that everything is okay. Tell yourself that you are safe and at peace, and repeat it until you believe it and feel yourself relax.

9. I limit my time with those that disrupt my peace.

You are preventing yourself from finding peace in life when you spend time with people that make you feel negative. It can be hard to cut people out of your life, but once you realize that they are disrupting your peace, it is necessary.

Use this affirmation to build your willpower. Then, you will have the strength to turn down invitations to get together. Plus, it will help you remember not to reach out to those people, too.

10. I am exactly where I need to be in life.

Once you realize that your life is working out the way it is supposed to, you will feel tranquility. Accept the place you are in right now, and remember that you are right where you need to be. Let go of how you imagined life would be and embrace the way it turned out, instead.

11. I look for the good in the world around me.

When you remember to look for good things, you will see them all around you. The more often you see things that make you happy, the more tranquil you will be. If you want to live a peaceful life, try this instead of ignoring the beauty around you.

12. I am grateful for everything that I have, and I have everything I need right now.

With gratitude, you will find peace in your life. Acknowledge that you have everything you need, and life will seem to become calmer. When you aren’t fixated on the things that you don’t have, you will find peace in life once again.

13. I let go of anxious feelings and let positivity replace them.

When you use this affirmation, imagine that you feel the anxious feelings flowing out of your body. Visualization along with affirmations will help you let go of those feelings. Then, visualize positivity taking the place of the negativity.

As you do this, you could even focus on breathing in and out. Imagine your exhale to be the anxiety leaving your body and your inhale to be the positivity coming in. When you do this, it will help you change your mindset and feel more tranquility in life.

14. I trust that everything is working out for the best.

If you believe that things are working out for the best, you will feel much less stressed. You won’t feel so overwhelmed or frantic, and you won’t feel the need to be in control. Believe in your future and trust that everything will be okay.

15. I am patient with myself and those around me no matter what happens.

Life isn’t always perfect, and mistakes are bound to happen. Other people might unintentionally upset you or make you angry, too. Plus, everyone is still learning and figuring out life, and it might take time to learn something new.

If you find that you often become tense or anxious during these times, use this daily affirmation to help yourself become more patient. With patience, you will feel more tranquil during situations that would normally upset you. This affirmation can help you overcome things and move forward without disrupting your peace.

Final Thoughts on Daily Affirmations to Help Restore Tranquility in Life

If you want to restore tranquility in your life, these daily affirmations can help you begin right away. You will find that the phrases make you feel more positive, helping you get through your day. Stress and anxiety won’t overtake your thoughts, and you can focus on the essential things in life.

Remember the daily affirmations that resonated with you the most and make a note of them. Use them as you get ready for the day each morning, and see how long they stick with you. If you need to, you can even repeat them throughout the day.