About 73% of Americans believe in finding a soulmate. Of this, 74% are men while 71% are women.

Who is a soulmate? These twelve soulmate signs will illustrate to you exactly who a soulmate is, and you will know if you have found yours.

Here are 12 surefire signs you have met your soulmate:

connect with your soulmate

1. You feel complete around a soulmate

Finding a partner that complements you is a sign that you have found your soulmate. The parts of you that you fail to understand, be it your lousy cooking or your bad temper, your partner can make up for by cooking well and calming your rage, for example. When your partner does the things that you are not able to do, you know that you are made to complete each other. A complete relationship is created from a combination of your differences.

2. They make you feel safe

After a hectic day, there is nowhere else you would rather be than with your partner because you know they will lift up your spirits. In a way, a part of you relaxes when you are with them. You are no longer afraid, worried, or anxious. The thought of being with them makes you blush.

3. You prioritize their happiness

When your partner is happy, you are so glad, and when they are sad, you make it your priority to make them happy. Despite the number of things you give up for them, it does not matter because they are happy. Since genuinely loving someone is the most selfless act, you don’t mind your partner’s comforts coming before yours.

4. Forgiveness is integral in a soulmate relationship

Having a soulmate does not mean that you no longer fight. You might even fight a lot because you are two opposites. In spite of this fact, you can fight calmly and discuss every issue that you have. From this, you can forgive each other, and you can come to an amicable agreement as opposed to holding each other guilty.

5. You respect each other’s differences

As mentioned earlier, being soulmates does not exempt you from disagreements. The most significant thing is that your disagreements on ethics, culture, and religion don’t affect your view of each other. Your relationship has an open environment for discussing these disputes, and you allow each other to express your opinions without judgment.

6. You meeting was at the right time

It is true that everything happens for a reason. Despite the feeling that you didn’t expect to be in a relationship or feel that you were ready to be in one, you could not help yourselves. This is because, despite thinking that you were not prepared, the two of you were ready to be with each other. You now realize that the horrible breakups you endured led you to this moment. They were preparation for your future with your partner. If you had never met, you would be waiting for each other for the rest of your lives.

7. You’ve never felt this way before

You always thought that your past partners were “the ones,” until you broke up with them. But, being with your current partner is different, as you have never felt this way before. You realize that you never knew love before and your partner has been the one to teach you. You cannot find a comparison for the love the both of you share, because you feel it is out of this world. This is one of the top soulmate signs.

8. Every day is an adventure

Before your meeting, both of you had a thirst for life. You wanted to travel the world and experience various things. But after starting your relationship, your desire for life multiplied tenfold. This is because now, you not only want to experience things alone – you want to experience them together, which makes it more fun and unique.

9. You have the same sense of humor

Life is a roller coaster; things might be great today, but a chain of unfortunate events happen on the following day. You need someone who can make you laugh the same way you make them laugh. When your relationship is full of laughter, you will always be happy and looking forward to spending time with each other.

10. You are open with each other with a soulmate

During communication with your partner, it has never been necessary to hide your opinions and emotions. You are always open with each other and communication is always essential to your relationship.


11. You want similar things

You might not be the same, mainly because being different is what makes you perfect for each other, but you have the same ideas regarding where your lives are headed.

12. You have an undeniable chemistry

From the moment you saw each other, you experienced a spark. It was different from the others and it overwhelmed you. You are both extremely drawn to each other and the attraction is unending.


Experiencing love is a beautiful thing, but finding a soulmate is the best thing in life!