So many people look for answers when they want to learn how to be happy in a relationship. Exactly how can you be happy in a relationship? Having a partner and being in a relationship should add something to your life. It should make your life better, happier, and more fulfilled. In other words, there should be happiness in a relationship. However, media, movies, books, and songs often show us a wrong idea of what it is to be truly happy in a relationship. Additionally, they can make us doubt if what we have is really what makes us happy. Here are some of the signs that you are really, truly in a relationship that makes you happy.

Here Are 10 Signs You’re Truly Happy in A Relationship

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

1. You will feel content most of the time.

Constant butterflies and extreme happiness in seeing your partner is not only impossible, it would also be exhausting. Once the first three months or so of a relationship pass, the “in love” feeling transforms into a feeling of contentment and happiness that is more calm and lasting. That is not to say that you won’t still have the butterflies and excitement. They are still there. They just show up less often, and what you have in between is a calm type of happiness … true happiness in a relationship.

2. You enjoy watching shows and movies together.

Although at the beginning of a relationship you often go out, if you only go out and be around other people all the time, it can be a sign that you are not that happy in your relationship. If, however you feel like you can also be together, just the two of you and share enjoyments like a series or movie together, you have a better chance of staying together and creating a happy fulfilling relationship.

3. You fight productively.

A relationship without fighting is impossible. Having strong discussions or arguments about things that you are passionate about is important and even healthy. The difference between a healthy fight and an unhealthy one is what you want to accomplish. If you just want to be right and have your partner be wrong, that is a sign you are more into yourself and not as much the relationship. If you and your partner have an outlook of both of you against the problem, it is much more likely that the issue will get resolved and you will not have to deal with it over and over again.

4. You make each other want to be and do better.

It is never your job to change someone else or to be changed by someone else. However, in any healthy relationship, being close to another person helps you bring out the best of yourself. Not via force, or manipulation. But in a healthy and productive and almost natural way.

5. Your intimate relationship is good and getting better.

The way you are intimately together does not always mean you are in a happy relationship. However, poor intimate relationships that neither of you is willing to work on is a sign that you are not happy in your current relationship. Sexual compatibility is also important. You can work on techniques on how to make your partner weak in the knees but you cannot keep pretending to like things you don’t. A little bit of adjusting is okay, but if you have to change your entire sexual identity to please the other person, you may want to keep on looking.

6. You like them.

Of course, you love them, but it is more than that. You actually enjoy spending time with them. You like it when they talk to you, and you have fun together. Additionally, you like who they are as a person, not only when they are with you but also when you are with others. Your partner might have some habits that annoy you, but as a person, they do not.

7. You share happiness and laughter.

Not everything in life is joy, and sometimes you must navigate difficult waters together. However, what is most important in a happy and fulfilling relationship is knowing that you can share your happiness and laughter with your partner and that you do so. This reinforces happy feelings associated with your partner and makes you want to spend more time together. Also, shared joy is double the joy that, in turn, brings more happiness in a relationship.

8. They may not always make you feel better, but they never make you feel worse.

It is not always possible to feel better about a certain situation, especially not if it has nothing to do with your partner. However, if you often feel worse about yourself or a situation after you have talked it over with your partner, that is not a good sign. Even if they cannot help you feel better about the situation, they will still be there for you, even if it is just to listen or give you a hug, or whatever you need at that moment.

9. You really communicate together.

Too often conversations follow a pattern of person “A” saying something, person “B” saying something of their own related to what person “A” is saying, etc. In a healthy and happy relationship, communication does not work that way. When a relationship is happy, you actively listen to your partner, ask questions about their experience, and are present in the moment that they are talking, instead of thinking of the next thing you might want to say. In healthy, mutually beneficial relationships, you are also aware that your partner does the same for you. Maybe that means sometimes you do not get to tell that interesting anecdote. Instead, you make sure your partner feels heard, understood, and listened to.

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10. Let the small things stay small.

There are so many things that can create annoyances in daily life if we let them. If we want to have a happy partnership and relationship with a significant other, we should make sure to keep the small things small. That means that if it annoys your partner that you leave socks all over the place, you make an effort to pick them up. And if you are the partner who is annoyed when you find socks all over the place, you recognize that they are making an effort and simply pick them up and put them away. You choose not to hold onto resentment about socks (or anything else).

Final thoughts

Happiness and healthy relationships are not like the movies. They are not fireworks and grand gestures all the time. It is in the little things that long-term happiness lies. It’s very easy to attain happiness in a relationship; all you need is positive thinking and a positive attitude towards your partner. This is truly how to be happy in a relationship.

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