Life is beautiful. But although it is, many people get so focused on their personal problems that somehow they forget to enjoy the beauty and positivity around them. Sometimes, we need to do what the adage tells us. Take the time to stop what we are doing smell the intoxicating fragrance of the roses surrounding us.

Here is why.

We can draw a parallel between seeing the beauty in everything around us and a mindset of positivity. For while we may observe the darker side of humanity, and remain cautiously aware of it, we can choose the path to light, instead. Indeed, research proves time and time again that a positive mindset is at the core of well-balanced mental health.

So let’s look together at five ways we can find beauty–and therefore, positivity–in the world at large.

5 Ways to See the Beauty in Everything

1 – Learn from children

All the great persons try to learn something new from everybody. But the ones that may teach us more about life are the ones who know less about it. That is the true beauty of children.

Children know how to play and enjoy the game. They will get upset in one second only to forget the next one. The most sincere friendships are made during childhood when there are no judgments and social differences. It may sound a cliché, but it’s true.

Furthermore, children have a dogged determination as they set out to master their worlds. Research suggests that this stems from their unspoiled intrinsic motivation, a natural lean towards learning new concepts. Sadly, some people lose that internal drive as adults, causing us to feel stuck or unmotivated in life.

Here’s one final note about learning from kids.

All adults have an inner child, being more or less aware of it. Some will release that child in the company of other children, while others won’t be able to control it during difficult times. But one should stop a moment and watch the world through a child’s eyes. It’s the only way to see all the wonders that are around us.

2 – Wake up with a purpose

Mornings may be stressful, especially when all kinds of worries replace the promise of a new day. Those who want to change their life should start the new day in an exciting manner. Writing a list with desired activities is an excellent habit to adopt. If the job is super stressful, try to wake up earlier and make a personal routine.

Do you struggle to wake up enough to try to find beauty in the early hours of the dawn? Then, try adjusting your nighttime habits to make way for a smoother morning routine.

Once you awaken, find something to do that inspires you and nurtures your soul. That could be jogging for some or yoga for others. Or, it might be a prime time for you to read a chapter of a book you love, do some affirmations, or indulge in an extra-long shower before work.

These morning activities will offer you peace for the entire day and will help you think in a positive way.

3 – Appreciate the inherent beauty in nature

Every day is beautiful, but there are those days when people feel more inspired. Chalk it up to human nature. But, this fact arises from a state of mind. In fact, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy or sunny day.

There’s a magical feeling when you head out of doors. The feeling of a cooling breeze on a hot summer evening or the beauty of blooming wildflowers blooming makes you feel connected back to Mother Earth. Furthermore, that connection to nature can help minimize feelings of anxiety and stress. In fact, a recent study shares that time spent in nature relieves both the physical and the mental ravages of stress in your life.

So whenever you feel stress encroaching on your life, head outdoors. Go out and take a long walk and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. One may even take a few pictures in order to capture the beauty of life, no matter if it’s a cherry blossom, a rainbow, or a winter landscape.

4 – Read as many books as possible

Reading is a beautiful way to gather new life perspectives. It is incredible how one may fall in love with a particular character. Every book teaches us something new and valuable, so don’t forget to read. It doesn’t matter if you choose a novel, a psychological book about self-development, or a motivational book.

Beyond learning about new ideas, books can transport us out of our minds in a quiet, focused activity. A 2018 Chinese study confirms that bibliotherapy (therapeutic intervention via reading books) is useful in alleviating the symptoms of both depression and anxiety in children.

the beauty of being positive5 – Keep a positivity journal

Sometimes we ignore good things because we focus too much on the bad ones. This should change.

But how?

Keep a positivity journal, aka gratitude journal, each day. This daily habit allows you to reflect on your day and take stock of all the cool things that happen to you. From the mere fact of waking up in the morning in reasonably good health to celebrations of milestones, something good happened to you. Take time to dig deep and find this event. Even on dark days, you should focus on the small things that add to your quality of life.

This practice invites abundance into your life. The positive thoughts will allow the flow of excellent outcomes into your realm. As a bonus, these positives will eclipse the adverse events in time.

So every night before going to sleep, write down all the things that you are grateful for and make a list of everything that made you happy.

positivity quotes
Final Thoughts on Finding Beauty Around You–and Gaining in Positivity

Choose to see the good in others, even when fighting with them, listen to uplifting music as often as possible and make many compliments to others. In this way, you will make others feel good about themselves. Better yet, the beauty and positivity you invite into your life will enhance your mental balance and open up new doors for you.