Our relationships are important to our overall well-being and life satisfaction. There is no upper limit on the number of positive people we can have in our lives. It has even been shown that people who live the longest and happiest lives are often surrounded by a positive support network.

Here are 10 ways to attract more positive relationships into your life.

1. Move out of negative spaces.

Moving out of negative spaces could refer to literally or figuratively. Sometimes it means physically leaving a location and other times it might be moving away from the negative space in our heads.

Negativity is all around us and by itself is not detrimental to our happiness or our relationships. The real harm is done when we stay in negative spaces. Moving out of it will look different in different situations, but do what you can to move away from it so you can attract the right people into your life.

2. Stop complaining and stop allowing others to complain to you.

We all need safe places to vent and air our grievances – that isn’t the issue. It is, however, draining on any relationship when the same grievance is a topic of conversation for significant periods of time.

The complainer isn’t the only one at fault either, the person listening to the complaining is equally responsible. Set boundaries for you and the people in your life about complaining. Venting is good and acceptable when followed by accepting the situation for what it is or by taking action to change it.

3. Love yourself first and spread that love around.

You can’t attract positive relationships into your life without loving yourself for exactly who you are. Once you become a priority in your life, you will be well-positioned to attract positive, nurturing relationships that support you and your goals.

4. Honor the past but do not live in it.

There is a lot of talking out there about letting go of the past. We have a hard time with this concept because it happened, and it is part of who we are. Letting go isn’t about forgetting, it’s about releasing the emotional hold it has on us. We should honor the past for the lessons it taught us but step out into the freedom of making choices independent of it.

5. Hold on to your power.

Our power comes from a solid belief in what we can do. When we begin to believe what others perceive we can do, we relinquish our power. It’s not something someone can take away; it’s something we give away – sometimes too willingly.

Stand up for what you know to be your truth. Listen to what other people have to say, but don’t always believe it as truth. Only you know your value and it isn’t found in someone else’s opinion of you.

This goes for praise as much as it does for criticism. We are so ready to accept praise as fact, but that is also a false sense of your value. Once you are standing firm in your truth, you will attract the right people into your support network.

6. View “no” as a relationship positive.

Whether you are on the giving end or receiving end of “no,” view it as a gift. No, even though negative in connotation, is moving you through an experience that is not right for you. “No” allows you to support and honor those things that matter most and it keeps those things that can drain your energy and power at bay.

7. Find the joy in every experience.

Admittedly, finding the joy in every experience can be challenging at times, but to attract the right people into your life it must be done. The bottom line is positive people are attracted to other positive people. Look for the bright side, the silver lining if you will, to the situation. Not only will help you with your mindset, but it will also bring more positive people into view.

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8. Eliminate the worry.

If you think about worry objectively, then it’s easy to say it serves no purpose. It’s safe to say that there isn’t a challenge that was solved because someone worried more than another. Unfortunately, when we are in the midst of worry, all logic goes out the window. The best way to eliminate worry is to take some action because doing something productive shifts your thoughts from worry to solving a problem.

9. Be mindful of each moment in your relationship.

Mindfulness is a gift to any relationship. It allows us to be fully present and focused, and that shows the importance of the relationship to you. We aren’t the only ones looking for positive relationships; everyone is looking for them. So when we encounter someone who is mindful and present, we recognize it as something special.

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10. Live from a place of gratitude.

There is no better way to attract more positive relationships than by living in a state of gratitude. Gratitude allows you to appreciate the relationships in your life which in turn will attract more like-minded people. If gratitude is the common denominator, then you know your relationships are serving you, and you are serving them.