Why Your Relationships Should Feel Like Sunlight

Why Your Relationships Should Feel Like Sunlight

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Do your friendships and other relationships feel like a kiss of the morning sun?

There’s nothing better than waking to the warming rays of the sun peeking through your bedroom window. It’s a blissful reminder that night has gone, and a new day has begun. As the darkness of night is pushed away by the golden beams, you realize that you have a chance to live once again.

Have you ever considered that your relationships in life can be much like the sunshine? It may sound like an odd concept, but it’s thought-provoking once you delve into it. If some relationships are like the sun, then others are like pure darkness.

A golden friendship can make you feel better about yourself, and it can give you the strength you need to make it through another day. However, a relationship that is toxic and dark can harm your mental health. Do you have relationships in your life that seem to be warm and sunny?

Here are some exciting parallels on how the sunshine is just like the brightest connections in your life.

1. It’s Warming

There’s one thing that is so welcoming about the sun: the warmth it provides. A day at the beach or playing in the backyard wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful without the sun. Those who live in Alaska don’t see any sun for over 67 days during the winter months.

Their bodies are so desperate for those penetrating rays that they must use sunlamps to get the nutrients they need. The good news is that during the summer months, they get over 80 days of pure daylight. Now, compare the warmth from light to your relationship.

Do you have a friend that makes you feel warm and sunny to be around? They always seem to have the right thing to say for whatever you’re going through in life. No matter how bad you felt when you first called or came to see them, you always leave with a smile and a spring in your step.


2. It’s Radiance Shines All Around You

There’s no perfect life on this planet. There are good days and bad days, and there are times when you don’t know what direction to go. A friend who is beaming like the sun’s radiance can guide you and illuminate the path around you.

Why can some people see so clearly what to do while others seem to fumble in darkness? You need the relationships that shine the power of light and love all around you, as it will make you a better person. Do you have any friends that just radiate with light and love?

3. It’s Cheerful and Bright

The light from the sun illuminates the gloomy shadows and allows positivity to shine through. You remember being a child and using a flashlight to make shadows on the wall. Light exposes things that are in the dark and brings them to the forefront.

Positivity is something that everyone needs in their life. You always feel better when you’re walking alongside someone who can remove negativity so that the positive nature of your inner being can shine. Do you have a friend that seems to be a “darkness slayer?”

4. It Provides Nutrients for Your Body

The sun is an abundant source of Vitamin D, which your body needs to thrive. The people in Alaska use sunlamps during the winter season because, without this essential vitamin, their bodies would shut down. Did you know that you need to be in the sun for at least 20 minutes each day?

Relationships are much like the sunshine because the good ones provide nutrients you need to survive in life. While you absorb vitamins from the sun, a good friendship can give you things like an optimistic outlook, a confidant you can trust, and a haven in the times of life’s storms. Aren’t those things just as essential as vitamins?

5. It Can Be Dangerous

You know that the sun does plenty of good for the earth, but there are also some precautions that you must take to avoid overexposure. The ozone layer is a protective line that keeps the harmful ultraviolet rays from hitting the earth. If this protective layer weren’t here, people would get skin diseases and have more health problems as their immunity wouldn’t be protected.

The problem is that scientists have discovered a hole in the ozone layer above the continent of Antarctica. The ozone is being destroyed from things like aerosol cans, chlorine, and other depleting substances. Now how can this relate to your friendships in life?

Well, there are all sorts of dangerous things that can come along in friendships. Problems like gossip, backbiting, lies, deceptive acts and communication issues can threaten your connection’s immunity. While the sun is essential for you, if you don’t take care of and respect the protective covering that guards you, you can destroy it.

Who knew the sun could be so much like your friendship, affecting you both positively and negatively in life?

6. It’s There Even Though It’s Far Away

Do you have friends that are close to your heart even though they are far away? The sun feels like it’s as close as your backyard, yet it’s more than 92,955,828 miles from earth. While your friend isn’t that far away, it can seem like distance is an issue.

It doesn’t matter if one of you lives in Maine and the other in California; when you get together, not a moment has lapsed. Thankfully, with technology and apps like Zoom, you can easily stay connected and seem like your next-door regardless of the distance.

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7. It Reflects Love

Like the sun reflects from the moon, so does your love becomes reflective for each other. Even though the storm clouds may cover it for a short period, it’s always there. If you have a friend that reflects love throughout your life, then you’ve found a treasure indeed.

Love is about more than having someone in your corner; it’s about putting the other person before yourself and making sure that they’re happy and feel the warmth of your affection.

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