Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Sage Tea Every Day

Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Sage Tea Every Day

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Sage, or the official name Salvia officinalis, is an herb that has many purposes. One of the primary uses for this spice is to brew it into a delicious tea. Since it’s a cousin to the mint family, it has an aromatic smell and flavor that is appealing.

Like many other herbs, sage has an extensive history of being used in alternative medicine. The health benefits are vastly known.

Nine Amazing Benefits of Drinking Sage Tea

Do you want to know why you should drink sage tea each day? Here are some scientifically-proven and anecdotal reports of its goodness.

1. It’s Full of Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

For starters, sage is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, and it has antioxidant compounds. Why are these important to your health? Free radicals are harmful composites that get into your system. Antioxidants work hard to neutralize these toxins.

One of the issues with having too many free radicals is that it causes illness. Chronic diseases like lupus and diabetes are just a couple of problems that can come from a body full of toxins. Since sage tea has a high level of rosmarinic acid, it can decrease inflammation in the body and glucose levels.

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2. Helps Fight Cancer

Wouldn’t it be great if you could drink tea and help fight cancer in your body? The salvia plant has many anticancer compounds like camphor and carnosol. Studies show that carnosol can kill cancer, and it won’t harm the body’s healthy cells.

A study was conducted with 500 people who drank this and chamomile tea to see how they fared with their cancer risks. They found that it has a great benefit on thyroid malignancies, and it even prevented genetic changes that are commonly seen in colon cancer.

3. Promotes Oral Health

You’ve probably heard that soda and other caramel colored drinks can stain your teeth, but would you believe that an herbal one could be so beneficial? Many herbs, like cloves and sage, are used in dentistry because they help with pain, inflammation, and can promote healing.

Gargling a tea with made with this herb has been shown to heal mouth wounds faster than saltwater. The rosmarinic acid in this brew makes it better than any mouthwash on the market for removing bacteria. Rather than reaching for a tube of over-the-counter oral pain reliever, a cup of tea may be all you need.

4. Strengthens Brain Health

Rather than reaching for an antidepressant, a cup of herbal tea may do the trick. Did you know that the Salvia plant is widely used in the holistic community to boost moods? Additionally, it can make alterations to your brain that can help to prevent neurological disorders like dementia.

Dementia is caused by amyloid plaques that develop on the brain. Studies showed that the acids in this tea thwarted the formation of this deadly plaque. Additionally, the same study showed that it could improve your mood, brain function, and even your concentration levels.

Anything that can slow the development of dementia is a good thing. Those who have a genetic history of this horrible disease can only benefit from drinking this elixir.

5. Can Help with Wound Healing and Reverse Signs of Aging

Many people don’t know that many varieties of the Salvia plant are used in the production of cosmetics. Sage has camphor in it, which is an element that can help to resolve the signs of aging as well as stop the formation of wrinkles.

Not only does this spice have camphor, but it has carnosol too. Any sun damage or inflammatory skin problems don’t stand a chance when you’re healing from the inside out. A study conducted showed that brewing this herbal tea and using it topically helped to heal cold sores and other wounds.

Since your skin is susceptible to fungus and bacteria, having something with both camphor and carnosol can help fight these toxins and keep your skin glowing.

6. Reduces Hot Flashes

Ask any woman, and they will tell you that going through “the change” is exceedingly difficult. What if drinking a simple tea every day could help? A study was conducted regarding hot flashes with this herbal elixir.

Of the 71 women who participated, they found that it helped reduce their hot flashes by more than 60 percent. Since hot flashes are among the most troublesome problems during this time in life, if drinking tea can help, then it’s an easy solution.

7. Assists in Pregnancy

Nausea is a common complaint among pregnant women. However, tea made from the Salvia plant is shown to help with nausea. Additionally, in Middle Eastern countries, women often use this herb to reduce their breastmilk production. They found it can be beneficial both before and after the baby is born.

8. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

As you age, you begin to worry about things like heart health, specifically with regards to good and bad cholesterol levels. A study shows that there are promising benefits top drinking this tea. The review showed that by drinking just ten ounces, twice daily, participants lowered their LDL by 20 percent, and their HDL increased by 38 percent.

It’s important to keep cholesterol levels in check because it can cause heart attacks and be the reason for surgical procedures. Do you know your numbers?

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9. Improves Glucose Control

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes, having reasonable glucose control is of utmost importance. There are many alternative diabetic medications on the market that use this herb as part of the ingredients. The reason is that it’s so effective in controlling glucose.

A study monitored the sugar levels of 105 adults who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. These participants drank a cup of tea with 500 mg of this herb, and they did it with every meal. The study showed that just after three months, their sugar levels, both pre and post-meal, were much improved.

The study also found that adding sage to your diet can have the same effect as taking an insulin shot every day. Insulin is a hormone, and when you take this medication, your body stops making it as it depends on the supplement. However, taking herbs can have the same effect, and there is no threat of your body shutting down the production of this vital hormone either.

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