Clear skin is something most of us search for a lifetime to find. While many products promise to give us the effortless healthy glow and firm and flawless skin, there are other all-natural ways to get the best skin of your life. With the right essential oils, you’ll be able to take advantage of nature’s best-kept secrets.

Essential Oils for Clear Skin

Want clear skin? Tired of struggling with oily skin, acne, inflammation, and similar conditions?

Look no further than some of the most popular essential oils. From the likes of clove essential oil to geranium essential oil, using these oils as part of your skincare routine will help you get the clear skin you’ve been longing for. Read on to find the best essential oil for clear skin.

1. Reduce Blemishes with Tea Tree Oil

Tired of turning to over-the-counter and prescription solutions for treating blemishes?

It’s time to try tea tree oil. This all-natural essential oil is a key ingredient for many people hoping to fight acne.

Loved for its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties, tea tree oil is incredibly effective in killing any bacteria or germs that threaten to aggravate acne-prone skin.

With just one drop to the affected area or as part of a DIY treatment, this is is an incredibly powerful essential oil for clear skin.

2. Treat Cysts and Boils with Clove Essential Oil

Cysts can be particularly difficult to treat. These cysts are caused by bacteria and can be incredibly challenging to remove.

However, with the help of the best essential oils, you’ll be able to target and eliminate your cysts completely.

Take advantage of this all-natural treatment by using organic clove bud oil to treat any affected skin. The anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial elements in this oil make it a godsend to cystic outbreaks or boils. While traditional medicine is often used to treat these types of outbreaks, this essential oil is one of the best and most natural solutions to rid your skin of this condition for good.

Hoping this clove essential oil will treat your cystic acne? Be sure to consult with your doctor or dermatologist for their opinion before starting on this treatment.

3. Fight Pimples with Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oil is a favorite among dermatologists and customers with oily skin alike. This stimulating essential oil is one that makes for an awesome DIY astringent.

Citrusy and light, lemongrass oil is one fragrant natural solution for fighting acne. This antimicrobial and antiseptic oil is effective in destroying pimples and relieving any pain related to acne.

This oil is one of the best oils for clear skin as it helps to prevent and reduce one’s appearance of pimples all while revitalizing and healing the skin.

As you start to use this essential oil as part of your daily beauty regimen, you’ll find that it has a wide variety of uses. As versatile as this oil is, it can be used as an astringent, cleanser, and overall fighter of acne.

When using this oil to fight acne, remember that a little goes a long way. Using too much of this oil can be harmful, so only use a few drops to keep your skin as healthy a possible.

4. Heal Popped Pimples with Lavender Essential Oil

So you’ve popped your pimples, cysts, or ingrown hairs? While it isn’t recommended to pop these common blemishes, the fact is that this does happen.

When cysts, pimples, and ingrown hairs are popped, this more often than not leads to scarred skin. If you find yourself in this situation, use lavender essential oil as soon as possible.

This soothing and calming oil will help relieve irritation and itchiness as it helps to heal and clean any affected areas. Moreover, using this essential oil will work to repair the skin after these blemishes have been popped.

5. Reduce Scarring with Frankincense Essential Oil

Another great essential oil for clear skin is frankincense essential oil.

This oil is an excellent solution for reducing scarring on the skin. Whether you’ve been cut and are bruising or you’re hoping to reduce scarring from acne, this essential oil is an all-natural and gentle treatment for repairing your skin.

Additionally, this oil is an excellent treatment for irritated and dry skin. With this oil, you’ll be able to better balance your skin’s oil production, as well as reduce inflammation.

Make your own DIY frankincense treatment with 20 or so drops of this oil added to a carrier oil, then apply to damp and clean skin.

Not sure what carrier oil to use? Consider jojoba oil.

Get back to nature by using jojoba as this oil is particularly light and the closest oil to our own molecular structure for sebum.

Top cosmetologists note that this oil is an ideal carrier oil for individuals with oily skin as it will trick one’s skin into thinking it has already produced enough oil. Thus, using jojoba helps to stop the overproduction of any oils that may otherwise trigger acne.

6. Treat Acne with Rosemary Essential Oil

If you haven’t used rosemary essential oil for acne treatment yet, now is the time. This incredible oil has many benefits designed to improve the overall health of your skin.

As rosemary is known for its antiseptic properties, this oil is one of the best for reducing excess oil in the skin and eliminating inflammation.

Use frankincense oil to reduce redness and soreness caused by acne. As this oil also helps to improve circulation in the skin, be sure to use this oil if you want a clearer complexion and firmer skin.

7. Calm Skin with Aloe Vera Oil

Using aloe vera oil will help to calm the skin, reduce inflammation and redness.

If your skin tends to be particularly aggravated, use this essential oil on a regular basis. As it is packed with Vitamin B, E, and C, as well as other minerals, proteins, beta-carotene, and amino acids, using this essential oil will help to actively repair your skin.

8. Regulate Sebum Production with Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is another important oil for regulating the production of sebum, making it an ideal pick for oily skin.

If you have overly oily skin, use this oil to tighten your skin and promote blood circulation. Regular use of this oil will help to heal any scars from acne as well.

9. Hydrate Skin with Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang-ylang oil is an important treatment that effectively treats any irritation inflammation and dryness in the skin.

This soothing oil helps to regulate your skin’s oil production, hoping to balance out oily skin and eliminate excessive acne. As this oil helps to promote the growth of skin and hair, it is one of the best solutions for clear skin.

When used regularly, ylang-ylang oil also helps to improve circulation in the skin, helping to maintain hydration and prevent infection.

10. Fight Breakouts with Myrrh Essential Oil

Never thought to use myrrh oil for clear skin?

This oil is one of the oldest beauty treatments as it has a wide variety of benefits. As myrrh has powerful antiseptic properties, it is a powerful go-to for killing bacteria and microbes. When used for treating skin, this oil will help to protect against bacteria that may otherwise trigger acne.

essential oils

Additionally, past studies have shown that this essential oil can help heal wounds. When used as a skin treatment, myrrh also helps to inhibit fungi and the like that are triggered by bacteria on the skin.

11. Treat Breakouts with Chamomile Essential Oil

While chamomile makes for a tasty tea, as an essential oil, it is also an excellent treatment for acne.

Use chamomile oil to help you fight acne with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, regularly using this oil will help to fight breakouts and acne scars.

In addition to chamomile’s effectiveness in treating acne, you can use this powerhouse essential oil to protect your skin from the effects of aging. As this oil helps to reduce the damage from free-radicals, it will also help to accelerate tissue and cell regeneration.

12. Soothe Skin with Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has long since been a favorite when it comes to all-natural acne treatments. With this essential oil, you’ll be able to kill any bacteria that threaten to infect your pores and develop into acne.

These antiseptic properties help to eliminate acne and clear up your skin. Additionally, this oil will help to reduce oil production, which helps to lower the risk of more future outbreaks.

Final Thoughts on Essential Oils for Clear skin

If you’ve never used this oil to treat your skin, now is the time to start doing so. With all the vitamins and nutrients packed in these high-powered oils, your skin will be totally transformed with these new additions to your beauty routine.

Stand up to acne, scars, cysts, blemishes, and more by using your own treatment with these essential oils. Keep this guide in mind as you search for the best oil to treat your skin with.