One of the things that most couples complain about is not having enough quality time together. Life is chaotic on a good day, so how do you make time for the one who stole your heart when there’s so much chaos all around? Relationships are much like flowers; if you don’t water a flower, it will die.

If you don’t nurture your relationship, then it can’t bloom into something beautiful. Rather, think about what happens to your plants if you forget to water them for one week, two, or even three.

Eventually, a plant that isn’t given the water it needs will wither up and die, and the same thing will happen to your relationship when there is no time for nourishment.

Ten Positive Things That Happen When You Spend More Quality Time Together

There’s a saying that people have time for the things that they want to do in life. How many times have you moved heaven and earth to do something important to you? When it comes to your spouse, it’s just as vital that you make time for them.

Thankfully, spending quality time does come with many benefits you may not realize, and here are the top ten positive outcomes.

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1. Quality Time Can Deepen Your Connection

When you carve out a particular time for you and your partner, your connection with one another will deepen. The more time you spend together, the freer you feel to share your soul. You don’t always have time to talk about your day or all the things going on in your life when the kids need to be fed, and the dog needs to be walked.

Make time for each other and watch and see how it enhances your relationship. Try having dates once a week, for a month. At the end of this time frame, your connection with each other will grow, and it will be better than when you started this trial.

2. You Remain Best Friends

When you first become a couple, most people are more interested in the physical aspects than the friendship part. However, friendship is the basis for making it for the long haul. You won’t go far in your union if you’re not friends.

Your best friend is the one you run to and share all your secrets; your spouse or partner should be that person. Sure, having other friends is okay, but your partner gets you on a level that others cannot. The more time you spend together, the more your friendship will deepen.

3. Communication Skills Grow

Communication is a huge issue when there’s not enough quality time. You want to share your life, but something is always in the way. Sometimes, it just seems easier to hold everything inside rather than troubling them with your problems or feelings.

When you don’t get enough time together, you’re more apt to keep things from them that they should know about. When you make a point to spend time with each other, then your communication skills enhance naturally.

4. Intimacy Improves With Quality Time Together

When a couple grows apart, often the first place that you will notice it is in your intimacy. Sure, sexual relationships are essential to any union, but intimacy involves many facets. For instance, holding hands, kissing, hugging each other, and just being close is all something that can wain when you don’t have enough quality time.

5. You Have Fun Together

When it the last time that you and your spouse sat down and belly laughed at a joke or meme? Your union needs this fun because your life cannot be about work and responsibilities. When you belly laugh, you release endorphins that help calm and relax you, and according to National Health Institute, you can also improve your mental and physical health.

6. Quality Time Builds Trust

If you’ve been together for many years, you may find it hard to trust this person. Sometimes other people get involved in your relationship, and it destroys the foundation that you started on. When you spend time cultivating your connection, it will improve or build better trust between you two.

Consider the gardening process. Many people believe that plants only need water, and they don’t bother feeding them. However, a plant is given special nutrients, and food will always outgrow the one relying on water and sunshine.

While both plants may live, the one given those extra nutrients will thrive because it’s being enhanced. What are you doing to strengthen your relationship so that you can build trust and reinforce your bond?

7. Leads to Fewer Disagreements

There will always be disagreements in life, but there’s no reason for a couple to have serious arguments. When couples get into verbal disputes that escalate to calling names and even throwing things, it can destroy your relationship. Thankfully, having quality time with each other will lead to fewer disagreements, as you will both be on the same page.

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8. It Allows Growth

Progress occurs in many areas of any relationship. Any couple together for any time should be growing and not stuck in the same place. As you gain wisdom from experiences, you become wiser, and your dreams and plans change over the years.

It’s essential that you grow together as a couple and that your visions and dreams for the future align, and spending quality time is one way to accomplish this goal.

9. Increases Awareness of Each Other’s Lives

Your spouse should be the first person you run to with anything in your life. If a coworker upsets you or a lady at the supermarket takes your parking spot, they should be the one you tell all the things that happen in your life. When you spend more time together, you’re naturally developing an increased awareness of each other and the occurrences in your daily grind.

10. Quality Time Enhances Loyalty

You may say you’re already loyal to the one you love but try spending more time together and see how that loyalty deepens. If someone says anything about them, you’re ready to defend them. Additionally, the old saying that you would take a bullet for someone is also the type of loyalty that develops with more time.

Ten Ways to Spend More Time in Sync

Now that you know why you need to spend more time with each other, you may wonder how and what you can do. Time is limited if you’re doing a weeknight date, so you want to plan carefully. Here are some great ways to spend time together and enhance your connection.

  1. Try couples yoga classes
  2. Join the gym
  3. Take cooking classes
  4. Join a book club
  5. Find a support group with others in similar situations in your area
  6. Make a date night at least one night per week
  7. Try something adventurous like ziplining or whitewater river rafting
  8. Take weekend getaways without the kids
  9. Try a new sport
  10. Invest in a boat, four-wheeler, or some other recreational vehicle

You can do other things to strengthen your union, such as buying flowers, candy, and gifts just because. You don’t need a special occasion to make your loved one feel special. Also, don’t let birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or other special events pass you without a gift, card, or acknowledgment.

While it’s essential to include your children and other family members in some things, you and your partner need private time that’s meant for only you. Remember, before there were children and all these responsibilities, two people fell in love and had fun together.

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Final Thoughts on Why Quality Time Matters

You probably read through this list and thought it all sounded great, but you didn’t know how you would be able to fit this all into your schedule. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything spectacular that costs tons of money to spend time together.

Did you know that sometimes the little things mean the most? Why not take a walk outside briskly in the evening, holding hands? You could invest in an excellent porch swing to sit outside and talk the night away. Neither of these things will break the bank, but they will do wonders for your relationship.

If you’ve been going through a rough time, it’s, even more a reason to spend quality time together. If you get down to your issues’ crux, you will likely find that it’s because you don’t have enough time for each other. When it comes to your date night, you must remember that laundry, dishes, and all these other cares of life will be there in the morning.

However, neglecting the one that loves and cares about you for too long can cause an irreparable rift. Make sure you grow together and not apart, and you can be one of the couples that makes it to a 25th or even 50th anniversary.