The urge to be intimate fades away when the relationship is no longer new. But any couple can have a good, happy and positive life together even when those intimate moments in the bedroom become fewer and fewer.

If couples focus on the more essential things that do not occur in the bedroom, they can create a connection that deepens and strengthens their feelings for each other. For instance, a study in the Journal of Marriage and Family showed that couples who communicate and listen to each other have a more satisfying relationship, which tops the stuff that happens in bed.

So, what other things are more important in a relationship than physical intimacy? Read on to find some examples below.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

Here Are 25 Things In A Relationship More Important Than Sex


1.    You have mutual respect

You and your partner are two different people, but you understand that your differences in background, tastes, preferences, and opinions make you so good together. You don’t impose on each other to have the same likes or dislikes. Instead, you respect and celebrate your differences.

2.    You want the same things

Despite your differences, you and your partner are always on the same page regarding your relationship. You have the same end goal and want the same thing: to live a harmonious and joyous life together for many years. Even if you have sparks in the bedroom, your relationship won’t last if you’re not on the same page.

3.    You communicate well with each other

You can voice your opinions and feelings to your partner honestly and openly. You can express yourself in the bedroom and your everyday conversations. You always have honest conversations, discussing your happiness or frustrations, seeking advice from each other, or contemplating the meaning of life.

4.    You listen to each other

Good communication also means that you and your partner listen to what the other has to say. If you’re upset, you can bring this up to your partner without fear of being judged, rejected, reprimanded, or hurt.

5.    You support each other

Having a great partner for life means you have an instant ally. You have someone you can always tag team with when life gets tough and you have to hurdle so many things. You are each other’s biggest fans and always the first to support whatever new venture or project your partner gets involved with.

You have different roles and obligations in your family, but you have each other’s back when one cannot fulfill these obligations. For instance, your wife might be unable to sit down with the kids for bed tonight because she has a report to finish. So, you step up and take over because you want her to focus on the report.

6.    You give compliments all the time

You’re also generous with your compliments to each other. Don’t forget to thank your partner for baking your first-anniversary cake. You don’t miss the opportunity to uplift and motivate your partner to deliver the first lecture to a crowd.

7.    You make each other laugh

You’re not afraid to be goofy in front of your partner or worry that he might find you unattractive. On the contrary, you laugh with each other, and you laugh all the time, even when you’re sharing those awkward moments in bed. When couples make each other laugh, living becomes less stressful.

An expert from the University of Kansas examined the data of 15,000 couples in different studies that ran for thirty years. He discovered that couples who made each other laugh had a longer, lasting partnership. They bond and create a positive vibe when they look for amusing and positive things in their everyday life together.

8.    You like to try something new

Couples who like trying something new inside and outside the bedroom have a stronger relationship. Since intimacy can sometimes become a routine, you try to do stuff you’ve never done before to keep the relationship exciting. A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships indicated that couples who try new things don’t bore each other out.

9.    You know how to have quality time

You don’t always spend time together in bed, so what do you do together when you’re not intimate? Couples who love spending quality time with each other, even without getting intimate, can do everything from the most interesting to the basic stuff.

These couples are always up for a good time together. Whether they are on a romantic vacation in Paris or just hanging out in their living room, it doesn’t matter. They know how to have a good time.

10.  You like to cuddle a lot

You cuddle a lot when you’re together with your significant other. You love getting close to your partner and are comfortable touching and hugging in public. If you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, his hand is on your waist or shoulders, or you’ve got your hands clasped while reading a book on the couch in your living room.

11.  You are realistic about your expectations

You understand that what you need can’t come from just one person. So, you set realistic expectations in your relationship and don’t demand that your partner fills everything so you can have a satisfying life. So, you still keep a network of people who shower you with attention or care. Your partner also recognizes that he’s not the only one who can make you happy.

12.  You make an effort to get close to each other’s friends

Research in the American Psychological Association shows that couples who intermingle with different groups of friends have a deeper relationship and achieve better marital quality. It’s important to make your significant person feel part of the friendships you’ve formed with other people. It raises your connectedness as a couple.


13.  You trust each other

A relationship that lacks trust can bring paranoia and suspicion, no matter how great you are together in bed. But you won’t need to constantly check up on your partner to the point of stalking if you have trust. You also don’t come up with baseless accusations each time your partner doesn’t immediately reply to your messages.

14.  You are loyal to each other

Trust is, of course, linked to loyalty. If you’ve agreed to be in a monogamous relationship, committing to have eyes only for your partner is more valuable than your intimacy in bed. If your relationship is not conventional, you’re still expected to comply faithfully with standard rules if you want what’s good for your relationship.

15.  You forgive each other

It’s normal for tension, differences, and problems to crop up in a relationship because you constantly adjust to each other’s needs. Humans aren’t perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. But if you’re the forgiving type, your relationship will be able to weather any problems.

16.  You accept your mistakes and learn from it

Being forgiven for your mistakes is good, but it’s even better if you’re willing to grow in a relationship. It takes maturity to learn from your mistakes and make a commitment not to repeat it.

17.  You pick your battles

You recognize that not every issue must be fought in your relationship. You’d instead pick your battles than argue over everything because you need to live in a harmonious and positive environment is more important than your need to be correct.

18.  You’re best friends with your partner

You won’t always have the greatest intimate moments in the bedroom. But your relationship can outlast the rest if you are best friends with your partner. Best friends confide to each other. They are not afraid to be vulnerable and accept each other’s weaknesses.

19.  You’re not dependent on each other

Even if your partner is your best friend, you don’t live wholly dependent on him. You give each other space and even consider spending time apart when necessary.

20.  You remain passionate about each other

Passion does not just equate to intimacy in bed. Passion is also about your dedication to working your problems out in the relationship, especially when it’s not always smooth sailing.

21.  You’re generous and thoughtful to your partner

You make it a point to give something to your partner just because you think she will love it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift; it can be a simple gesture. For example, you save the last slice of the cake because you want your partner to get the last bite. You leave notes on her bag or send her messages on her phone randomly to let her know she’s in your thoughts.

22.  You are your significant other’s safe space

A great intimate moment with your partner can bring satisfaction, but your relationship can deepen if you provide a safe space for your partner. A safe space is where you feel loved, accepted, and allowed to be yourself, regardless of gender, faults, and vulnerabilities.

23.  You exercise together

Couples who work out together have shared health goals and a good life in the bedroom. Working out not only makes you physically fit, but it also boosts energy and libido.

24.  You don’t fail to ask about each other’s day

While it might seem like small talk to ask your man how his day went, this habit is a great way for couples to build a positive connection. Relationship experts say sharing small chats like this every night can make couples grow closer to each other.

25.  You do love each other

It’s hard to describe the kind of love that perfectly matched couples share, but you know what it is when you have it. You may have the urge to sleep with someone even if you don’t have strong feelings for that person. But when that urge goes away, you won’t be sticking around in the relationship if you don’t have love.


Final Thoughts On Things In A Relationship More Important Than Sex

A long-lasting, positive relationship needs more than physical intimacy to survive. Couples who transcend the physical aspect grow more attached and connected because of what they share outside the bedroom.

Are you looking forward to growing old together? Do you care more about being connected emotionally than having private time in bed? Then what you’ve got is the best thing about being in a relationship, which indeed feels lovely.