Are you trying to unravel the mysterious nature of a Pisces friend or loved one? Turn to the zodiac signs for a nudge of guidance.

Horoscopes are becoming more and more popular in each generation, and the Millenial age group seems to appreciate their horoscope more than any other generation. Some experts believe that people read their horoscope more often when they feel stress about life, their job, or their future. This connection may be one of the main reasons why more and more people are turning to horoscopes. Reading about your zodiac sign might help reduce stress levels and improve your mood.

There are 12 different zodiac signs, and each one represents different personalities and characteristics fo the person that holds that sign. If you are born between March 11 and April 18, you are a Pisces. A Pisces is the fish symbol, and many of the characteristics resemble the nature of a fish.

This zodiac sign is one of the largest constellations in the sky and is ruled by the planet Neptune. Many Pisces are emotional, sensitive, compassionate, creative, and have a natural love for the world that they live in. While there are many positive attributes to a Pisces, they can sometimes be perceived as lazy, lacking initiative, and pessimistic.

Just like a fish, people with this cosmic sign often hide from the world. People with this sign tend to keep a lot to themselves, making them very difficult to read and understand fully. They are often content being left alone with their thoughts and feelings since they are among the dreamers of the zodiac world. If you know a Pisces, here are some things that you should never say to them if you hope to keep your relationship or friendship blooming.

12 Things to Never Say or Do Around Your Pisces Friend

1.) “Get your head out of the clouds.”

People with this sign are known to be the dreamers of the universe. They think and dream big. This ability to dream big is one of the reasons why many people with this sign are artists and inventors. Some of the most famous people who all shared this sign include George Washington, Frederic Chopin, Kurt Cobain, Rihanna, Jon Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, Justin Beiber, Michaelangelo, Bruce Willis, Albert Einstein, and Alexander Graham Bell. These people have all helped change and shape the world in which we live because of their big dreaming. You should never tell a person with this cosmic sign to stop dreaming because their dreams could change the world.

2.) “Do you always need to be in a relationship?”

People with this zodiac sign tend to be in relationships more than other zodiac signs. These people naturally love people and love to show their appreciation. Being in a relationship is just one of the many ways that they show and express all of the love that they have in their hearts.

Telling someone with this horoscope not to be in a relationship is like telling them they cannot love. People with this sign also tend to be more sensitive than people with other signs, so criticizing their need to be in a relationship could hurt their feelings and make them very upset. Avoid asking them this question and instead help them find other ways to show their love and compassion if their relationships are not working out.

3.) “I don’t care that you made it.”

People of this sign are artistic beings and one of the most imaginative signs. They love making things and showing their work to others. Telling someone that you do not care about something that they made is rude, but saying it to someone with this sign is hurtful and mean.

People with this sign often love to make things and give them to their friends and lovers as gifts. If you want to keep your friendship and relationship intact, you should accept the token and thank them for it. Telling them that it is beautiful will go a long way. You should always avoid being rude and telling them that you do not care that they made it, even if they seem to be giving you too many gifts.

4.) “Stop being so sensitive.”

People who have this sign cannot help being sensitive, so you should never tell them to stop being too painful. They are naturally sensitive beings, and this helps them stay in touch with their emotions. People with this sign can almost always tell you exactly how they feel, even though they tend to keep it to themselves. When they finally open up and tell you how they think you should not shut them down for being too sensitive. Women with this sign will get very offended if you tell them they are too sensitive.

People with this sign can be very emotional and sensitive because their sign symbolizes the fish and water. Like water and fish, these people are susceptible to their environment. Their emotions change like currents and can often lead to emotional changes.

5.) “Why are you wearing that?”

Asking anyone this question, especially a Pisces female, can come off as an insult. Avoid asking this question if you do not want to seem mean.

People with this horoscope are artistic and can have a different sense of style. They may dress differently and do things differently than others. Do not judge them for this. Let them express their creative side in any way that they want, primarily through their clothing.

6.) “I don’t really like animals.”

People with this sign are in touch with nature and everything that nature has to offer, especially animals. Telling someone with this zodiac sign that you do not like animals could end the friendship or the relationship.

People with this sign love animals that they can cuddle up with. They love unique animals that share the same thoughts that they may have. They especially love cats, guinea pigs, and fish (since that is their sign). If you are in a relationship with a person from this sign, you may find yourself getting a pet, so it is best that you like animals too.

7.) “Don’t be so naive.”

Pisces are known to be dreamy compared to all other signs. Their idealistic outlook on life can often leave people thinking that they are naive. More often than not, they are not naive, but rather have a different perspective on life than others.

8.) “Take more initiative.”

Taking the initiative tends to be a weakness of people with this sign. Similar to fish who swim down the river, people with this sign tend to float through life in the easiest path possible. They may appear as lazy and lacking initiative, but do not point it out to them in a direct way. If you want them to take more initiative in some aspect of their lives, you should find a creative way to tell them.

zodiac sign and relationships9.) “Stop spacing out so much.”

People with this sign tend to keep their heads in the clouds. They have a dreamy outlook on life and can get caught up in their thoughts. This immersion in thinking often leaves them looking like they are spacing out.

10.) “Stop worrying about everything.”

People with this sign are natural worriers. They love life and everything about it, so they tend to worry when things do not go as they should. They want everyone and everything to be okay, so they tend to worry when a challenge appears. Most of the time, they will keep their worries to themselves, but when they want to share their thoughts, you should be ready to listen and help.

11.) Saying anything too direct when you first meet.

If you are first meeting a person with this cosmic sign or are trying to ask one on a date, avoid being too direct. Try to be creative. Finding a creative way to ask them out may increase your chances of landing a date. These people tend to be some of the

most creative people on the planet. They appreciate the creativeness and individuality that people have.

12.) “I don’t want your help.”

Turning a person with this sign down when they are trying to help is a slap in the face. People with this sign love helping and lending a hand whenever possible. Because of this, they make great friends because they will always be there to help when you need it. They tend to be very selfless people.

piscesFinal Thoughts on Demystifying a Relationship with a Pisces

People with this cosmic sign can be some of the most challenging people to read and understand, but if you have one in your life that you love, you should avoid saying these things to them. These things are hurtful and can really crush a person with this cosmic sign.

People who have the fish sign make great friends and lovers because they are full of love, love nature, and are incredibly caring. They are always willing to help and love to share all that they have with the ones that are close to them.

While they make great friends and lovers, they can often hide their emotions do you must help them connect to the real world. They are big dreamers and may appear spacey or naive, but it is only because they are thinking of the bigger picture.