Change is still the law of the land, even if the change is a return to the old normal. Indeed, your horoscope for July of 2021 reflects this reality.

We’re all adjusting to our altered, post-pandemic new lives. This nemesis is not over and may remain a part of our lives like the flu, but the quest is to manage it. On a positive note, creativity is high. The sun trine Neptune has a dual nature. It can build fantasy and also generate new ideas and possibilities. Saturn is strong in Aquarius, empowering us to reach for our freedom along with our safety. It’s important to have boundaries that protect us but don’t limit our self-expression.

Mercury begins the month in Gemini and will join the Sun in Cancer on the 12th. Cancer is where we organize our emotions and decide how we’re going to feel safe and nurtured in the days ahead. But many underestimate the power of the Cancer sign. In fact, it’s incredibly powerful. There is nothing stronger than emotional power. Pay attention to your emotions. They are a key to your strength. The Moon is resilient, stubborn, and creative, and it knows how to survive. This month your emotional sense of safety is being challenged by an opposing desire — you want to take a risk, and you want to play it safe.

Use discretion if you take a risk, work it out ahead of time, and you’ll be fine. Life is about the balance of opposites, but to do so, you need to hold the middle position. The Full Moon in Leo emphasizes the need for each of us to take charge of our destiny. Remember, even when your choices are limited, if you live at the center of your world and listen to your higher self, your intelligence and instincts will help you decide which is the best path. You are the master of your life unless you give that power away.

Horoscope for July of 2021 Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

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Aries are leaders and initiators. They like to get out ahead of the crowd. With Mars in Leo in your 5th house, you start the month wanting to feel your power. As soon as you embrace your vision and your talent, you function differently. An Aries needs a purpose to feel its strength. Mars begins the month in opposition to Saturn, so you must advance with the brakes on. Not easy for an Aries.

Mars moves quickly through the signs, and by the middle of the month, you will have passed Saturn’s influence, and life becomes more manageable. Now use your intelligence and instincts to set your limits. You can separate what is dangerous and what isn’t, but deciding how much risk to take can often shut you down – you’re spontaneous. You have a courageous nature, but it can get you into trouble. Use your inner conflict to slow you down and think things through.

As an Aires, you love adventure, and you also love feeling coddled. You must choose, or you will stay stuck on the side of caution. Take it slow and build momentum. Uranus in your 2nd house of finance is changing how you operate. Your independence requires self-discipline, especially when it comes to how you spend your money. Not easy for an Aries.

Neptune in your 12th house of the unconscious is square Mercury and trine the Sun. You have to struggle for the truth and not let your fantasies take over. Be practical, at least for now. Once you get your footing and know the lay of the land, you can take more risks.

If you’re in a relationship, change is happening, and it can happen in a good way or not. It’s really up to you. If you’re single, you’re anxious to test the water and meet someone who shakes up your world. You’ve played it safe way too long.

Taurus (April 21th – May 20th)

Taurus is the sign of desire and values. For you to follow a fruitful path and not get into trouble, good values must prevail. If you’re only led by desire, you make poor choices. With the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 24th, square your sign. These issues will demand your attention. You can’t fully be free until you’re capable of choosing your desires and not allowing them to choose you.

Self-discipline is the key to success. With Uranus in your sign, you’ve been receiving instant results from your choices. If you step off the path, you’ll get the message. This is not a month to take chances. Saturn square Uranus is changing the boundaries of your life. They’re either too wide or too tight. You want unrestrained freedom, and that comes only when you have self-control. The Sun in Cancer in your 3rd house square, the Moon, makes sharing your feelings a challenge.

You’re afraid if others knew how you felt, they’d be upset. You’re silent because you believe you know better than everyone else, and you may — but with this attitude, you’ll end up in trouble. Arrogance leads to mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes drastically affect your life. Mars conjunct Venus in Leo has enhanced your ego and your impatience.

Neptune square Mercury has your imagination working overtime. You love escaping into fantasies, and this is both good and bad. If you never face your problems or your issues, you’ll never learn your lessons which means they’ll be repeated.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is trying to influence you. At least listen to them. Allow yourself to understand someone else’s point of view. If you’re single, it’s not a good time to meet someone new, but you could advance a relationship already established.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Geminis question themselves too much, but this month, with your ruler Mercury trine Saturn, you feel safe and secure. Whatever you’ve been worried about is going in your favor. With the Sun trine Jupiter, you feel strong and independent. You want to reach out to the universe and make things happen. Uranus in your 12th house keeps the unexpected on your path, but the truth is, if you just stay centered and don’t let fear take the lead, you’ll be fine.

With Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo, you’re strong inside but impatient. Together they square Uranus, which keeps the unexpected present. Just don’t let it throw you off your game. You can handle it. Meet your challenge with confidence. Neptune square Mercury makes it challenging to see the truth. You want things a certain way, but what’s important now is common sense. Admit you enjoy life when it throws you off your center. It keeps you fluid and unstuck.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 24th activates your dreams and aspirations. It’s there to lift you and make sure you keep reaching for something that stretches your aspirations. Always aim higher than you believe you can attain. On July 29th, Jupiter reenters Aquarius, which is a good time to rethink the last two months.

What did you learn? What new ideas are you contemplating? Jupiter planted seeds that will take a year to start growing.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner may be a bit of a yo-yo this month, that is, getting excited about something and then changing their mind. Have patience. If you’re single, it’s a great time to reevaluate who you’re attracted to and make adjustments. Pay attention to what is changing inside of you, as it affects what makes you happy.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Cancer rules your emotions and your sense of confidence when it comes to embracing life and its challenges. If you felt loved and secure as a child, you’ll expect the world to treat you the same way. If you didn’t get what you needed, step up to the plate and give it to yourself. Listen to your emotions, but choose which ones you pay attention to. No one but you can organize your inner world, so change is really up to you.

With Jupiter trine the Sun, you feel strong and independent. The desire to expand is powerful. Don’t hold back. So say yes to new opportunities. Saturn is still square Uranus; the boundaries of your life are being adjusted. Everything is changing due to the pandemic.

The Full Moon on the 24th in Aquarius and the 8th house reminds you that change or transformation is inevitable. The extremes of these times have pushed us all to the edge, which makes it easier to see who you are and why. Venus and Mars in Leo increases your impatience to return to wherever your comfort zone was and is.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is having trouble adjusting and needs you to be patient. If you’re single, it’s not a good time to meet new people. You’re not in a place where you feel comfortable being vulnerable.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Leo is the sign of the ego and your sense of self. It is the most important planet in the heavens, for its energy enables everything else to exist. The Sun represents light, consciousness, and the day. With Venus in your sign, you feel impatient and eager to get things done.

The square these two planets make to Uranus brings change, perhaps more than you want to embrace. However, Leo energy is always interested in making things better, improving what already exists. Uranus is presently in your 10th house of career, so your life direction is being negotiated. Part of the challenge is getting through the layers of resistance you have regarding the truth about who you are and what you want.

Your focus can be too much on how the world sees you and not enough on what’s going on inside. The Sun in your 12rh house activates your intuition, which is always there if you choose to listen to it. Listen to those flashes that come into your head. They’re accurate.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner has been changing, and as long as you can adjust, no problem. You’re not the most flexible sign in the universe so pay attention. If you’re single, it’s a great time to meet others. The opportunity will be there if you’re open to the possibility.

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Horoscope for July of 2021 for Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Virgo is the sign of health, as well as the mind. Uncorrected negative thoughts can lead to health problems. The challenge is to both give and receive with equal importance. If you do, you’ll find it easier to live a balanced life.

Your ruler, Mercury, is in charge of closing the gaps that appear.  Caught between your truth and someone else’s, you need to communicate your feelings and opinions and listen to theirs. If you can do both, you’ll make good choices.

This month your ruler is in Gemini and your 10th house of career. It’s in trine to Saturn and your 6th house of work. This ensures you will be busy. With Saturn on your side, you’ll get a lot done and done well. Mercury squares Neptune, so your biggest challenge is the truth. Don’t let your dreams and desires take over. Blend them with reality, and you’ll move forward with ease.

Truth doesn’t change. You can rely on it. With the Full Moon on the 24th in Aquarius, be prepared for a shift at work. What’s required is your attention. So if there’s a problem, solve it, don’t put it off.

If you’re in a relationship, you should feel supported and loved. If you’re single, it’s a good time to both meet new people or deepen a relationship that already exists.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra is the sign of balance. The challenge is to balance your truth with that of others. If you find that difficult, then success will also be a problem. This month the Sun is in the 10th house of career. You will attract attention and recognition. If it’s difficult for you to receive, then being noticed may cause anxiety.

With Mercury trine Saturn, it’s a great time to get things done. Saturn is a great worker, and it’s organized; it helps balance the scattered side of Mercury. Venus conjunct Mars in Leo brings out your impatience and individuality. Something important is pending, and you have trouble waiting for it to manifest.

Patience is a gift of the Gods, and if you don’t have it – work on it. In fact, Mars and Venus are in opposition to Saturn, so patience comes from those who support you. Accept their help.

Neptune square Mercury keeps certain fantasies in play. It can be one way you escape from what you don’t like. There’s nothing like the truth to set you free, and especially if you’re a Libra. The Full Moon in your 5th house offers you a good time. So be careful you don’t overdo it.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is both stable and impatient. It may trigger all your issues. If you’re single, you could fall for someone at first sight. Be careful.

Horoscope for July 2021 for Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Scorpio energy is discerning; it knows how to get rid of what is not important. It’s a powerful talent that allows you not to waste energy. When you focus on what’s important, then things get done. With the Sun in your 9th house of ideals and dreams, they have your attention. It’s important to focus on what you want instead of what will get you ahead. The stronger your passion, the more you find ways to make things happen.

If you’re not obsessed with what you want, you won’t finish everything. Passion engages all of you. With Saturn in your 4th house, things are changing where you live. If you’ve been hiding out, then it’s time to open the door and take a few risks. How you communicate what you want and who you are, is a key to your advancement. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and ideals. You can be secretive to a fault. Being cautious is good; too much can isolate you.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 24th, things at home may come to a crisis. Be prepared.

If you’re in a relationship, getting along has not been easy for some time. Uranus in your 7th house creates change, and that creates instability. If you’re single, it’s a great time to try new things. Step out of your safety zone.

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st) Horoscope for July of 2021

Sagittarius is the sign of truth and justice. Your ruler is Jupiter, and it recently entered Pisces, where it will be for one month.

Pisces rules your 4th house of the home, and chances are, as a child, you didn’t fit in. I’m not saying that love was missing, but they’re different than who you are, and this sets you on a path of your own. With Jupiter in Pisces, your home life is changing.  Perhaps you’re thinking of redecorating or adding on a new room. Saturn and Uranus are still square, and they continue to influence your finances. Something is about to change. Going in a new direction is a possibility.  Don’t worry; it’s meant to be.

Venus enters Virgo on the 23rd, ruler of your 10th house of career. Thus your work becomes more social. The truth is you can’t take the social element out of opportunity and success. You may have your first office party since the pandemic. Whatever rejuvenates your social life is a welcomed relief, so enjoy.

The Full Moon on the 24th at one degree of Aquarius sets off your 3rd house of communication and siblings. If you have any issues with your siblings, you’ll deal with them at this time. If not, be careful what you say. It could get you into trouble. Mars and Venus in Leo enhance your drive to succeed and do things your way. The perfectionist in you is easily activated.

If you’re in a relationship, their fantasies and desires are strong. Don’t be afraid to ground them with a touch of reality. If you’re single, it’s you who can be led astray through your desires and imagination. Make sure what you want is real. It’s easy this month to get lost in fantasy. So vigilance is required.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Capricorn is earth, solid, and usually in control. You’re often not obvious about your ambitions. You keep them private until the right moment. With Saturn, your ruler, square Uranus, change is not a stranger. In fact, you’ve been coping with a new and challenging world for some time.

If you’ve finally surrendered to the demand for flexibility, you’ve made the last few months a lot easier than they could have been. Jupiter in Pisces, in your third house, is expanding your communication and connections. Remember, who you know is almost as important as what you know. It’s people who open doors. With Saturn in your 2nd house of finance, you may commit to a new endeavor that has the potential of making money.

The Full Moon in this house on the 24th brings financial issues to a head.  When Jupiter reenters Aquarius on the 29th, what is owed, you can be taken care of. Venus and Mars in Leo opposite Saturn bring stability in the form of structure, and you need this. It will help make inner changes that can improve your life. You’re a strong person, but some people and issues demand attention. It’s time you adjusted your limits and not let others get away with ripping you off.

Cancer rules your house of relationships, and you are attracted to emotionally up and down souls. However, it keeps you on your toes and prevents you from getting stuck.

If you’re in a relationship, things should be good this month but not perfect. What’s important is that you appreciate each other for what you do and who you are. If you’re single, you will feel confident and ready to meet someone special, but it’s more about being ready than having something happen.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Aquarius is air, which rules communication. And as the last air sign, you’re very good at being heard. I’m sure what you do for a living has a strong emphasis on this talent. With the Sun in Cancer in your 6th house of health and work, you may want to examine your schedule and improve it. Pluto is looming over your head, reminding you that soon it will be in your sign, and then you won’t be able to escape owning your power.

Uranus has a few more years in your 4th house, so home is in a state of transition. Venus, the sign of love, rules your 4th house, so as long as love is strong, everything else doesn’t matter. Jupiter entered Pisces on May 14th, and it’s there all month before it reenters Aquarius. Pisces rules your house of finance, and new ideas may flood your thoughts with their presence. You’ll get an idea of where a new avenue of funds may be coming to you.

Neptune in Pisces has been there since 2011 and will remain until March 2025. It’s in its sign, and that gives it power. Neptune has been connecting you to your finances and values and helping you see where changes need to be made. Pay attention.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 24th creates the unexpected. Something is simmering below the surface, and the Full Moon reveals the mystery.  Perhaps it connects to a relationship. It’s not good or bad. It just needs attention. Venus and Mars in your 7th house make relationships demanding.

If you have a partner, they are coping with strong desires that may fall on your plate. With Saturn in your sign, you have the strength to say no. If you’re single, relationships this month are challenging. Saying yes to opportunity is up to you.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th) Horoscope for July of 2021

Pisces have the burden of no limitations. This means your protection is up to you. The world is open to you, but you must have faith and believe in yourself and your dreams to make things happen. With faith, anything is possible. Without it, you feel stagnant.

Work on your self-worth, and your life changes. Pay attention to what you say to yourself when things happen for the good or bad. If you’re negative, you’re the problem. With Jupiter in your sign, it’s easier to feel confident; it’s what Jupiter provides. An opportunity to expand or take a new path presents itself – it’s up to you to say yes.

Saturn opposite Venus and Mars provides structure to your desires, and you need it.  You’re attracted to friends and relationships who know what they want and who they are. Your favorite substitute for faith is control, but it only makes you more insecure.

The Full Moon on the 24th in Aquarius happens in your 12th house, be prepared for the unexpected. Your power comes from how you respond to the crisis before you.

Uranus in your 3rd house brings new ideas and possibilities. There is a yearning for change, but change places you into the unknown, not your favorite place. The unknown demands you become the master of your fate. Indeed, it requires choice and action.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is busy and on the go. You may feel neglected. Don’t be afraid to express those feelings lovingly. If you’re single, you could meet many new people, but I’m not sure the connection will be strong. So explore your desires, know who you are, and the rest will take care of itself.