Whether you live in a palace or a humble hut doesn’t matter. We all experience a stressful day now and then. Your brain is hardwired to react to stressors with your automatic survival instinct. Although you can’t erase life’s stress, you can reclaim your inner peace of mind.

Fifteen Ways to Find Your Inner Peace of Mind

Maybe you lose sleep at night because of the endless chatter in your brain that causes anxiety. Even if you surround yourself with the people and things you love, such disharmony can lead to depression and despair. Try these fifteen habits to boost your spirits and put your mind at ease.


1. Reclaim Your Peace of Mind by Laughing More

When was the last time you sat back and had a good laugh? There’s nothing like a hearty belly laugh that tickles your soul and brings you to happy tears. An article published by the University of St. Augustine explains that laughter stimulates the brain to increase “feel-good” endorphins.

Reclaim your peace of mind and find more opportunities to laugh. Watch one of your favorite comedies or share funny memories with a friend. The fun and giggles can relax your brain and bring you instantaneous joy.

2. Try Meditations for Finding Peace on a Stressful Day

Many folks have a common misconception that they can find peace in materialism. At the end of the day, however, money can’t buy your peace or happiness. Bigger, better, and more expensive “stuff” is temporary and can even cause you more stress.

Instead, learn to reclaim your peace of mind from within yourself. Create a sacred space in your home to meditate and practice mindful breathing. Discover the soothing benefits of simply “being” and letting go of unrealistic expectations.

3. Reclaim Your Peace of Mind by Managing Your Stress

What are the things that stress you? While some stress is natural at home and work, you can experience undue stress. You must first recognize these stressors to lower your anxiety and reclaim your peace of mind.

Can you make some lifestyle changes to ease the stress at home? Maybe procrastination and poor time management are breaking your nerves. Identifying your stressors and finding ways to reduce them can take a load off your shoulders.

4. Dance and Play Some Tunes

Humans have connected the divine and each other throughout the ages through music and dance. It’s a perennial language that speaks to the soul in the harmony of the Universe. Music and dance are superb stress busters that can reclaim peace of mind.

Whenever you feel hopelessly stressed, crank up some of your favorite tunes. Get your body moving and dance for the fun of it. You will feel better, and the music can tap into your creativity. Living a life of peacefulness is so much better than being anxious all the time.

5. Stretch or Massage Your Body

Stress affects you mentally and emotionally and can manifest physical conditions. When you’re stressed and anxious, you feel the tension in your neck, back, and other muscle groups. Chronic Stress warns that persistent stress may lead to frequent pain or worsen a recurring condition.

Soothe your tired and achy muscles with gentle stretches. Practicing yoga every day can strengthen your muscles and calm your mind. You can also get a massage to work out the power and joint tension.

6. Clear Your Energy

If you could open your spiritual eyes, you’d notice that an aura or sphere of energy surrounds everyone. Your point can be either positive or negative, depending on your mindset. Other people’s energy can also affect your atmosphere; sometimes, it needs cleansing.

An article published by Yoga Journal recommends that you clear your energy often. You can use meditative visualization, mineral water spritzes, or burning white sage. According to the article, these are typical ways to brush out the negative and invigorate your spirit with positive energy.

7. Unplug or Lessen Screen Time to Reclaim Your Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, much of your world depends on technology. Your smartphone, mobile devices, TVs, and computers dominate your daily activities. Unfortunately, not all of the information the media pumps into your mind is positive.

One of the best daily habits to reclaim your peace of mind is to unplug from technology for a while, says author Naomi Shimada in a Ted Talk. Create blocks of technology-free time during meals and other family activities. Turn off your phone and mobile devices and limit your screen time in the evening.

8. Practice Gratitude Despite Stressful Times

Why is it easy for people to focus on negative rather than overwhelmingly positive things? According to the law of attraction, concentrating on negativity produces negative affirmations into the Universe. In turn, you’ll continue to attract more of the same until you change your mindset.

What are the blessings in your life for which you are grateful? Consider keeping a gratitude list and jot down anything that comes to mind. Determine every day to say “thank you” to the Universe.


9. Reclaim Your Peace of Mind By Learning Forgiveness

The beauty of forgiveness is that it benefits both the forgiver and the forgiven. It is human nature to falsely assume that holding a grudge will punish those who hurt you. However, bitterness is an insidious poison that only harms the grudge bearer.

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse or forget the pain that others have caused. Nor does it mean you must let that person back into your life. Use it as a gift to acknowledge the offense and move on.

You can also burden your life with past regrets and offenses you’ve committed. It takes a big person to admit you were wrong and ask for forgiveness. Even if the person refuses to forgive you, it will no longer be your burden.

Finally, do not forget to forgive yourself and find the peacefulness you need. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and shortcomings and pick yourself up from the mud. While you can’t undo the past, each day is a new page for you to script your present and future.

10. Uncover the Emotional Gunk You’ve Been Hiding

Speaking of baggage, what other emotional cobwebs are blocking the light of joy from your spirit? Consider giving your mind and soul a thorough spring cleaning. At first, you may feel uncomfortable sweeping away all the pain, frustration, and regret you’ve hidden for years.

Although you can’t forget this spiritual hoard, you can release it into the Universe. Let go of criticism, judgment, and anger and replace it with acceptance, peace, and contentment. You’ll be surprised at how much space you have in your heart when you declutter the junk from the past.

11. Extend Love to Others

It is a mistake to describe love as an emotion when it’s a choice. You’re not forced to love your family and friends. It is a choice you willingly make as you accept love from them.

The love you have for your significant other goes beyond the emotion of infatuation. You choose to love them and let them love you. Offering love to others costs you nothing but means everything to you and those you love.

12. Learn to Be More Detached

Everyone faces attachment to their families, careers, money, and possessions. However, emotionally attaching yourself often stands in the way of realizing your dreams. It makes you feel like you’ll only be whole if you have these things, the perfect mate, the perfect house, etc.

When you release the illusion of perfection, you can detach from the shackles of wanting bigger and better. Buddhists call it anatta, which means removing your attachment to worldly desires. Then, you can enjoy what you have and focus on spiritual renewal.

13. Take Short Naps to Reclaim Your Peace of Mind

In several cultures worldwide, taking little naps during the day is not optional; they are mandatory. Countries like Italy and Mexico often close shops during the day’s heat for people to take siestas. These short rests restore energy for the rest of the day.

If you feel drained during the day, have a power nap for about fifteen minutes. You can even do it on your lunch break at work. This brief respite can be the boost you need for your happiness and to recharge your batteries.

14. Practice Tolerance and Patience

This world is big enough for differences of opinions and personal perspectives. When you accept others as they are and practice tolerance and patience, you feel more content in your space. Plus, you receive the blessings of tolerance from other people.

15. Roam The Great Outdoors After a Stressful Day

There’s an unexplainable comfort in nature that you can enjoy anytime. Release those stressful moments by walking through the woods or your neighborhood park. Inhale the fresh air and express gratitude for the trees, plants, water, and little woodland creatures.


Final Thoughts on Ways to Have Peace of Mind, Even  on a Stressful Day

Are you tired of simply existing and not living up to your full potential? Try these helpful tips and other ways to bring joy and peace to your entire being on the most stressful days. Not only can you have more clarity to define your destination, but you will enjoy the trip.