Do you feel like the universe wants to send you a message lately? The universal consciousness speaks to us in various ways to guide us on our paths through life. It may direct us down roads full of twists and turns, but the universe never gives us anything we can’t handle. Sometimes, the divine consciousness puts us in demanding situations to help us grow and change, learning on our unique paths.

When you feel like throwing in the towel, remember that you’re a vital part of this cosmic drama. Without you, this temporary movie on the screen of consciousness wouldn’t be complete. Plus, a human birth offers a rare opportunity to realize your true self beyond the confines of the mind and body. Try to express gratitude to the universe during challenging times for giving you this chance to change and grow spiritually.

With that said, you might notice the universe testing you in various ways throughout your journey. Look out for the following situations as a sign that the universal consciousness wants to help you blossom.

5 Things That Prove the Universe Wants to Test You


1. The universe will test you by shaking up your life.

As they say, nothing lasts forever, but we often forget this important fact of life. It helps to remember that neither the blissful nor depressing moments endure forever. That’s because duality must exist in this universe to make divine play possible. It requires light and dark to bring consciousness to the human plane and carry out this world drama.

So, the universe may test you by putting you in a challenging situation just when your life seems relatively calm. By doing this, the all-knowing Source energy wants to help awaken you from this illusion covering the actual reality.

After all, if nothing negative ever happened on earth, no one would want to leave. Just remember to remain inwardly calm and detached when the universe disrupts your life with chaos. If you can maintain mental equilibrium in the good and bad times, you’re well on your way to conquering your ego.

2. The universe will challenge you by throwing a wrench in your plans.

We make elaborate, well-intentioned plans for our lives, and the universe laughs. That doesn’t mean our dreams will never work out as we intended or we should never have goals. However, the universal will operates differently than our will and desires.

What we want for our lives doesn’t always mesh with what divine consciousness wants. Therefore, the universe will sometimes redirect us to bring positive change and balance to earth. Remember, we’re all connected here, so the universe wants us to strive for equality and harmony.

That means personal desires may only sometimes manifest the way we envisioned. However, keeping an open mind and aligning your vision with the universal will is important.

3. You’re experiencing discord in your relationships.


Often, the universe challenges us by making us rethink personal relationships. If someone no longer serves your best interests, the divine consciousness will try to separate you from that person. You might suddenly find yourself getting into fights or wanting space from people. That’s the universe attempting to restore peace in your life and helping you see the bigger picture.

It’s also a powerful lesson from the universe about learning to let go and become unattached from the temporary pleasures in life. Relationships are some of the most challenging attachments to overcome, but the universe wants us to remember our greater purpose. Behind human love is the all-pervading, endless love of the entire cosmos. So, by creating strife and disharmony in relationships, the universe helps us transcend our earthly nature.

4. You feel disillusioned and discontent with life.

If you suddenly lose your passion and zest for life, please try not to assume the worst. Feeling unhappy with your situation can often send you down the path of questioning your existence. Why are you here, and what’s the ultimate goal of life? After the thrill of living wears off, you might start wondering how to find lasting, perfect happiness.

When your longing for knowledge becomes intense, the universe may send you a spiritual teacher to help awaken you from your slumber. So, don’t run from or feel ashamed about any negative feelings you might have. It’s simply a message from the divine consciousness that this isn’t your home, and you don’t belong here. By sitting still and quieting your mind in meditation, you can begin your journey back to the soul.

5. The universe may test you by taking away money or material possessions.

Most people feel slightly upset when they lose money, jobs, homes, or possessions. However, when something unfortunate like that happens, it’s the universe trying to open your eyes to the fleeting nature of life. Also, the divine consciousness might want you to remember the importance of giving without expecting anything in return. In reality, we don’t own anything here – we’re simply borrowing it for a short time.

Therefore, if you experience financial troubles or lose your job, always trust that the universe knows what’s best for you. During these times, you should reflect inwardly and tune into the divine will to understand what it wants for you. Also, remember to give to your neighbors and share what you have – it will come back to you tenfold.


Final Thoughts on Recognizing How the Universe Is Trying to Change and Challenge You

Life on earth often seems tumultuous, uncertain, and frustrating. We’re thrown into this world without much instruction and expected to serve society somehow. Life doesn’t always work out as planned or envisioned despite our best intentions. The universe likes to throw us curveballs to test our inner strength and help remind us of our true nature and the need to change.

Therefore, if you have experienced difficult circumstances recently, take it as a positive sign from the universe. Pain often is an influential teacher, reminding us that we’re much stronger than we think. It also gives us a reason to look beyond this earthly realm for permanent happiness, beyond temporary sense pleasures.