If you’re feeling lost, anxious, or defeated, remember to trust the universe because everything sorts itself out eventually. You may try to control the course of your life, but then the universe intervenes and has other plans. That’s why you should master the art of letting go and enjoying the journey. We can never predict exactly how life will turn out, but that’s the beauty of it!

How boring would it be to know what’s waiting around every corner? It would take the spontaneity and thrill out of life if everything went according to our exact blueprints. Sometimes life takes us on a bumpy ride, and other times it’s smooth-sailing and peachy.

Either way, not having expectations and being present despite what’s happening around you will bring inner peace. If you can trust the universe and its divine plan for your life, everything will fall into place.

7 Reasons to Trust the Universe…Everything Will Be OK

Remember, what you resist persists, so by breaking down those barriers and opening yourself up to life, you’ll tune yourself to the universal will.

trust the universe

1 – We’re living in a dream.

Everything here appears natural, but it’s simply an illusion. Called maya in Hinduism, it refers to the veil covering the true nature of existence, called Brahman or the Supreme Self. Many people become entangled in this phenomenal world because they can only perceive consciousness through the senses. However, higher realms exist, which we can access through deep meditation, self-awareness, and breathing techniques.

So, remember to trust the universe as you navigate through this earthly realm. It’s simply a school where we learn valuable lessons, but it’s not the ultimate reality. Please don’t take it too seriously.

2 – Nothing lasts forever.

Due to the nature of this temporary movie on the screen of limitless consciousness, it’s unwise to cling or get attached to anything. It’s all impermanent phenomena, appearing and fading periodically on the world stage. So, whether you’re experiencing something painful or blissful, remain inwardly calm and remember that you’re here to observe. You’re not here to get entangled with the cosmic dream, as this only adds to your karma.

Trust the universe and remember that everything you need lies within, as the Self watching the manifested dream.

3 – You are the universe experiencing itself.

When we say to trust the universe, we also mean to trust in your higher self. You’re not a separate being; everything you see outwardly also lies within you. Therefore, if you can learn to access your intuition and guide your consciousness through this material plane, you can awaken in the cosmic dream.

There’s nothing to fear because you already have the entire universe. You need to realize it by removing the stains of ignorance covering your soul.

4 – Stress and worries only deepen the delusion in you.

If you’re trying to become more conscious, you will have to relinquish any worries and fears. Trust the universe because you’re a child of the divine, possessing the same powers and consciousness as the creator. Simply believing this and allowing the universal will to move through you will enhance your willpower and magnetism.

Never dream that you’re inferior or unworthy of experiencing this abundance because your thoughts create your reality. Trust the universe and dream instead that you’re a spark of consciousness, complete and fulfilled on your own.

trust the universe

5 – Trust the universe because out of chaos comes order.

Any time you see disorder and chaos around you, know that reorganization will soon follow. Currently, we’re facing many crises and disasters that seem out of our control on this planet. They’re a result of our karma, but it’s simply a dream either way. Try to observe without getting emotionally attached, and remember that it’s all temporary regardless.

Eventually, we will witness a massive restructuring of society because chaos cannot rule forever. Even in times of relative stability, disorder and dysfunction happen personally as well. It’s nothing to fear, though; it’s simply phenomena interacting with you. If you look at it through that perspective, you can remain fearless in the face of anything.

6 – You’re not alone here.

Many people in the modern world suffer from loneliness and isolation. Even if they have friends, a spouse, and close family, loneliness may still affect them at times. Feeling lonely along our life path is expected in this material realm because this isn’t our true home. We’ve strayed far from our divine home, and we feel painfully separated from Source. However, even in your darkest times, trust the universe and remember that you’re never alone.

You always have a guiding hand in the form of your intuition to show you right from wrong. You also have spirit guides and consciousness to light the way back home. Always keep your eternal nature in the back of your mind, as this thought alone will help quell your fears and loneliness.

7 – You have a divine purpose; trust the universe to reveal it to you.

Every single one of us came here for some reason, either to work out karma or realize the nature of our existence. This doesn’t mean you have to win a Nobel Prize or write an award-winning book to fulfill your purpose. In fact, your most significant goal in this life should be to wake up from the cosmic dream. Do that, and you will have fulfilled the desires of millions of incarnations.

Trust the universe and become enlightened to your divine nature, and you’ll have bliss, love, and wisdom unimaginable.

trust the universe

Final Thoughts on  Learning to Trust the Universe

All of our souls came here for one ultimate purpose: to realize that we’re not just mortals struggling on Earth. No, we’re divine embodiments of consciousness itself, only deluded by the karma and ignorance covering our souls. If we can wake up to our true nature, our karma is finished.

While you’re on this earthly plane, trust the universe and the signs it gives you. Pay attention to your inner self above all else because going within will help you unlock your true nature. It’s time to leave this cosmic drama and finally answer the question: “Who am I?”