Is your life plan to wander about aimlessly in your life, searching for direction and purpose? Fortunately, the Universe will help you if only you listen to its loving whispers. How can you recognize your destiny and follow it?

Once you learn the signs of divine guidance, you can learn how to follow your heart.

Fifteen Signs That the Universe Is Guiding Your Life Plan

As a human, you have free will, and your higher power won’t override your decisions. However, it has your best interests at heart and will drop you hints along the way. When you notice one or more of these fifteen subtle hints, the source of all may be trying to tell you something.

1. Perfectly Timed Coincidences May Suggest Hints About Your Life Plan

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Even if you tend to be skeptical, some events overlap so precisely that it defies coincidence. A study published by the University of London calls these serendipitous moments “happy accidents” that may provide valuable insight for successful outcomes. It all depends on the moment and what your inner voice tells you about your life’s plan.

For example, you have an interview for a new job you want, but you’re afraid to make such a leap. The day of your interview, you see a billboard that says, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” You’d never noticed that sign before, and you drive down that highway every day.

Maybe you hadn’t paid attention in the past, or someone just posted the new billboard sign today. Is it coincidence, or are the cosmos trying to speak to your heart? You’ll never know until you trust your inner voice and take that first step.

2. Dreams That Give You Guidance

Since recorded history, people from all cultures have been fascinated with dreams. Many ancient traditions linked dreams with the spiritual realms and believed they could predict the future. Although most scholars associate dreaming with the subconscious, medical science remains a mystery.

Sometimes, your inner voice will speak to you in your sleep. The brain uses symbols and other mental scenes that can be nonsense or pertinent in your life. If you’ve had prophetic dreams that have come true, maybe your higher power is revealing your life plan as you sleep.

3. Writings that Speak to Where You’re at In Life

One of the reasons you may love to read is because certain books resonate with your spirit. Whether they are nonfiction or your favorite fiction genre, you choose them because you feel part of each page. Of course, you may also find inspiration in poems, articles, and even a heartfelt message.

The words you consume in your mind can connect with you mentally and spiritually. The cosmos can use what you read to send messages about your life plan. Some of these messages can be surprisingly obvious.

4. Roadblocks Everywhere You Turn

Sometimes, spirit opens doors for you to consider, and other times it closes them. How often have you stuck your foot into a spiritually closed door, walked through, and regretted it later? While you have the right to decide as you please, a roadblock should be a red flag that says, “wrong direction” or bad karma.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try anything new just because you face resistance. Achieving worthwhile goals takes patience, diligence, and hard work. However, if every road on the path is blocked and your intuition says “no,” then perhaps you should heed the warnings.

5. Meditative Messages May Reveal Your Life Plan

If you practice meditation, you realize its many benefits, from relaxing your body to soothing your mind. Another benefit that you may discover is that you’re more in tune with the divine messages for your life plan. Meditation allows you to quiet the negative messages in your head to hear your inner voice.

6. Divine Appointments with People in Similar Places in Life

Have you ever thought of a friend you’ve not seen for a long time, only for them to call you that day? Or maybe you’re in a rarely visited store, and that person runs to greet you? It gets even more spiritually authentic when your longtime pal says they’ve been thinking about you and mention things you’ve not told them.

It’s all about your higher power bringing people into your life when you need them. Let’s say you’re a graphic designer and you’re trying to get some clients. As you talk to a stranger on the bus, you discover that they’ve been searching for someone to design their new book covers.

In this case, the divine has planned a connection that benefits you both. It’s another solid reason to treat others with kindness and respect. You never know if the stranger next to you isn’t there by coincidence, but instead, they’re there by divine appointment.

7. Recurring Numbers and Sequences Give Hints About Your Life Plan

Numbers are more than just symbols to quantify things for many cultures worldwide. They have a mystical significance that creates patterns related to your life plan. You may notice patterns and synchronicity that are too obvious to ignore.

Numerology is based on the belief that your higher power sends messages through numbers and sequences. Each number from 1 to 0 holds a specific interpretation. You can research discovering your number and how it relates to your goals.

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8. Physical Symptoms that Signify Something More Profound

Not only does your intuition speak to your mind and spirit, but it will manifest messages in your body. It stands to reason why your inner voice is often called your gut feeling. The divine can send messages that connect with you physically, and you’ll often say you “feel” rather than “think.”

Sometimes, the message may come in strange sensations or even pain. Why do you get a pounding headache around a potential love interest? Perhaps your inner voice is telling you this person isn’t right for you.

9. Answered Prayers

Whether you call your spiritual desires prayers or positive affirmations, receiving an answer is glorious. Remember that the source of all is pure love and wants what’s best for you even more than you do. You attract blessings by using prayer and positive affirmations to agree with this power.

10. Triggered Memories

When spirit triggers a memory that will eventually benefit your life plan, there are times. It could be pleasant or uncomfortable, depending on the message you receive. Your higher power can use painful past experiences to warn you not to make the same mistakes.

11. Noticing Animals Repeatedly

If you’re an animal lover, you probably connect with nature on a spiritual level. Many cultures, such as most Native American tribes, consider animals and nature as sacred connections to the divine. Think of your favorite animal and its attributes and why it may be used to get your attention.

12. Gut Feelings May Reveal Your Life Plan

An article published by Johns Hopkins Medicine describes the link between your brain and your gut. Researchers still don’t understand how your inner voice, or gut instinct, works with your brain to decide about your life plan.

Have you ever been unsure of something and had that overwhelming sensation in the pit of your stomach? Sometimes, the feeling is a positive green light, and sometimes it’s a definite “no.” Your intuition is interwoven into the divine, which keeps you safe and helps you reach your potential.

13. Repeating Song Lyrics

Everyone has a favorite song or group, and you’ll pump up the volume when you hear it. Somehow, the music and lyrics transport you to another place in time and bring you joy. The words may hold significant meanings for events in your past and present, and you’re hearing them repeat for a reason.

14. Your Life Plan May Adjust Due to Weather Changes

Have you ever had plans to go somewhere and had to cancel because of the weather? While you were probably frustrated and disappointed then, a spirit may have protected you from something that could have caused injury or even death. This sacred Power can use weather to keep you safe to fulfill your life plan.

15. Finding Objects or Losing Objects

Nothing can be more frustrating than losing something important or valuable. What’s more, you often lose it right when you need it the most. While some can attribute this situation to natural consequences, sometimes it’s something more divine trying to get your attention.

You may also receive a divine message when you find a fascinating object. It could be a symbol to you about a crucial decision. For example, maybe you find a vintage art book and have been thinking about attending art school.

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Final Thoughts on Signs that the Universe Is Guiding You

You have the right to choose your life plan, be it in the perfect or permissive will of spirit. Learn to be sensitive to the small, still voice that speaks to you in many ways. Soon, you’ll be more in tune with your higher power, and you’ll be on target for your destiny full of good karma, happiness, and total fulfillment.