How to Declutter your Home and Life for Better

How to Declutter your Home and Life for Better

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The thought of living with less stuff is a completely pleasant idea for it means less stress, less cleaning, more organization and it leaves many wondering how do you declutter your home homes and life.

Living with chores and errands to run due to unattended activities requires consideration of decluttering one’s life for an easier lifestyle. This call for ways in which one could declutter their lives and live smoothly without pending issues to attend to. There are many ways you can use to declutter your home that we will discuss below.

How to Declutter your Home

Give away one item each day

This will ensure consistency in reducing the clutter in your home. Give away clothes, shoes or even utensils that you do not use.
Fill one trash bag-Randomly pick a trash bag and put unwanted stuff in it, it helps remove garbage and unused items.


Try the Oprah Winfrey closet hunger experiment

Try the Oprah Winfrey closet hunger experiment where you hung all your clothes in reverse order on their hangers and return them correctly after you wear them. After some time you will take note of those clothes that are still in the reverse position and that calls for disposal.

Give yourself 5 solid minutes

This comes from the 18 different 5-minutes decluttering tips where you pick a random number between 1 and 18 and commit 5 minutes to it removing trash and those things that you do not use.



The 12-12-12 challenge

Take the 12-12-12 challenge this is where you donate twelve, throw away twelve and return to proper home twelve items that you possess in an effort to declutter your home.
Use the four box method-take four boxes and use one for trash, another for give away, keep and the last one to relocate.


Experiment with numbers

You can pick 111 for eleven articles of clothing for one month and you can then tell what is not needed for putting aside those that you did not wear.
Use your imagination. Take note of the things you purchase and those you keep and weight whether they are actually needed or they pile garbage.
Change your perspective. Find strategies that help you notice what is garbage and what could be kept. Try different ways of arranging your rooms since it makes you notice what’s not important.

How to declutter your life

Make your bed

Always straighten your bed when you wake up to avoid doing it in the evening after work or a tiresome day.

Finish one-minute tasks right away

Things, like emptying the trash can or wiping the tables, should be done immediately, avoid procrastination.

Find a permanent stand for items


This ensures you don’t have glasses on the kitchen counter or shoes in your corridor by getting a shoe and utensil racks hence it helps declutter your life.

Weed out junk mails

Keeping mails stocked up that are not even needed for reference will increase your clutter and therefore you could dispose them off immediately after reading them, if you know what’s in the mail. There’s no point of reading it at all.

Keep dishes out of the sink

Clean your utensils after having your meal, snack or drink to ensure that they do not crowd the sink or dirt all your utensils.


Find garbage

Find the things that are not being used like emptying fruit boxes or documents and dispose them to declutter your life.

Keep clothes off the floor

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