Your heart chakra is located in the center of your chest, and it works with your heart, lungs, thymus gland, and cardiac plexus. But how open your heart chakra when it’s closed off to others?

Each chakra is characterized by a different color and frequency, and the heart chakra connects the other six chakras. It is the centralized chakra that everything revolves around. The heart chakra is represented by the color green and brings about love, forgiveness, and compassion.

If this chakra is blocked, it will cause anger, grief, hatred, and jealousy instead. When you open your heart chakra, you can improve your emotional life and understand your feelings more. You’ll become happier, and you will start finding joy in the little things.

If you’re struggling emotionally in any way, opening your heart chakra is the way to heal. It only takes a little work to figure out and, once you get the hang of it, it’ll become a natural habit in your life. To start, use these time-honored ways to open your heart chakra and begin healing right away.

What Happens When the Heart Chakra is Closed

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There are a few things that can block this chakra and make it difficult to open back up. Illness, stress, and any emotional conflict can cause a blockage. When it is blocked, it can cause your physical, spiritual, and emotional health to suffer.

You might experience poor circulation and irregular blood pressure. It can also cause an emotional disconnect, a lack of empath, and a lack of trust. Plus, you will be insecure if your chakra is closed.

If your heart chakra is closed, it can also cause you to block self-love and the love for others. You might struggle to love others and the world around you, too. Other issues that it can cause include:

  • feeling bitter and angry
  • blaming others
  • judging others
  • feeling like you lack purpose in life
  • moodiness and emotional sensitivity
  • feeling lonely or isolated
  • codependency
  • self-hate
  • relationship troubles

Ten Ways to Open Your Heart Chakra

Keep these tips in mind when you are ready to clear your energy.

1. Use Daily Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations each day can help you open your heart chakra as you increase your positive energy. To remember to repeat them every morning, you can leave sticky notes on your bathroom mirror or in your office at work. You can use affirmations for any blockages you experience in life.

2. Do Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for many things in your life, and opening your heart chakra is one of them. Certain poses open the chakra and help you with healing. Some of the poses that help with this include:

  • bow pose
  • upward facing dog
  • half camel pose
  • bridge pose
  • wheel pose
  • reverse plank pose

3. Accept Yourself

When your heart chakra is blocked, it can be easy to fall into the habit of negative self-thoughts. You might find that you aren’t accepting of yourself, and you continually judge yourself. Attacking yourself mentally and emotionally will hold you back, so removing this habit is essential.

Anytime you think of a negative thought, replace it with a couple of positive ones. Start identifying the things you love about yourself rather than your insecurities or faults.

4. Try Some Breathing Techniques

The heart chakra’s element is air, so breathing techniques help open it up. There are many breathing exercises you could try, but Nadhi Sodhana is the most successful technique.

Nadhi Sodhana is a form of nostril breathing. It will help you relax and find balance while having positive effects on your entire body.

To start this breathing technique, you will want to sit or lay down. Once you are comfortable, blow all of the air out of your lungs. Then, use your thumb to block the right nostril while inhaling through the left and into your stomach.

Once you can’t inhale anymore, use another finger to block the other nostril and hold it for a few seconds. Release your thumb from the right nostril but keep your finger on your left nostril.

Exhale all of your air out of the right side, then repeat this process. This time, inhale through your left nostril and blow it out of your left nostril.

5. Meditation

Doing meditation can help positive energy flow throughout your body. It helps you become aware of your emotions and deal with them accordingly. Medication is different for everyone, so find what works for you and try it out.

Some meditation tips include:

  • wear something comfortable
  • sit or lie down
  • find a quiet, calm location
  • focus on your breathing
  • close your eyes

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6. Try Sonic Therapy

Sonic therapy uses sound, vibration, intonation, and music to bring healing to the heart, body, and mind. Oftentimes, this means using music or sounds that relate to the natural environment. You might hear waterfalls, birds, wind, rain, thunderstorms, laughter, or anything else that brings you peace.

To open your heart chakra, you will want to focus on elements associated with air. It will help you recalibrate and clear the blockages. For further benefit, pair sonic therapy with your yoga or meditation session, too.

7. Use Gemstones or Crystals

Gemstones are useful for healing all chakras, and the heart chakra is no different. By wearing or holding the stones, you can open your chakra to allow love and happiness inside. You can wear them as jewelry or keep one nearby to hold in your hand when you need some help.

If you are dealing with loss or need emotional healing, you should use jade. For erasing limiting beliefs and reduce negativity, green calcite is useful. Emerald will help with developing harmony and unity, while malachite is helpful for fidelity and loyalty.

If you are looking to clear emotional blockages, you can use a green aventurine. Rose quartz will help you regain mental stability, and ruby can help with nurturing, health, knowledge, and wealth.

As if all of that isn’t enough, amazonite can open the heart, soothe emotional trauma, and promote positive communication. Gemstones can help with any blockage you might experience, making them the perfect option.

You can hold the gemstones while you do some of the other activities, too. During meditation, sonic therapy, breathing techniques, and while repeating affirmations, use the gemstones as an added benefit.

8. Add Some Green to Your Life

Since green is the color associated with the heart chakra, adding green to your life will help you open it up. Incorporating this color into your life can help you heal, open up, and become more positive.

It is easy to add green to your life, too. You can invest in some green clothing you love or add green to your office or workspace. Adding green plants to your home can help, too.

Another way you can add green to your life is by eating green food. The healthier the green food is, the more it will help with your energy blockages. Aim for green vegetables such as cucumbers, leafy greens, broccoli, and green apples.

9. Practice Self-Love and Self-Care

Self-love is essential if you want to open your heart chakra again. Take care of yourself by setting boundaries, saying ‘no’ when you want or need to, and taking responsibility. Self-care also includes holding yourself accountable and doing things you enjoy, as well.

Take this time for yourself because it is the only way you will regain your sense of balance. Work on bettering yourself as a person, too, because that is the ultimate form of self-love.

10. Use Essential Oils

Some essential oils can help open the heart chakra, including rose oil, rose geranium oil, and peppermint oil. You can use the essential oils in a few different ways, making them easy to implement in your life.

However, the best way to use them in this instance is to mix them with a carrier oil and rub them on your chest. Do this before you go to bed or after your shower for the best results.

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Final Thoughts on Time-Honored Ways to Open Your Heart Chakra

The seven chakras are miraculous, and learning about them can change your life. Your fourth chakra is essential for emotional stability and healing, so learning how to open your heart chakra is essential. These time-honored ways to open it can help you obtain the lifestyle and mindset that you desire.

If you feel like you might have an emotional or energy block, a closed heart chakra could be the cause. Check for the signs of it being closed, and then implement some of these methods into your daily life. As you implement these tips, you will notice a drastic improvement.

You can try one tip at a time, or you can use multiple suggestions at once. Add these activities to your day will help you immensely, so try the ones that fit your lifestyle and are comfortable doing. You can always come back later and try some of the other methods to open your heart chakra.