The bond between a mother and daughter is special; there’s nothing quite like a mother’s love. Moms are pivotal in their daughter’s life, as they are responsible for emotional and psychological development. Mom’s love is the foundation used throughout life to drive her to reach her dreams.

The famous country singer Martina McBride wrote a song called “In My Daughter’s Eyes.” In the lyrics, she talks about how her daughter sees her as a hero, and she is viewed as someone solid and wise. Not only is the daughter blessed by a loving relationship with the mom, but the mom is equally blessed to have such a bond with her child.

Yes, all children need their parents. But today, we will pay a special tribute to the bond between mothers and daughters.

The Important Reasons Why A Mother’s Love Is Needed

These days, many young ladies are raised by grandmothers and other family members, and while they have a role model, they will always be missing the benefits of having a mother’s love. A mom is the one that teaches so much in the formative years, and she helps build confidence and strength for adulthood.

Here are 15 reasons a child needs this unconditional affection to help her grow and mature.

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While grandma, aunt, cousins, and friends can raise children, replacing a mom in a child’s life is never easy.

1. Your Children Comes First

A good mom always puts her children first in a world with 150 things to do each day and not enough time. They may love their spouse, but the children are non-negotiable. A mother’s love is so pure that they would lay down their life if it meant the child could live, and selfless love is what she strives to teach her daughter.

2. Be Generous and Eager to Give Back

Kindness always matters. People always have less than you; you should never look down on them. The love of a mother shows that you are never too good to reach your hand to someone in need and help lift them.

You will watch your mom work in soup kitchens, give clothes to those in need, and make goodies for children with less. All the while, she’s teaching you the mandate of loving your neighbor and giving back.

3. How to Love and Nurture Your Spouse

Children learn how to treat their spouses by watching their parents. They learn these terrible traits if their parents argue, have physical altercations, and use verbally abusive terms. A daughter must see her mother and father interact with respect and care.

4. The Importance of Healthy Meals and The Family Dinner Table

While children might fuss at a healthy meal, a mom knows that they need good food to grow and be healthy. A mother’s love causes her to sit around the dinner table and ask how each child’s day went, even when she’s so tired she can hardly keep her eyes open.

5. The Reason Why Setting Goals is So Important

Setting goals is essential, and a daughter watches her mom tackle each goal she sets. A mother’s love teaches her offspring that you won’t go anywhere if you don’t have dreams and aspirations in life.

6. In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Just Be Kind

Kindness is a gift to the world. Today, children are taught that they can be anything they want to be, but a mother’s love teaches them that nothing surpasses being kind. She wants them to reach new heights and climb every mountain in their way, but she wants them to do it without stepping on others.

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7. Maturity Comes with Age – As Well As Wisdom

Daughters don’t mature overnight as it’s a process that comes with age. However, as a girl watches her mom, her maturity has taught her many lessons. Just as the mother watches the daughter grow, the daughter also watches the mother grow and mature as she enters advanced life phases.

8. To Be Savvy and Develop Social Intelligence

It’s believed that to have a good life and career, you must develop social intelligence. With time, a daughter will learn to evaluate and influence other people’s emotions, which will give her a leg up in the business world. Even during the most challenging times, getting along with others helps to mold your character into a mature woman.

9. A Hard Work Ethic

A mother never stops even when she’s tired, sad, or sick. They ensure the house is cleaned, the laundry is done, and there is always food in the house. They have this list of responsibilities that they run through in their minds each day, and they can’t rest until they are all completed.

10. It’s Okay to Cry

When the world gets to be too much to bear, a mother’s love teaches her daughter that it’s okay to cry. Mom also tells her that she dries her tears when she’s done and gets back to work. Though life may hand you blows that make you feel like quitting; you keep going until you can’t go anymore.

11. Spirituality is Important

Spirituality means different things to different people. For some, it’s a belief in God and that there is always someone more significant and powerful watching from above. For others, it’s the belief in the universe and a higher power.

Regardless of what you believe, being in tune with your spiritual self is essential. Mothers can show daughters how to tap into their higher power and use it for good. Since children learn by example, they must show their daughters the importance of spirituality in life.

12. Family Above All Else

Blood is always thicker than water; you must put your family first. Mothers teach their daughters that you still stick up for your family. You don’t let bullies or troublemakers come in and cause division as your unit is stronger than that.

A mother shows her children that you attend family functions, reunions, baby showers, and anything that allows you to support other relatives. In return, most of those people will help you when you need it in life.

13. It’s Okay to Pamper Yourself

A mother’s love shows you that sometimes you must take the day off and pamper yourself. Spending a little money and splurge on that new dress, a pedicure, or time at the spa is okay. You will learn to love these days when you get to pour into yourself instead of others.

Remember, an empty vessel cannot pour anything, so you must also take care of your needs. Your mom showed you that letting your hair down and having fun occasionally is okay.

14. Live for Today and Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

Anxiety and depression can easily creep into your life if you allow it. Rather than borrowing trouble from tomorrow, a mom teaches her daughter to live for the day. Did you know that 91 percent of the things that you worry about will never come true? So, it’s useless to let anxieties of the future inhibit your potential to have a great day today.

15. Always Count Your Blessings as Materialism is a Trap

Finally, your mom taught you that you must be thankful for everything that you have. You can’t get sidetracked by the new houses and cars that the neighbors bought. You must count every blessing the universe has handed you, and you should never be jealous of anyone else’s success.

Keeping up with the “Jones” is a trap of materialism that can bankrupt you financially and emotionally. You will be entrusted with more when you are thankful for what you have in this life. Your mother taught you that material items would perish, but true love and devotion to your family and friends will never be forgotten.

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Final Thoughts on A Mother’s Love

Where would the world be without mothers? Moms are the ones that feed, nurture, change diapers, and sing to their newborns. Sure, dads do a rather good job too, but they may struggle to replace the love and devotion of mom. Perhaps, the love of a mother can be best expressed through this poem:

“Who can measure the depths of a mother’s love, for it’s as great as the deepest ocean? The love of a mother is as refreshing as an eagle watching over her young ones and as protective as a lion encircling her cubs. The love of a mother is as beautiful and calming as a flower blanketed in the snow.

She smells as lovely as roses in the meadow, and her smile brightens like the sun. The stars in the heavens twinkle in amazement, and the branches of the trees lift their hands in admiration of all she does. The wind whistles a sweet song in gratitude, all for a mother’s love.”

There are two people that a child needs most in life, a mother and father. Each has important roles that help in the development and provide nurturing. Perhaps, nothing on this earth is as warm and enduring as the love of a mother.