10 Phrases That Reveal a Relationship Isn’t Meant to Last

10 Phrases That Reveal a Relationship Isn’t Meant to Last

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Your partner talking to you is a sure sign of how he feels about you. It is also an indicator of the strength of your relationships and if your love is meant to last. Pay attention to how you and your partner communicate because an inability to communicate positively is a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

The way you and your partner communicate can tell you all you need to know about your future together. If your partner says demeaning or intentionally hurtful things to you, pay attention. These issues are sure signs that your relationship is not meant to last because treating someone that way isn’t a sign of respect.

When your partner speaks, take their words to heart because they depict their true feelings. Even if they claim later on that they didn’t mean what they said, you should never ignore it. Saying things and then trying to take them back later shows that their feelings aren’t deep enough.


While everyone makes mistakes in a relationship, you can’t be too easy-going about the things your partner says. Some phrases that you might hear from your partner indicate that the relationship isn’t meant to last. If your partner says these things, it might be time to reassess your relationship or discuss the issues.

Ten Phrases That Reveal a Relationship Might Not Be Meant to Last

Do you recognize any of these signs in your relationships? They might serve as red flags as you move forward.

meant to last1. “I wish you’d wear something else.”

If your partner makes you feel bad for the clothes you like to wear, it isn’t a good sign. They shouldn’t judge you if they genuinely care for you, and it all starts with the clothes you wear. If your partner expects you to change your style once you start dating them, then the relationship isn’t meant to last.

Even if your partner doesn’t love what you wear, they should still respect your choices. All that matters is that you like what you are wearing. A good partner will look beyond your clothes and see the person they love spending time with.

2. “I’ll just break up with you if you don’t do it.”

Someone that threatens to end the relationship if you don’t do something for them is not a good partner. Their threat is a sure sign that the relationship isn’t meant to last because it shows that their love is conditional. Giving ultimatums is never a good thing, and there will always be something new for them to force you to do.

You should always feel secure in your relationship, even when you don’t want to do something. Your partner should respect your boundaries and understand when you aren’t comfortable. Using ultimatums to force you into things is never okay, and it is a huge red flag.

3. “I don’t believe in marriage.”

If marriage isn’t essential to your happiness, either, then this might not be such a bad thing. On the other hand, if you dream of getting married someday, this phrase is a bad sign for your relationship. You can’t expect the other person to change their minds because they fall for you.

There is no point in continuing a relationship when you both want different things in the future. Consider whether both people’s dreams can be achieved simultaneously. If it is impossible to achieve both (like in marriage), it is best to cut ties now.

4. “You are only acting like this because you are crazy.”

If your partner accuses you of being crazy anytime, you speak up. Your relationship isn’t meant to last. It would be best to find someone who will listen to your concerns and not dismiss them in this way. A good partner will want to know the things that bother you to continue being happy.

It is a bad sign when you know that you have valid concerns and your partner calls you crazy. You can expect to be disrespected and invalidated throughout the relationship, so it is best to get out now.

5. “Your dream doesn’t work for my vision of the future, so you need to give it up.”

Any person that expects you to give up on your dreams is someone you should distance yourself from. Finding a partner that supports your goals is essential to living a fulfilling life. They should want to find a way for you to work toward your dreams while they also work toward theirs.

Being in a relationship together doesn’t mean that one person has to give up on what they want. Instead, as the two of you continue with your separate ambitions, you can still strengthen your relationship while pursuing your goals.

love quote6. “I don’t want to commit right now.”

If your partner says they aren’t ready to commit, you can accept that your relationship isn’t meant to last. When a person uses this phrase, they admit that they don’t want a serious relationship. That person is looking for fun and games, and you can’t expect them to settle down for you.

So, when your partner tells you that they don’t want to commit, it is time to start distancing yourself. Find someone who will take the relationship seriously so that you don’t get hurt.

7. “My family doesn’t like you.”

While sometimes it isn’t an issue when your partner’s family doesn’t like you, it generally is a big deal. The relationship will be stressful the entire time, and it is an obstacle that is hard to overcome. People usually listen to their family’s advice, even if they don’t do it right away.

You would likely feel like you were walking on eggshells every time their family was around. It won’t make you feel comfortable or secure in the relationship, and you always have to worry about being judged unfairly. It isn’t good to feel this way in a relationship, and it might worsen as time goes on.


You will find yourself trying to get them to like you, and they may never change their mind. Plus, you would have to worry that your partner would listen to their criticism and decide to leave you.

8. “I’m going to the bar again this weekend.”

No one should have to ask for permission to go out with their friends, but sometimes it goes too far. You shouldn’t feel like you are second to the bar and going on with friends all of the time. Once in a while, your partner should ask if you would mind if they went out.

They should ask sometimes because you might have wanted to spend time with them. You should feel like a choice in your partner’s life, and this statement is a sign that you aren’t even a priority.

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