If you’re married, do you kiss your partner regularly? It turns out that kissing is way more important than what you might think regarding your union. Do you ever notice how you feel better, even giddy, after a make-out session with your spouse?

The biggest reason why kissing is important is that it’s a precursor to intimacy. Do you remember the iconic movie Pretty Woman that rocked the box offices back in 1990? Julia Roberts was a lady of the night who made money working in one of the oldest professions.

However, in the movie, she had one rule for all her encounters–she never kissed any dates on the lips. The reason she didn’t kiss anyone was that it was too intimate. A study cited by Times Union states that many men care more about who they kiss rather than who they sleep with while dating.

The psychology of kissing is that it’s an oral contact with another human being that is incredibly personal and very intimate. Have you ever wondered why giving kisses feel so unique and why there’s so much hype about the first kiss? There are many benefits to kissing the one you love, and it can affect you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Your body will respond to the physical stimuli when you’re puckering up with someone. Some consider it first base, but it goes way beyond the need to hit a home run. As you engage with your partner, your body is stimulated, making more of the hormone oxytocin. Did you know this hormone will help you bond better with your spouse?

Physical Benefits of a Kissing

According to Eureka Alert, a female puts much more emphasis on a kiss than a male, as they see it as a guide of their esteem. An attractive person might not need kisses as much as someone who feels unattractive or has poor self-esteem. To them, it means they’re desirable outside the bedroom and in everyday life.

Most married couples kiss on the way out the door in the morning, but this becomes more of a habit than anything else. It’s the same as you grab your cell phone and cup of coffee as you leave. However, it has many benefits to your body that you don’t see. In the same article written in Times Union, they show that puckering up has the following advantages:

  • People who kiss each other daily live up to five years longer than those who don’t.
  • The blood rushes a kiss gives you can help heal blemishes on your face and dermatitis.
  • The rush of chemicals from a physical encounter causes the pulse to rise to over a hundred beats per minute, which can be as good as a workout.
  • Kissing someone passionately takes an astounding 29 muscles in your face, so it might help reduce wrinkles. If you need help keeping your skin tight as you age, you may need to pucker p a bit more.
  • Your lips are way more sensitive than the tip of your finger, and when you kiss someone, you’re stimulating all the significant nerves within the body.
  • Though it’s challenging to think about the saliva exchange when you kiss someone, it’s healthier than you might imagine. It can help you build a robust immune system to fight disease and keep you healthy.

Emotional Benefits of Kissing

Why do we kiss? It’s a great bonding experience for you and your partner, and it feels good. Sure, you can get caught up in all the physical aspects of the action, but the emotional benefits supersede them.

For instance, do you remember holding your infant child or another infant in your arms? What’s the first thing you want to do when you see the innocence and beauty of that little face? You can’t hold back and want to kiss them.

The people who feel that a kiss with your partner is all about getting your motor revved up for intimacy aren’t always accurate. See, part of a kiss is an instinct ingrained into you biologically. However, when you lock lips with your spouse, you connect on a level much deeper than you do with another person.

You involve emotions as well as your physical bodies, and this will strengthen your bond. The more you kiss one another, the closer you will feel. When your lips meet, your brain is charged and releases a chemical cocktail that helps you feel amazing.

According to British Council, the rush of hormones in your body stimulates the neurotransmitters like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. So that rush you’re feeling is caused by your pleasure center, which is deep inside your brain and kicked into high gear.

When you stimulate this area of your brain, it’s like taking a little drug like cocaine, and the body starts craving it because of the rewards it offers. So, the next time you kiss and find you want more, it’s because your brain is invoking the pleasure and reward system.

Spiritual Benefits of Kissing

Last is the spiritual benefits that come from a kiss. It seems odd when you consider the belief that a simple lip-lock could impact someone more significant than yourself with your spouse. However, Viktor Müller and Ulman Lindenberger conducted a study to show the spiritual benefits of puckering up.

The goal was to investigate wavering occurrences in the brain and examine intra- and inter-brain connections during smooching. To put it into terms you can better understand, it synchronizes your brain to one another when you’re kissing someone. Remember, when you marry your partner, you become one for life, according to your vows.

A kiss puts your brains into a state where you can synchronize, making your connection more profound. Your brains connect, and your heart and emotions engage in the stimulation. Sure, you can look at the physical and science behind what’s happening, but you can’t ignore the spiritual aspects.

While there is some overlapping between the physical and spiritual worlds, some things are impossible to measure. You can’t simply dissect how much of a kiss is spiritual, but when your bodies become in sync and defy the physical realities, it connects on a higher plane.

When Muller and Lindenberge conducted their study, they unknowingly tapped into a realm few consider. There are ways to kiss, but a deep and passionate kiss is intimate and spiritual. It will do more for your bond as husband and wife than a peck on the cheek, as it supernaturally links you.

Some counselors tell people with marriage problems that they should kiss daily. It’s effortless in theory, as when you’re becoming very intimate with one another, you’re restoring the bond that was once there. While you may need to force yourself initially, it eventually becomes a spiritual link that brings you closer.

Regardless of what religion you affiliate with or your beliefs, most value intimacy and believe it should be reserved for married couples. This includes the Islam faith, Buddhism, Judaism, and even Christianity. Some cultures believe that a couple should wait. Why? Because kissing is such an act of intimacy, you connect yourself with this person in ways you don’t understand.

Kissing each other is only the gate that opens the door to a more profound physical, emotional, and spiritual encounter.

Final Thoughts on the Importance of Kissing in a Marriage

Do you feel that it’s essential to kiss your spouse every day? Some people view it as a mere sensual act, but it blows their minds to find that it’s emotional and spiritual too. The benefit of physical contact helps you to create a more balanced and healthy life.

Kissing is less about erotic experiences. Instead, it’s a sensitive act that has so much meaning. Additionally, it’s a representation of the emotional bond that exists between you two.

Marriage is challenging because it takes work. You don’t get married one day and become perfect the next. The union of two souls is about learning and growing together. However, it would be best never to take the intimate aspects for granted.

When you get mad at your spouse, you probably want to withhold things like kissing and making love. However, what you’re doing emotionally is more damaging than forgoing physical attributes. You’re breaking the bond that you have with one another.

The next time you get mad or want to walk out the door and never return, remember that you bond to this person on a deeper level because of your intimacy. Don’t withhold a kiss from them, as your relationship needs it as much as air to breathe.