When it comes to relationships, most of us want someone that will totally change our lives and shake up our world. However, finding this type of intimate relationship can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack because it requires two people who have evolved past their egos. It takes two people who have gone deep within and conquered themselves, who can offer unconditional love and support to one another.

When you stumble across a relationship like this, it feels like floating on a cloud because both of you lift each other to higher than you ever thought possible.

If you think you might have a relationship like this, read on to find out for sure.

Here are five key signs that you are in a spiritually intimate relationship:

Do you see these signs in your interactions with your loved one?

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1. You don’t try to change each other.

In a spiritually intimate relationship, both people will accept each other wholeheartedly. They don’t want to mold one another based on their ideals of how their partner should think, feel, and act; they adore one another as they are.

For a relationship to work, both people must feel secure in themselves to accept and appreciate other people. Once they have met their egos and learned to set them aside, they can genuinely love and understand others, and this makes for a beautiful, intimate, lasting relationship.

2. You enhance one another’s lives.

A relationship shouldn’t shelter you from a storm or serve as a last resort for a happy life. Instead, it should add value to an already amazing life you have built for yourself. People in spiritually intimate relationships already enjoy their lives to the fullest and come together to keep spreading that positivity to others. People in these relationships usually share a common goal or mission in life and have united to carry out their duties here as spiritual beings.

In a spiritually intimate relationship, you can lose yourself in one another’s company and presence without having to compete, tear them down, or bolster your ego. You can savor each moment knowing that both of you have evolved past the need for outward acknowledgment. Therefore, you can fully appreciate one another. You don’t complete each other. Instead, you complement each other. You can teach each other valuable lessons in life and work on improving yourselves together.

3. You share the same outlook on life.

People in spiritually intimate relationships often share a common perspective on many important aspects of life, such as religion, how to raise children, diet, work, sense of humor, etc. Because you have many of the same beliefs, this only strengthens your bond even further. You feel you understand one another at a profound level because you have many of the same opinions and viewpoints on life.

You may not agree on everything, but you can relate to them on a profound level, and you don’t have to spend all your time and energy explaining yourself to them. Your love gets it, and you feel safe and comforted because of this.

4. You have deep, meaningful conversations.

You have a relationship that can last once the initial excitement and newness of the relationship fades. Because you have built your bond on a mental and emotional connection rather than just physical, you don’t tire easily of one another. You don’t just use one another to satisfy a base-level craving. Instead, you appreciate one another’s thoughts and feelings, and actively listen to one another without interrupting.

Besides that, you feel totally comfortable opening up to each other and sharing your most intimate, shocking secrets and dark, abstract ideas. In addition, you don’t even think twice about what you want to say. Your conversations flow easily from one idea to another, and you find that you can talk all night with them and still long for more.

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5. You don’t look to your partner to save you.

Most importantly, you feel confident and whole on your own without having someone beside you. You don’t need your partner to validate your existence or accept you. You love having your partner around and know that they have an important role to play in your life. However, you have already done all the dirty work to save yourself. You realized a long time ago that only you could unlock the chains on your soul and free yourself from your mind. Furthermore, you never looked at relationships the same since.

You look to your partner as a superhero in their own way because they have also dug deep within and removed all the barriers from their hearts. You have become the best selves on your own accord, so you spend your time together building each other up, not tearing each other down.