Have you ever depended on your gut feelings to decide a dilemma or intuit someone’s true intentions? Is having a sixth sense real, or is it a Hollywood hoax used to make good movies? There are ways that you can discover your intuition.

Fourteen Ways to Access Your Intuition

If you want to open your intuition and see and feel things beyond the physical reality, then there are ways that you can accomplish this task. You can open your third-eye or be more insightful by following a few of the tips below.

1. Meditate Every Day

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While meditation is a common element born of the New Age movement of the 70s, its practice goes back thousands of years. An article published by Project Meditation states that the first evidence of meditating dates to c. 1500 BCE in Ancient India.

You can use this ageless practice to sharpen your intuition. All you need is a quiet place to sit or lie down and synchronize your body, mind, and spirit. As you relax, allow your thoughts to pass through your mind without judgment. The more you practice, the more sensitive you can be to what your sixth sense is telling you.

2. Enjoy Time Outdoors

You are connected to the skies above and rooted in the earth and nature. Anything that touches a strand of this eternal web affects the universe. It makes sense that reconnecting with nature can open your intuition as well as your creativity.

Try to spend time outdoors at least once a day. Take a walk through the woods or stroll through the city park on your lunch break. Be aware of the sky, trees, plants, and little woodland creatures. Open your mind to any messages these stunning beauties offer for your life.

3. Study Books about Intuition

Do you want to increase your knowledge about your sixth sense and how to use it? You can glean a plethora of information from books and online. Check out books for free at your local library about expanding your intuition, psychic abilities, and spirituality.

You may also consider keeping a notebook about certain information you want to remember and where you found it. Bookmark reputable online sites that are devoted to spirituality studies and exercising your mind’s extrasensory gifts. It may also be helpful to keep a small file box dedicated to your study materials.

4. Stop Resisting Your Inner Knowledge

Sometimes your gut feelings don’t make any sense. You may feel like it’s silliness, and you don’t want to act on it, but your inner knowledge can guide you into all truths. After a while, you will learn to listen to your intuitive side and stop resisting these often-correct feelings.

5. Practice Reading People

You are dining in a restaurant out of town you’ve never visited. As you sip your drink and glance across the crowded room, you notice a woman. You know you’ve never seen her before in your life, yet she feels strangely familiar.

For a moment, you get a vision of this lovely lady fighting to save someone’s life in an operating room. Of course, there’s nothing that could cue you to believe that she is a doctor or trauma specialist. It’s almost as if you’ve seen a glimpse of her life, and you “know” what she does.

Is this a common occurrence for you? Why not capitalize on it and practice reading people? If you are at a party or other gathering, see what your sixth sense will pick up. You might be surprised at what you learn.

6. Listen to Your Body

Your body and brain have a vital interdependence that often overlaps. Neither one can survive without the other, so they relay important messages that keep both safe and working efficiently. You listen to your thoughts, and you should also listen to what your body is saying.

If something is going wrong in your body, it has ways of letting you know. In a podcast produced by Commonwealth Club, Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams, she explains how listening to your body is the key to cultivate the best relationship with yourself and with others.

7. Learn to Be Spontaneous

There’s nothing wrong with establishing daily habits. Routines provide points of reference and help remind you of important events and activities. However, you can get stuck in a rut, and it can block inspiration, creativity, and your intuitive directions.

See what happens when you do something out of the ordinary. Spontaneity is an ideal way to gain a new perspective and notice more unanticipated moments. It’s ok to have your routines if they aren’t so rigid that you imprison your mindfulness.

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8. Learn from Your Past

Do you remember sitting in your high school history class and wonder if any of these dates, events, or long-gone people have anything to do with you? You may not be a history buff but learning from the past is crucial for understanding the present. Historical events can also provide perspective and a possible indicator for the future.

Before the advent of human writing, early humans passed on their history, traditions, and culture orally. Children listened at their elders’ feet and gave the same stories to their children from generation to generation. Even prehistoric humans realized that the stability of the future depended on lessons from the past.

What are some things in your past that can help interpret your life situations today? Even negative experiences can be used as tools for learning and growing as a person. Keeping a daily journal is one way you can reflect on past experiences to gauge your physical, mental, and spiritual progress.

9. Talk to Other Intuitive People

Is having a sixth sense just a figure of social imagination? An article published by Psychological Research and Behavioral Management suggests that intuitive feelings may have a genetic link. If so, it stands to reason that you may meet countless people who are in tune with their inner thoughts.

Casually bring up the subject when you’re talking with family and friends. If you are psychically sensitive, there’s a big chance some people in your family are too. Share information and learn from each other’s experiences. Avoid being argumentative with those who have different views on spiritual communication.

10. Use Tarot or Oracle Cards

When you learn to expand your intuitive side, tools like tarot or oracle cards can be helpful. Nobody can accurately predict future events, and divination tools were not designed to do so.

Instead, tarot, oracle cards, and other tools are meant to help you identify and listen more to your gut feelings. Each card and layout are entirely subjective to you, the reader. You can find excellent books and online articles about using cards and other divination tools for your spiritual growth.

11. Practice Mindful Breathing

If you had to “remember” to breathe, you would probably die within minutes. Fortunately, the brain’s autopilot system takes care of your respiration without you giving it a second thought. However, mindful breathing means that you are “aware” of your breaths and whether you are inhaling and exhaling correctly.

Mindful breathing is a standard of yoga and other meditative practices. As you relax, inhale deeply through your nostrils and slowly exhale through your mouth. The fresh oxygen rejuvenates your body and brain and clears your mind of needless clutter.

12. Ask Your Spirit Guides to Manifest

Most spiritual traditions around the world recognize life forces that transcend human dimensions. Whether you call this force a deity, angels, ascended masters, or the Universe, they are here to accompany you on your journey to realize your intuition.

While you meditate, you must visualize and welcome your spirit guides into your thoughts. It doesn’t matter how you identify them. They will gladly manifest themselves in a way that you can understand and benefit from their eternal knowledge.

13. Look for Signs

The best way to see an unfamiliar concept in action is to test it. If you believe that you are intuitively gifted, ask your spirit guides or the Universe for a sign. Make it something specific, like finding a white feather today.

Don’t be surprised when you get your request answered, and it will help you become more sensitive to other spiritual signs that you’ve never noticed until now.

14. Follow the Law of Attraction

Remember the old saying that birds of a feather flock together? The law of attraction is glaringly evident in the natural and spiritual world. You can expect to attract positive outcomes and influential people in your life if you are brimming with negativity.

Your intuition is part of your thought processes, and they’re the essential way you bring things into your life, whether positive or negative. As you learn to trust your sixth sense more, it can help you align with the Universe to attract the things you’re destined to have. The key is learning how to keep a positive attitude and having the courage to change negative beliefs and habits.

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Final Thoughts on Accessing Your Intuition

Most people have an intuitive side. You can expand your inner voice by studying, listening, and practicing. While you’ll always have hits and misses in life, your sixth sense can be a tool to help you navigate and understand your intuition better.