The life we live often goes by so quickly that we forget to be grateful. We’re so busy with our tasks and worlds that we take so many different things for granted.

But if you were to stop and think about it, you’d realize just how many amazing things you’re missing because you don’t stop to appreciate them. Here are 10 everyday moments you should never take for granted.

1.    Positive Physical Contact

Not everyone is comfortable with physical contact, but the forms you are comfortable with should never be taken for granted. Not only are hugs from loved ones simply lovely to receive, but even pats on the back and high-fives from friends and acquaintances give you a boost of positive thinking.

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Hugs and other forms of close physical contact release a feel-good hormone called oxytocin. The support you receive results in not just better mood from the oxytocin but also pain reduction and mental strength, according to studies. Here are some more benefits of hugs and physical contact!

  • Better social support
  • Reduced fear and anxiety
  • Reduced stress
  • Better communication
  • Higher immunity
  • More positive cardiovascular health

2.    Finishing A To-Do List

In today’s world, everything is fast-paced. Days are always busy, and life comes at you fast. Your daily activities involve the hustle and bustle, and sometimes, it can all feel overwhelming.

But when you finally check off the final item on your to-do list, the wave of accomplishment that follows should be celebrated! Just because it’s something you have to do doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate it. Give yourself a pat on the back and a routine reward – like a relaxing bath, reading a chapter of a good book, having a piece of dark chocolate, or watching an episode of a favorite show!

When you don’t express thankfulness to yourself for accomplishing your tasks for the day, you’re setting yourself up for monotonous boredom. Make this success something to look forward to! And if you haven’t made a schedule or don’t make to-do lists, consider turning them into a habit. Here are some benefits of doing so:

  • You can hold yourself accountable.
  • Everything becomes more orderly.
  • You don’t forget anything.
  • You’ll experience less stress.
  • You can delegate more easily.
  • You get to be more productive in the long run.
  • You’ll improve and grow.

3.    Internet Access

Internet access is so normal in today’s technologically advanced world that we often forget to be grateful for it. The days of rushing to the library or asking as many people as you knew for answers are long gone. Everything is at your fingertips. It’s truly amazing, but it’s so normal that you might take it for granted. Here are some things to be thankful for about the internet:

  • A wealth of information, constantly at your fingertips
  • The ability to stay in touch with distant friends
  • Syncing technology means you never lose your files
  • Finding a community of people who share your interests
  • Being able to do virtually everything from home

4.    Kindness – Even Of Those You Will Never See

Kindness and compassion are beautiful. A world without these acts would be cold, empty, and broken. How many people’s lives have been bettered or even saved by compassion? How often have you been cheered up by someone’s kindness?

Imagine that none of that kindness ever existed. It isn’t very comforting to think about. As a society, human beings have grown to love and care for each other. We’ve learned to be selfless and helpful. That’s something we should always appreciate and never take for granted. Around the world, people are helping each other. Here are some acts of kindness to both do and appreciate from others:

  • Smiling at someone
  • Holding open the door for someone
  • Giving someone a compliment
  • Buy a busy friend, a drink, or a snack.
  • Volunteer with a charity or donate to them

Need a reason to perform acts of kindness? Well, studies suggest that doing these things reduces depression and boosts positive thinking. As such, your capacity for kindness is something you shouldn’t take for granted, either!

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5.    Access To Basic Necessities

The necessities that you receive every day are ones that keep you alive. While they are basic human rights, it’s also fair to not take them for granted. At any moment, your life could be uprooted, and you could lose access to them due to situations outside of your control. This isn’t meant to catastrophize, but more so to encourage you to understand better why this shouldn’t be taken for granted:

·         Clean Water

Did you know that 780 million people worldwide do not have safe drinking water that they can access? That’s one big reason to think in positive ways that this is something easily available to you! You have clean water to drink, cook with, shower with, and clean with.

·         Food

Food is more than just eating for sustenance alone. It’s nourishing and flavorful, and there are many things about food that you can appreciate. Don’t take your tasty and healthy food options for granted, and don’t take the fact that you can eat all your square meals for granted, either!

·         A Roof Over Your Head

Your home protects you from the elements. It may not be perfect, but it’s outfitted to keep you alive. Think of all the harsh weather you’ve seen and how difficult it would be if you didn’t have that roof. It’s not something to take for granted, especially if you’re able to decorate it and turn it into a home, not just a house.

6.    Contributing To The World With Your Work

Every day you work, you have the chance not just to be productive but also to share your efforts with those around you. The work you do matters and affects other people. Even if you have a “normal,” “boring,” or unassuming job, what you’re doing means something. Jobs don’t exist for no reason, after all.

When you work, you display your character and your strength. Each day gives you a chance to show off what you can do. It adds purpose and career goals and helps you shape the future that you want. It can transform your life, and anything that powerful to you should never be taken for granted.

7.    Health

You don’t have to be the perfect picture of health to be grateful for what your body and mind can do. Sickness is a part of life, and chronic illness – be it physical or mental – isn’t a sign of lesser worth in the slightest.

Your body is an amazing marvel that carries you through all your best and worst days. It’s gotten you through every single ordeal alive, and it keeps ticking and ticking away. That’s something worth celebrating, appreciating, and even thanking yourself for. Think of all the things you can do with your body – running, writing, holding hands of loved ones. Are those not things worth being happy about?

Loving your health, your body, and your mind may also encourage you to take better care of it in the long run. When you don’t take yourself for granted, you realize how much you’re worth and how much care you deserve!

8.    Boring Days

It seems weird to be grateful for boring days. But the busier you get, the more you’ll wish you had better appreciated the days when you had nothing to do. So don’t take those precious moments for granted!

Do you have trouble being appreciative of boredom? No problem. All you need to do is learn to utilize your boredom well. Consider:

  • Thinking of all the positive reasons this boredom has occurred, like finishing tasks early or being financially secure enough for a break
  • Diving headfirst into something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had time to
  • Engaging in self-improvement tasks that will further your abilities, skills, and talents
  • Designating this to be a self-care time where you pamper yourself and do whatever you want to do with no shame or judgment

Learning to be comfortable with the concept of resting and simply doing nothing for a day, and then be grateful for the rest it’s giving your body!

9.    Time To Spend With Loved Ones

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t take your loved ones for granted. But on top of that, you should also appreciate the time you get to spend with them. This doesn’t just refer to fun dates with your spouse, playtime with your kids, or dinner with your parents. These are obviously positive things that are easier to appreciate. Gratitude for time spent with loved ones includes:

  • The time you spend dealing with your rowdy, loud, and messy children, with all the tantrums and shenanigans that come with it. Someday, they’ll be all grown up, and this valuable time will be lost.
  • The time you spend arguing or fighting with your partner. By working together through it, you’ll grow as a couple and become stronger in the long run.
  • The time you spend caring for an elderly relative, who might be forgetful, confused, or difficult to look after. They will leave this world one day, and you will miss them when they are gone.
  • The time you spend locked up inside because of a natural disaster warning means you can’t leave the house, no matter how much you want to. When you no longer have free time for your family, you’ll wish you had taken advantage of this.

10. How Your Trials Have Shaped You

The things you’ve been through may have hurt you, changed you, and been difficult to overcome. But at the end of the day, each of those things played a crucial role in shaping you and who you are today.

Your strength comes from the hardship you have endured. And your wisdom comes from the lessons of your mistakes. Your trauma has shown you your power and the amazing things you can do, and it’s shown you who you can trust. Your past has shaped every single element of you. It’s time to appreciate what brought you here.

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Final Thoughts On Some Everyday Moments To Never Take For Granted

It’s like the saying goes: you don’t know what you have till it’s gone! Please don’t make the mistake of not giving something the attention and gratitude it deserves, only to miss it when it is no longer here. Even the most mundane everyday moments have sparks of magic in them. Please don’t take them for granted!